Friday, May 14, 2010

Round and Round We Go!! Part 2

Here are the next 3 round robin quilts.

Here is Chris with her quilt. She decided to challenge us with her colors. l think we did pretty well!! Its a fun quilt to look at.

Then there is Margaret with her quilt. Again the colors were a challenge. We all love how this turned out. It reminds me of the circus. Love those prairie points on the border.

This is my quilt. l also decided to step out side the box with my colors, not having used black in a quilt before. l absolutely love this quilt. Can't you tell be the look on my face!!

l have one more round robin quilt to share with you, a VERY special one, but that's a whole other story that l will keep for another day. Besides, l need to shower and head out the door. Stashbuster sewing day is today, and l NEED to get there. My sewing machine is calling my name.

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  1. Oh Linda they are lovely. I say it again what a talented group. Nice to see Chris there and thinking of her enjoying her trip overseas. Yes everyone does look very happy with their results.
    Enjoy your (sewing) day.

  2. STUNNING quilts! Great idea! Ya'll look like a FUN group of ladies! :)

  3. 3 more wonderful quilts...ah yes adding black to quilts lately myself.
    I find it ages the quilt just like those odd purples...

    I love that they are all so different

  4. They are wonderful Linda. I have just discovered black and I love it in quilts now.

  5. Thank you for telling me to check your blog... I just LOVE IT! Lots of wonderful quilts to peek at and I love your round robin. They're one of my favorite quilt types... it's amazing to watch them turn into something that nobody planned. We have an album on with all of our round robins. Thanks!


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