Monday, September 3, 2012

Small pieces, Spectacular Quilts and a Giveaway.

 l had been a fan of Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms first book,
 ''Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts'', and was looking
 forward to buying my copy of their new book ''Small pieces, Spectacular quilts''.
l had the opportunity to attend Mary Elizabeth's schoolhouse at
Market in Kansas City, which left me in awe of their quilts, seeing
those small pieces up close. Then a chance meeting in an antique quilt booth led
 to a personal introduction, in which Mary Elizabeth admitted to
reading my blog!! An author reads my blog! l was humbled.
 So when Mary Elizabeth asked me to take part in this blog tour,
 l was honoured. Its not hard to talk about a book that you love.

Browsing the book, there are so many quilts l want to make.
 Knowing l had to make a decision, l finally settled on Fourplay.
Those little scraps fairly sparkle!!
 But l know l will be making others in the future.

l started by selecting a pile of fabrics that l love, ( as suggested in the book)

And cut according to the directions.
As is the case with all small piece quilts, time and patience are
definitely virtues needed. Normally one to bend the rules,
l chose to follow them, and allowed myself to just go with the flow.
( hmm! That sounds like a good name for a quilt! )
Each tiny piece of fabric is cut individually. No strip piecing here.
l sorted my colors for ease of pairing, and made a gazillion 4 patches.
( actually, only 64 needed to make 1 block, but it felt like a gazillion)

Then l allowed myself to sash a few, just to see how cute they were.

Finally, a lovely pile of blocks, and we are ready to get serious!

Time to play, move this one, move that one, till all is good.

Even choosing the sashing's was fun!!

Its a slow process, not to be hurried. Finally, the last seam.

Those of you who know me well, and have sewn with me,
know l like to press as l go along.
However, l had taken on the challenge of making this block,
and so l embraced the directions, which said,
 don't press until you've pieced the complete block.
And you know, it worked!!
Here it is before pressing,

Here it is after. l do love that look of a freshly pressed block.
Those little pieces are  1/2'' finished. The whole block measures 11 1/2''.

Then we sent it off to play.

There is something irresistibly charming about these blocks.
And l know l won't stop at 1.
After all, there is a pile of pieces already cut on my sewing table,
just begging to be played with.

Each time l look at my block, l see something different.
And l love every fabric in there.

And so now the real fun begins.
l have 1 copy of Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts to giveaway!!
Leave a comment on this post before Wednesday
 evening Australia time,
and l will choose 1 lucky winner Thursday morning.
There are still several more chances to win a book.
And all past blog tours are worth a read, with tips, tutorials, reviews
 and even a few other quilts from the book.
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Mary Elizabeth is also having a ten week long giveaway with 10 lucky winners,
 over on her blog.  You will find it here.
Thank you Mary Elizabeth for asking me to take part in this tour.
 Its been so much fun!!
And isn't that what quilting is all about!!
Hope you have enjoyed seeing my block in progress.
Thanks for visiting.
And Good Luck!!


  1. Wow what a stunning block! Thanks for showing us this book, one I have not seen before!

  2. i would love to win thanks for the giveaway

  3. that Quilt is so cute. Never seen this book, what a great giveaway.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. What a gorgeous little quilt! I admire your patience and it has certainly paid off. Thankyou so much for the chance to win this lovely book. Your work is inspiring.

  5. Looks like such a fun way to make a "collection" of little pieces of one's favorite fabrics! Will have to watch for this book! :)

  6. You were really quick with your little quilt. It is so cute! I've had my eye on this looks awesome.

  7. This is such a great and generous giveaway ! THANKS ;>)
    And now crossing my fingers (and toes) that I could be the lucky winner !


  8. I LOVE this book, I did a one block replica of Molly's Star. Since I love vintage quilts and original patterns, this book really is spectacular. Please don't enter me, as I already own both their books. Have fun with the tiny blocks

  9. Looks like just the thing to reduce that growing,pile of scraps too good to bin.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  10. I think I will like every quilt in that book !!!
    Keep my fingers cross,who knows :-))

  11. I too have their first book, and just love all the quilts in it. Looks like this one is the same. Enjoy your your little pieces.

