Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Hunting we will go and goodness in the mail!!

l belong to several online quilt groups and almost always take part in any swaps they have going. These blocks finally came home this week. Our swap was a sampler block swap, all blocks to be 6" finished. Your own choice of blocks. l am thrilled with these blocks. All different, and made by about 13 different women, mostly from America, 1 lady from France and 2 of us from Australia.

We are about to start our next swap soon, which will be a 6" finished basket block, again own choice, which l plan to mix with these current blocks.

l went fabric shopping with a girlfriend yesterday. Of course it also involved coffee and eating. l was looking for background fabrics for the dresden plate blocks.

l found this for the 30's blocks, a sweet little dot in green, pale orange and yellow,

and this for the hope valley blocks, a pale grey with dark grey fine stripes.Sorry the pictures don't do the fabric justice.Don't know if it's my photography of the lighting.

Of course no hunting for fabric would be complete without some impulse purchases.
l fell in love with these soft and delicate grey blues at the first shop, Amitie. Its about a 45 minute drive away, so that justified the purchase, Right??

Then this little pile came home from the second shop we visited, Somerset Patchwork.

They moved shop recently, about 6 months ago, and this was the first chance l have had to visit them in their new location. And of course you have to support your LQS right??

The pale orange caught my eye, and then all these others wanted to play too, so what is a girl to do!!!

Bring them all home. l am thinking hexagons, tumblers or maybe more dresdens, hour glass, four patch, so many options.

What would you be making if these fabrics came to live at your house?

Whats this pile of quilts l hear you ask? These came for a visit also yesterday. By car fortunately, not by post.

My friend Bev and l have been asked to be guest speakers at The Central Victorian Chapter of The Applique Society which has connections with my most favorite shop Threadbear.

This is Bev's pile of quilts to take for our talk. l will be making a pile of mine this week, probably somewhat smaller than Bev's. She's prolific. Either does not sleep or has an army of stitching fairies at her disposal. l am going for the second option.

Must go make a pile of quilts, see if l can make mine bigger!!!

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  1. Gorgeous fabrics and dresden plate! I was just reading Bonnie Hunter's post today at Quiltville, she used orange. I was saying that I never understood orange, but it's so wonderful!~goes with ALL!~ Sounds like such a fun day! I've never participated in a block swap, would love to one day... XO

  2. boy do I wish I could come to the Applique Society's talk you and Bev will be giving...would love to see the quilts in that pile!
    no fair just showing them like that!!!!!
    I agree Bev quilts in her sleep!
    love those fabrics you bought in Amitie's beautiful lights...I am liking those light greys a lot. Would love to do a whole quilt with a grey background.

  3. just been having a look around your blog
    Enjoyed my visit

  4. Hi Linda, Love all your fabric purchases and your dresden plates are beautiful!
    I so wish I was going to the Applique Society. I think a couple of girls from our town go down every once in a while and maybe one day I might be able to make the trip. Have fun there and please take lots of pics for show and tell.

  5. Yes, the Applique Society meeting would be so wonderful to go to! Will you have someone take photos for us to see?!?! :)


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