Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last of the show and tell.

This nine patch and snowball quilt was made by Sandra. Its a gift for a friend. l just love 2 color quilts. This is a really simple quilt to put together.

Chris was working on this fun pirate quilt over the weekend. Its just waiting for a
blue inner border to be finished.

Jill brought along this quilt she had finished for show and tell.
l think its a Renee Plains pattern.

Anne was working on this quilt last time we sewed together, so she brought
it along for show and tell, so we could see it finished.

Another of Anne's finishes. A split nine patch.

Here is Anne working on  holding her mouth  just SO while trying not to swallow that pin!!!

These are my pinwheels up on the design wall. l will be using that red to sash them.

  l am taking a vote. Straight set, or on point???  What's your thoughts?

It may seem we get a lot of sewing done, and while we do, because some of us only see each other 3 times a year, we bring along show and tell that we have completed in the months leading up to our  current retreats. But those machine hum during the weekend, and we have set up a second ironing centre, so no one has to wait for the iron.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed the show and tell. l am heading to Tassie this weekend with DH for a few days R&R. We will be visiting the NEW Quilted Crow shop, so hopefully some pics to share.


  1. Although I usually prefer settings on point, I've seen several pinwheel quilts lately that are stunning set straight. They are so full of movement that the extra work setting on point seems, to me at least, a waste of energy and time. I vote for straight set.

    Thanks for the show and tell.

  2. Beautiful quilts and thanks for the show and tell. Straight or on point, the quilt will be beautiful

  3. I've really enjoyed seeing how much work you ladies get done in a weekend away. It's so nice to share some time with others who like to do what you do. As for the pinwheels, my vote is to put them on point. Sorry, the vote is a bit like our government at the moment. I know whatever way it happens, your pinwheels will be in the national interest!

  4. My vote is "on point" Linda. I really like the 9 patch and snowball. Chris was working on that quilt last time we saw her. I can't believe her output! Have a great week end.

  5. My vote is "on point" Linda...and red sashing will make it all pop...beautiful.
    I love the 9 patch and snowball quilt.

  6. My vote is 'on point.' More movement! Thanks, as always, for the great show and tell. Very talented ladies!

  7. Another great set of quilts! I really like the hst quilt that looks like flying geese. It looks complicated but really isn't.
    Either way on the pinwheel quilt- Im sure it will be smashing!

  8. on point of course - it will look really lovely and full of movement!

  9. Definately on Point. It creates a wonderful sense of movement.
    Have a wonderful time in Tassie. Thanks for the picture show

  10. I would love to see it on point.
    the snowball and nine patch quilt is beautiful
    I love 2 color quilts...
    all of the quilts are great, nice to see everyone accomplishing so much and having FUN too!
    Jills quilt is amazing not sure I would get all those hst to line up
    she did a beautiful job
    Enjoy your trip and oh I would love to see the new Quilted Crow what a beautiful location, yes pictures PLEASE!!!!

  11. Set on point I think, enjoy Tassie


  12. I love the on point setting. I did enjoy the quilts, especially the red and white snowball.

  13. On point is my choice, they just seem to have more motion when placed that way. I know it's more work with the setting tri's but it will be worth it.

  14. Sounds like you are heading to another fun place? Enjoy your time there...

  15. Wonderful quilts! Love the pinwheels! I do like the look of on-point, but don't mind them one bit in a straight set! They move either way! Love them!

  16. personnally I like the onpoint setting, that has been my "thing" lately, but for pinwheels, I like the straight setting the best!


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