Friday, May 21, 2010

The Colors of Autumn.

As we enter the last week of Autumn here in Australia, l took a tour around the garden, and snapped some photo's of the last few colors still on the tree's.Its been a late season. We have enjoyed mild temps till the last week, when we had our first morning that reached 0 celsius.
It won't be long before these tree's are bare.
One of our many Manchurian Pears.

This tree is in our neighbours garden. Not sure what it is.

A different variety of Crab Apple.

These curious guys came to see what l was doing!!!

Almost the last of the roses.

This is a Malus, the fruit is almost ripe.
Looking across the front garden bed.

One of many Manchurian Pear trees.

A beautiful Japanese maple.

Do the colors of nature inspire your color pallette when making quilts?

l have some quilts to show soon that always remind me of Autumn.

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  1. Hi Linda yes I love the autumn and when I visit the US again I will make sure that it is in the fall. I must admit I am drawn to the autumn pallette but in the last year or so my colours are changing a bit, lightening and brightening I think. All our US buddies are surrounded by spring colours but our hues are quite different this time of year.

  2. So beautiful. As we are getting hotter and hotter here in Florida, it's strange to think that you are going into fall. Our colors are nothing like that, it's so inspiring.

  3. Lovely time of year for you! I adore the fall leaves, but don't really have it here where I live. A few things will change in November, but not like when I lived in upstate, NY and the New England area. Such glorious photos! Look at the Llamas!, and the rose is so victorian, such a pretty shade. I'm not familiar w/Malus, will have to look it up. Yes, very inspirational! :)

  4. Love the autumn colours of your garden and that rose is stunning.

  5. Beautiful photos of Autumn, Linda. Gorgeous rose.
    Julia ♥


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