Thursday, September 6, 2012

A winner and decisions!!

Many thanks to everyone who entered. Sure wish l had a book to give away
 to everyone, and spread the joy of sewing with Small Pieces to make Spectacular Quilts.
But there can only be one winner.
 And the winner is
Please email me with your postal address.
Now on to more interesting  life decisions!!
l have been collecting signature blocks for the last 2 years
 since visiting the Infinite Variety Exhibition in NYC in March 2011,
 and of course, they had to be red and white.
So now, the time has come to put them together in a top,
with spare blocks, so l can collect signatures at
our Red and White Exhibition this year.
But this is where l have hit a stumbling block.
Do l set them on point, even though the signatures are not.
 Or straight set with sashings?

 Straight set with counterpanes.
More on point, different fabric.

With sashings and cornerstones.

Another fabric.

And a slightly darker fabric.

And another.
See what l mean. Decisions, decisions!!
Who knows, l might even find another fabric in the
cupboard to pull out and play.
 But for now, l think l will just let them brew on the floor
 and see if they help me make a decision!!
l am leaning towards the on point, but this would make the quilt huge!!
As would any that require counterpanes. l mean like 88" huge.
Another option is to keep the ones collected at our exhibit and put them in a seperate quilt.
Decisions! Decisions!
l want to be able to snuggle under this quilt, and have the memories
 of all my friends who signed a block keep me warm.
Any suggestions or preferences??
Thanks for visiting.


  1. I vote for the darkest background fabric with the red flowers. I think it even looks good just like you have it in the second to last picture. But whatever setting you choose I think that background is the clear winner!!!

  2. What a pretty bunch of signature blocks!! I don't think you can go wrong with them. The one that I liked as I scrolled through them was the darker background fabric. I sure like the idea of snuggling under a signature quilt signed by special friends :0)

  3. My favourite is set on point as you won;t see the signatures unless you are up close. Otherwise the fabric in the second last photo looks nice with the blocks.
    I hope to see you at Quilts In The Barn.
    Hugs, Jan Mac

  4. I like picture 8 and 10 Straight set with a tiny print shirting, but honestly, any of your choices would work. I can stress over what color thread to use when sewing on a black and orange striped binding on a silly hallow'een banner!

  5. I like 5,7 & 10. Since you are making a snuggle quilt I think it looks best on point, more interest. The cornerstones blocks are distracting from the signatures blocks. How ever you choose it will look great. Show it off when you get it together.

  6. WOW--those are gorgeous blocks and meaningful too!! You do have a tough decision--because they all look nice. I think the on point works as well as the straight set. Not much help--but you always do a wonderful job--so I will just sit back and wait to see them done!!

  7. I like the straight set with sashings, but with the darker background you used later. That way you could get them all onto one quilt, and not have it so huge! But I also like siggy quilts where the signatures are every which way.....those are kindof fun! Hmmmmm!

  8. You could also add a half square triangle of background fabric to each side of the friendship square so they are still on-point, but the signatures read straight! Then (if it was me) I would mix up the background fabric triangles (darks & lights) because I love a subtle scrappy look! Good luck! It will be a very precious quilt whatever you decide.:)

  9. My personal favourite for what it is worth is the light one you showed last. Why not make it double sided and use some of the blocks on the back? I don't know how may would be left over but you could place them randomly on the back..... Or if there is a happy number to work with how about some pillow shams or cushions for the bed?

  10. Great blocks, I like straight set and prefer the last one.

    Thinking back to the Infinite Variety most of the quilts were using very light backgrounds so if that's the look your after go light. As Jo says- just sayin. Your call.

  11. May I suggest on point with sashings, but without the "empty" block, like the sashings on the Dear Janes. This should keep the size down.

  12. No to on point - did I really say that - but in this case it does not work. One thing you did not do is the last photo but move the blocks in so there is not as much setting fabric.... the white corner blocks become rectangles like the red adjoining pieces..... what does that look like?

  13. Hi Linda, what a great project/idea! Being a traditionalist (= that a correct word?) my first choice would be the darker fabric (2nd pic fm the bottom), but I also like the 2nd fm the top, great fabric & the little red squares work wonderful. And no question, because of the signatures the blocks would have to be set straight for me.
    Enjoy finishing this top, it is going to look lovely!
    From The Netherlands,

  14. Thank you Linda!

    Love your signature blocks and I suppose I'd choose something with a straight set rather than on point.

  15. I love the background fabric in the next to last photo, antique background with spaced roses. What is that lovely fabric? I really like these blocks, great fabrics, fun project! I prefer the straight set with the afore mentioned fabric but I'm sure it will be lovely whatever you do!

  16. My choice would be photo #3, straight set with counterpanes. I love the wavy stripe fabric. I like the blocks on point, but with the signatures, I think it would look better straight set. The blocks are wonderful and this is going to make a fabulous quilt. What ever your choice, I'm sure it will be the right one for you.

  17. Heather here from Ballarat, I guess it depends on what look you want. that muddy look or the fresh look with the lighter background. I love the look of the blocks on point, not keen on the corner stones.
    When you are snuggled under this lovely quilt thinking of your friends it really won't matter how you set the blocks 'cause you'll have them all scrunched up around you ;)
    Have fun!

  18. I like the blocks on point with a lighter background which makes the blocks stand out better,hope this helps :) Barb.

  19. Love the blocks and I guess I agree on the straight sets. I like a lighter background but that's just me.
    congrats Lori - I'm totally jealous!

  20. Hi, did the fabric have to be light what about a bright red. Yes I know you risk some of the red pieces blending but how about just putting some on the floor on some red fabric and see what it looks like

  21. Susie beat me to it! I wondered how the blocks would look on a red background too! I love Red!


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