Friday, September 14, 2012

What are your plans for the weekend?

l would like to say lying about, not doing much of anything!!
Enjoying the sunshine, doing a bit of gardening, some cooking,  maybe a walk by the river.
 But, well, at this time of the year, that just won't wash.
Its getting super busy around here in preparation for Quilts In The Barn.
Only 3 weeks to go, and my list is getting longer by the day!!
See those piles of quilts below?
l collected them from my machine quilters yesterday.
And there are still 4 more large ones to be collected over the next week!
Today at sewing, l managed to machine stitch the bindings on to all the mini's,
and will be hand stitching them down this weekend.
The larger ones are still waiting their turn.
It will be a wrestle with the large ones, but at least that will be my
exercise for the weekend. No time for walks, gardening, or lying about in the sun!!

And no photos till they are finished!!
Such a tease l know!!
So, what are your plans for the weekend???
Anyone up for binding??? LOL
Thanks for visiting.


  1. I'm off to Hever Castle for the quilt show this weekend which will be wonderful but while I have fun you will have a lot to show for your weekend, Enjoy Virginia

  2. If I was closer, I would come and help you stitch them down, I don't mind sewing on bindings. I'm dying to see them finished, the backing fabrics look gorgeous.

  3. I wish I was closer too as I love sewing bindings!

  4. This weekend I will working on my little quilt made from the red-white fabrics from Your give-away,so maybe soon I can show You an picture.And some handquilting on mine "Burnt"quilt,so I hope that the weekend has some long days :-)

  5. I've just finished binding 5 quilts and feel like I've run a marathon so you have your work cut out for you Linda. If I was closer I'd offer to help. Once you get into the rhythm of it they actually go quite well so I'm certain that you will be finished in no time. Lovely backings - can't wait to see the fronts!

  6. Hi Linda -
    Wish I were close enough to help with the stitching on those bindings! I'll be thinking about you.
    Mary Ann

  7. Im sure seeing the quilts will be worth the wait but I have to say the backings are pretty wonderful too. Such lovely fabric.

  8. OMGoodness Linda!! i love doing the binding but the thought of doing so many is making my fingers & neck, ache at the thought!! Be sure to have lots of 'stretch' of the best things i find is doing windmill circles with your arms, one at a time..backwards & forwards, works a treat!! cheers...Marian

  9. I adore your mini quilts, they are wonderful. Do you also sew the bindings on your larger quilts by machine?? I always have, as my hands just don't work well enough to do that much hand stitching.


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