Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pincushion Exchange.

l was able to spend a few lovely hours in my sewing room yesterday, and this is what l made. l am taking part in a pincushion swap on an online group l belong to.  The pattern for this cute Pincushion and organiser l found on Sew Mama Sew blog, and thought that it fitted the bill perfectly. l also saw a photo on Pleasentree's blog. l love the fabric's she used.

Its going in the mail today with these other goodies, and hopefully my secret sister will have it by next week sometime. Its flying all the way to the centre of  America.

l had a lot of fun sewing up this set, and decided to make this coffee mat to include in the gifts.
In past years l have made sets as xmas gifts. They are quick and easy, and can be machine quilted with out trouble. l use Jo Mortons method of a single binding, which works well on these small mats. Its finished size is 5 1/2"

On a more serious note, l am having trouble with comments coming into my email box. Of the 14 comments from the last post, only 7 made it into my inbox. This is very frustrating, as l  want to be able to reply to your comments. l can find them by looking on the blog,but don't know how to reply to them from there. So if you have been kind enough to leave a comment and l haven't replied, its not because l don't want to. l enjoy reading all you comments, and thank you for them. So to  Millie, Elyte, Julie, Cheryl, Lori, Christine, and Sharon, thank you, l do appreciate you take the time to comment.

Has anyone had this problem before and know how to fix it? l have been back into my settings, added my email address again and saved the setting, but it still doesn't seem to be working. Thanks.

Hope you find some time to sew this weekend, thanks for visiting,


  1. I've been thinking of making a few pincushions like that for Christmas presents, seeing yours has spurred me on, have to get started now, that one looks wonderful..

  2. Lucky person to recieve your gifts! What an adorable pin cushion. (practical too!)
    Google has started a spam folder.Is it possible the comments are going there? Go to your dashboard, then click on comments and see what you can find.

  3. really cute pincushion and mat! perfect for the cup of coffee near the sewing machine. Lucky, Lucky swapper I must have missed this one, I don't remember this sign up.
    have a wonderful weekend...

  4. What a wonderful pincushion!! Such a clever idea! I like your coffee mat too. There's a big "Mug Rug" swap going on at the moment. You can see them on Flickr.

  5. Your swap partner will be thrilled with her surprise, I know I would be. Those coffee mats are a great idea too.
    Thanks for the tip on the machine quilting course. We have just had two weeks of fun and learnt a great deal.

  6. Lucky swap partner. Very useful. The coffee mat is the best. Please don't worry about responding to my comments. No worries. You always leave such nice comments on my blog. That is enough.

  7. I guess I won't see this in my mailbox since I don't live in the middle of America! ;-) Love the coffee matt, I think this is so nice, surely your secret sis will be thrilled when she opens this gift.

  8. What a great pin cushion! The recipient should love it. Is Quilts in the Barn a business or was it a show. I love the picture. Antique reproductions are my favorites, too.

  9. Ohhhh, very pretty! I love your fabrics, too. Very nice and warm... What a lucky swapper! Beautiful gifts :))

  10. your swap partner is going to be one lucky person! love the pin cushion combo! and the coffee matt would be great for my cup of tea!

  11. Hi Linda,
    You did a wonderful job on your pincushion/thread catcher and what a fun idea for a coffee mat. Your color combos are lovely as usual. I'm sure the recipient will be elated when she opens the box!


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