Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Round and Round We Go!!

One year we decided to do a round robin exchange. 6 of us took part. We all started with a centre of our own choice. We added some fabric scraps that could be included in future rounds. When we meet for our retreats, there would be discussions on added rounds and future rounds.
No one saw their original centres or progress on their quilt till all quilts were completed. We then had the grand unveiling. Can you see the look of delight on their faces!! All the quilts are so different and really reflect the personality of each person.

This is Sandra with her quilt. l would say she is pretty happy!!

Here is Jill with her quilt. Another happy participant.

Sandra and her quilt. Pleased as punch with her finished quilt.

There are 3 more to come, so stay tuned. l am trying to find the photo of just the centres, wish me luck in finding it.

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  1. Wow! They are all fantastic!

  2. they look great!!!!
    can't wait to see the next 3!

  3. Love Medallion quilts. They all look wonderful

  4. What a great idea coming to fruition. Your group sets a very high standard. The results are gorgeous, no wonder everyone is so pleased.

  5. Those are all wonderful. Such a trusting thing to do a round robin, but you all outdid yourselves. Great job!

  6. How interesting to see your round robins and how you have worked out the rules. We are on round 5 of ours. It takes some working out when you have to think for yourself but good for the old brain cells. Thank you for showing the quilts thay are fantastic.

  7. SO pretty! and what great FUN! I have heard of Round Robins, but have never participated in or really seen that many... Cant' wait to see more pics! :)

  8. Wow they all turned out to be terrific.


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