Saturday, September 25, 2010

On This Day!!

On this day exactly 12 months ago, Bev, Sandra and l set out on what we called Our Big American Adventure. We boarded a plane to Los Angeles and then on to New York. We spent a wonderful 17 days driving up and down  the east coast, visiting many museums, quilt shops and anything quilt related that we could find. Then we flew to Houston!!! Home of the Houston Quilt Festival. And boy did we have fun. We had been planning the trip for almost 3 years, and it lived up to all our expectations.

On this day  12 months ago, my DH went to the AFL Grand Final, to watch his team play. While he came home disappointed, none the less, he followed on over to the states, where l caught up with him after Houston.

Today, 12 months on from that disappointment, he is back again at the MCG, to see if his team can this year win the grand final. Its 44 years since they have won, so who knows! Go The Saints!!

Today, 12 months on, l am not on a plane for another Big American Adventure.
But in 5 weeks l will be!!! For Our Big Texas Adventure.

 During a phone conversation with Di Ford recently, she mentioned that she and her partner were returning to Houston for a short visit. God and the heavens aligned, and within 2 days DH and l had our flights and accommodation booked.  We're going too!!!! And that's what's caused my sleepless nights. Never in my dreams did l imagine that l would revisit Houston so soon!!!! And my mind has been spinning with memories of what we saw and experienced last year. Quilters Heaven!!! I've been making a list and checking it twice. There is a  project that l need to buy for, but that's a story for another day.

We will have 6 days in and around Dallas/Fort Worth, ( any suggestions?) and then drive on down to Houston.
Then from the 4th till the 7th November, l will be cruising the isles of the festival. l plan  to meet up with some friends l met last year, shop at shops l shopped at last year,and see wonderful quilts and displays. l can't wait to cruise the isles with Di.   Will you be there?

 Thanks for visiting, and maybe we'll be seeing ya!!!And get to say G'day !!


Over the next few weeks, l am going to revisit those memories of last year. Want to come along??

Update.  IT'S A DRAW!! they will have a Grand Final Replay next saturday.
There has only been 2 drawn grand finals in the history of the game. Interestingly the last one was in 1977, and Collingwood also played in that game. They lost that replay grand final by 27points. Lets hope History can repeat its self. GO SAINTS!!!


  1. Wow, Linda, I dream of Houston... Hopefully one day. My family are currently at the MCG too, I personally find it too stressfull to watch so am quilting instead. Go Saints!

  2. How wonderful, I am going too fir the first time ever and am very much looking forward to it.
    I am travelling with Gail Chalkers group and for me it was a last minute booking as my DH is making it my 50th Birthday present ( nest year Feb.)
    Can't wait to see the Baltimore quilt show.

  3. Oh Linda!!! That so explains why you couldn't sleep! I like that you said you have A project to buy for. Hmm just one? I guess you wont be buying much then ;). I wish I could say I'd be day..In the meantime I'll enjoy your memories with you. ps I can't believe the footy resulted in a draw!! Go the Saints for next week!!!

  4. Have fun in Houston with Di!

    I agree, Go Saints!!!!

  5. Hi Linda, I can't believe the footy results!!!! We were all barracking for St Kilda as none of us are Collingwood supporters. I think another 2 minutes and the Saints would have won!

    I am so jealous of you going to Houston with Di! You are going to have a wonderful time and I am looking forward to following your posts to see what you got up to last year.

  6. Great news Linda I am very excited for you. I imagine you have to be there to experience the magnitude of the exhibition. My son supports Collingwood so I wanted them to win for his sake, but I would have been very disappointed for either loser.

  7. I lived in Houston for 4 years and adored the festival, although sometimes crowded aisles got to my claustrophobia. Waxahachie has a great quilt shop and the Rosemary Mansion is a great B&B to stay at, if they are still in business. Have a great trip!

  8. Oh how wonderful! Heck I live in the mid-west and haven't even been to Houston show! (OK but I do go to Paducah every year). Oh you will have so much fun! But then you know that!

  9. Hi Linda, I hope you enjoy your time in Houston and I am sure you will be much better prepared for it all this year. We were also there last year and I am sure the next time I go it wont be so over whelming. Besides all the wonderful quilts I just loved the antique sewing accessories and quilts on some of the stalls. Have fun!

  10. Sounds like you have a great vacation coming up in a few weeks!! It's one of my dream shows on my list and I'm very excited for you, too!!

  11. Wouldn't we all love to go to Houston! Please remember to take lots of photos for us to share. I don't follow AFL but I do know everyone who isn't a Collingwood supporter wants the Saints to win.

  12. Hi Linda, I can,t wait for Houston and that waiting is even more exciting knowing were're meeting up!! How many sleeps to go?!!
    Actually the whole of October is almost to much to bear ! Quilts in the Barn, John Farnham Concert, Houston. WOW.
    We also can't believe the footy results......If my Aunty Daph has anything to do with it the Mighty Saints will win. An absolute avid Saints fan,she died recently just before her 100th birthday so we know she's up there willing them on.GO SAINTS!!!! ......Di

  13. Morning Linda! I have a couple suggestions for quilt shop in the Dallas area. You'll want to visit 'Lone Star House of Quilting' in Arlington (just a little south of airport. There's a great shop in Waxahachie (a short distance south of Dallas - Common Threads. Both shops specialize in repros and have websites you can visit in advance of your trip. Have a great visit. I'm hoping to make it to the Houston show on Friday!


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