  12. It is important, i think to use fabrics you love if a scrap quilt is to work well.I have a box of little squares just waiting to become a quilt like that. What a fun and satisfying project,

  13. I love piecing! I love scraps! The needleturn is just a persona!

  14. Wow!
    This looks a great book - I'd love to win a copy!

  15. Wow, what a lovely pattern from this book. Definately a must have for my book shelf. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  16. Lots of little bits add up to a beautiful quilt ... would love the chance to win such a great book.
    Happy stitching, P

  17. Your little quilt is so amazing! I would love to win this book.:)

  18. I love playing with scraps and this book looks great. Love your little quilt!!!

  19. Hi Linda

    A lovely little quilt - well done. I have the first of Biz's books and I like it very much. I'm sure I could fid a space on my bookshelf for the second volume!



  20. OMG!! That looks amazing - and half inch squares - the patience of Job! Now I wanna make one :)

  21. Hi Linda

    I'm a Sydney quilter who discovered your wonderful Blog a year or so ago and always find your quilts, stories, travels and "Quilts in the Barn" events fascinating - I already love Mary Elizabeth's work from her earlier book and would dearly love to win a copy of the marvellous new publication...... here's hoping and also hoping to meet you one day ! best wishes Ali Fergusson

  22. I loved seeing how you worked on that block!

  23. The quilt is just adorable, love the photo of it with the doll.

  24. Oh my, this is really, really talking to me.
    Seems a wonderful book to empty my ENORMOUS scrapbox.
    Wish i'll be the winner....
    Love from Paris, Will V

  25. This is a great book and you've done a great job with your scraps.

  26. I enjoyed seeing your scraps become a little quilt to treasure!

  27. Now THAT's a beauty! I'm working on a Postage Stamp quilt with 1.5" finished blocks but the 1/2" looks like it might be calling my name. Not sure what it is but I have a room full of fabric and always gravitate to the tiny little scraps - I think it's because it's like creating your own fabric at the end of the day. It looks like you are having lots of fun with this one - keep going!

  28. Hi Linda,
    I've got a bag of little squares already cut; rather than have a box full of untidy bits, I sometimes have a frenzy of cutting pieces into various size squares. Then I sit back and wait until I see an idea on someone's blog! Thank you for the opportunity to win this book - it looks very user-friendly ;-)

  29. This is gonna be a quilt that I can't stop thinking my slelep, on my morning walk, or when I open the stash closet door. I love making my quilts look scrappy and old too.

  30. What a cute little quilt, I didnt realize how small it was till I looked back at the picture and saw your scissors sitting fun!

  31. I also have their first book - this one will be just as lovely. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of this book.

  32. I have yet to see a quilt in this book that I don't "love", and reading your process makes me think I will have to try it. I read your blog regularly and enjoy learning about "down under". Thanks.

  33. Hi Linda what a beautifull block you've made ! I'd like to win the book and try myself! Thanks for the give-away

  34. OMG! Drop dead gorgeous.I really think is a book that needs to come to my house to live.

  35. What a lovely block - I can't wait to see the finished quilt! This would be a perfect way to use up those little scraps that I can't seem to make myself throw out.

  36. What a beautiful block created from so many different pieces of fabric. LOVE IT! I would love to challenge myself to trying something from this book. It looks like a fabulous way to get rid of the small scraps.

  37. I find that lately I have been drawn to small pieces. I am working on Broken Dishes by Primitive Gatherings. I'd love to win the book.


  38. So Cute Linda! You sure sewed that quickly! It's lovely...thanks for the chance to win! Have fun with the blog hop!

  39. This block is spectacular! I love everything about it! I'm so glad you chose this's the one I'd pick, too!

  40. Makes you want to try for a doll quilt! I really want to win this book!
    friendship of France

  41. Your block is amazing! I would love to win a copy of this book! Thanks for the chance!

  42. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of this book. Your quilt block is spectacular. My favorite quilt in the photos I've seen is the cover quilt.

