Thursday, September 27, 2012

The last of my mini's are finished!!

The last stitch has been put in to my mini's,
and now its just 3 large quilts to go!!
l can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. And just in time too,
 as the first of our international visitors arrive on Monday,
 with a steady stream on interstate and international guests to arrive over the next week.
There are lots of other changes going on behind the scenes here at Quilts In The Barn.
Some very exciting changes!!
Our home office has moved down to the barn, and for the first time
 l will have a dedicated space to work on my pattern writing.
And that can only mean one thing. More patterns in the future!!
These little mini's below will be on the list of patterns to write.
So stay tuned over the coming months.

l did all the quilting on these mini quilts.
Simple and straight forward.


Which one is your favorite and why?
One last reminder. Quilts in the Barn 2012.
 One week to go!!
If you are an Aussie blog, please feel free to take the flyer and post it on your blog.
Can't wait for the fun to begin!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Irish chain and hst's, can't decide.
    Great work and see you next week.

  2. They are all lovely Linda....impossible to pick a favourite!! Regards Anne de Koning (CAG member)

  3. the zig zag cause I remember that quilt from the exhibit and still think about that quilt a lot!!!!!
    beautiful little quilts of course I want to make them all too!
    off to lancaster tomorrow will be thinking of you as I shop, shop, shop for a few fabrics!

  4. They are all just beautiful. My favorite is the Snowball quilt because the blocks just pop.

  5. oh I think it is just aweful to make a quilter decide on a favorite it it just torture, really I can`t decide I love them all and they would lovely on a wall, maybe my wall...joking aside. I can`t make a decision they are scrumptous everyone of them!

  6. Really like all of them... but if I have to pick, it's the Bowties. I love the symmetry of the blocks. But then I really like the Snowball too! I love that the proceeds from your Quilt Show go to Breast Cancer Research.

  7. These little quilts could not be more incredible; I just love them!

  8. What a fabulous grouping.....they are all so sweet! I can't get over the tiny bow ties.....adorable! Of course, anything red and white is over the moon for me! Can't get enough of it! Wish I could be there for your show!

  9. They look fantastic. My favourite has to be 2. So simple and a quiet statement. It says it all.
    So wish I could be there for the show.

  10. Hmmm, that is a really difficult decision to make. For me, it is a toss up between the Irish Chain and the Bow Ties. I just love the way Irish chain gives a secondary design but the Bow Ties is such a timeless simple traditional design. Okay, I will say Irish Chain. Or will I??? Hmmmmm.

  11. I like the checkerboard mini quilt. All of the quilts are fun and very vibrant. Good luck with your show!!

  12. All your minis are maxi magnificent!


  13. What a wonderful group of little quilts! Love looking at them! My favorite is the just pops out on the page. Well done!

  14. Divine Minis . . . I Love the snowball too . .oh and the bowtie! . . and thats a lovely flyer for the exhibition.

  15. I'm lovin' the snowball and the..."rickrack"? Zigzag? The snowball because it looks modern and antique and the zigzag because I can't figure out how it's put together! It sounds like you will be exhausted before the show begins! Take care of your health to stay energetic and enjoy the week ahead to prepare! Our show prep begins next week and the show is at the end of the week. Shows are such fun!

  16. What a hard choice! I think I'd have to pick the checkerboard - love the quilting in the border. They are all wonderful!!

  17. Your minis are beautiful - they make such a stunning collection. And good for you to have your own design office now. I can hardly wait to see what comes out of that!

  18. Congratulations!!! I love the second mini, the one with the bars best.

  19. Fabulous, Linda!
    I like the Streak of Lightening because of the white triangles which continue the pattern - very clever. Actually, I really like them all but that one caught my attention.
    Mary Ann

  20. simply stunning, Linda!! and don't they look gorgeous grouped together!!! hard to pick a fave..i love them ALL!!! cheers...Marian

  21. One of each Linda! They are all lovely!!

  22. I met Lesley from The Cuddle Quilter today at a guild meeting and she was bragging about your beautiful red and white mini quilts. I just had to find you so I could see them. They are absolutely delightful!! My favorite is the bow tie mini!! Have fun with your exhibition!! ~karen

  23. Hi Linda, do I have to choose one favorite? How about two? I am very taken by the little bars quilt; it is so reminiscent of Amish and Welsh design. However, the zig-zag has so much life and pop. Thank you for sharing!


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