Monday, September 6, 2010

A little Show and tell

Here is Chris, with a round robin she is working on.

Anne with a quilt she is making as a gift.

We had a swap last year of these Philadelphia pavement blocks, and this is the Quilt Anne made using them.

Here is Debbie, hard at work on her machine. Look at that concentration!!!

Here is Anne taking a photo of me taking a photo of her!!!

Jill hard at work on a scarf ,a birthday gift for a girlfriend.

Chris and Sandra, taking a drink break!!!

Anne's been a busy girl. This quilt is all aboriginal fabrics she has collected,
 mostly from her trips to Darwin.

Here is Debbie, admiring her weekends handy work. She collected shirts at the
op shop and has cut them up to make these blocks.

Chris bought this kit for a sewing holdall, and made good progress over the weekend.

This little block was made by Sandra.She is making a quilt called Loddes Mill, and wanted to experiment with down sizing the block. Its pretty cute don't you think. You can see it in the photo  with Debbie to get an idea of the scale. Its sitting above my pinwheels, which finish at 6 ".

This is Sandra's quilt she made using the Philadelphia pavement blocks from the swap.

Well, there is still more to come, and as they take ages to down load,  l will be back in a few days with more. Till then, hope you find some time to sew, and thanks for visiting.


  1. Wonderful pictures thank you for sharing, love your kitchen we are currently renovating the kitchen.


  2. Wow, you ladies put our output to shame. Lovely work and some very good ideas....

  3. I wanna come to your house! LOL Wonderful quilts and looks like great fellowship and fun!
    Mary Lou

  4. Great Show & Tell Linda. I love those star blocks made from the op shop shirts!

  5. Great Show & Tell Linda. Such a busy lot of girls...Love Sandra's quilt she made using the Philadelphia pavement blocks..
    Julia ♥

  6. You always have the best Show 'n Tell!

  7. thanks for sharing, always love seeing what you ladies are up to!
    beautiful quilts and the round robin is interesting to see.
    I always love seeing these quilts and think about if I would have put that border next.

  8. It looks like a fantastric creative and inspirational time!! I really like the PA Pavement quilts!

  9. You girls sure are producing some gorgeous quilts and quilts in progress!
    Sandra's block looks about 3"? Wow! :)
    I love the op shop bird blocks too, especially.

  10. What a great show and tell! I'd love to join such a wonderful retreat someday... Lucky you!!


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