  43. I'm loving that block you made .... intriguing!! Thanks for the chance to win the book. doni @ Oregon coast

  44. What an amazing block!! Such tiny pieces!! I love the pictue of it with the doll :0) I'd love to win a copy - thanks for the chance!

  45. Love small quilts - the block you made looks terrific! Would love to win the book.

    Thanks, Charlotte S.

  46. I have this book on my wish list!

  47. This looks like fun, all those little pieces. Would you be game to make a whole quilt? I'd love to win the book and see what other projects are in there, here's hoping.

  48. What a cool block. And this book looks awesome. Thanks!

  49. Amazing this small quilt. I love the scrappy quilts.
    Thanks for the chance!

  50. Wow. What a block! It looks great. Thanks for the chance at this great book.

  51. Your block looks wonderful. Looks like fun. I would love to win this book. After all we all need more PHDs and I'm sure this book could help with that!

  52. Your block looks wonderful. Looks like fun. I would love to win this book. After all we all need more PHDs and I'm sure this book could help with that!

  53. Your block looks fantastic, its fun when you get to use your favourite fabrics in a project.

    Looks like a good book to add to my wish list.

  54. A very interesting looking book. Thank you for a chance of winning

  55. What an adorable block with such cute tiny pieces!! I'd love a chance to win the book.

  56. I love your block - it's so interesting and varied.

  57. Your block looks great. What a good use for all the tiny pieces.
    And yes, I would love to win the book.

  58. Funny I should find this. I had just talked with a friend last week about doing miniture quilts to display on a wall in my Great Room. This seems like it would be right up my alley. Hope I win!!

  59. love your little quilt and i haven't seen the book yet but i can imagine just how spectacular it really is!

  60. Hi Linda,

    I just love your gorgeous block. Now I know why I save all my tiny scraps. The book sounds like it has some wonderful ideas.

  61. Love your little quilt. I have not seen the book yet but it looks fantastic. I too love little pieces of fabric and have been saving mine with the idea that someday I will make a scrappy quilt of small pieces. But I'm intimidated, this book would be a great resource.

  62. What a lovely quilt!

    I'd love to win this book for my Mum.

  63. these quilts are adorable and inspiring...a great use of my scraps!

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  64. marvelous! small pieces do make stunning quilts! your tute makes it look easy enough to try. thanx!

  65. I'd love to add this book to my library. Thanks for participating in the blog hop.

  66. count me in, you make it look so easy and fun...

  67. I think its a lovely book. Love from Holland.

  68. wow..this looks much easier than you would think..I enjoyed a trunk show by Bonnie Kucera from NEbraska..she likes to use what see calls scraps from othe projects to make the tiny wow..thank you Debra Mack

  69. WOW!!! What a block, I like to work with small pieces but have never made anything that small. Will have to start saving my little 1 inch scraps.
    Carol L

  70. I have a box of one inch squares and didnt know what to do with them. I happened on this blog by accident, and look at what you've done. I know what my next project is going to be! Would love to get a copy of that book, for more inspirations! Thanks for the chance...

  71. I happened on this blog by accident, and look at what I found! I have had a box of 1 inch squares for several years, and didnt know what to do with it! Now I know! I have to make one of those blocks next.Would love to win that book for more inspirations.....thanks for the chance.

  72. I do love the Fourplay block you have made, it is delicious. The book is sensational and I guess if I chose I would also love to make Fourplay. I like you would find it very hard not to press as I go along but I think I would have my iron heating all the time!!!!
    Love it !!!!!!

  73. This looks like a wonderful book. I love all the little pieces.
    Thanks for the chance to win it.

  74. I may be too late....but just wanted to comment that I absolutely LOVE these small blocks!

  75. Love the inspiration for small pieces! what a wonderful book from Mary Elizabeth Kinch. Judith, Texas


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