Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quilts and more quilts!!

l picked up 2 quilts from my machine quilter last week. They have been lying on the floor in my lounge so l can enjoy the wonderful quilting that Karen has done. These are the 2nd and 3rd quilts that Karen has quilted for me. You can see more images over on Karen's blog. Her photo's do the quilt's more justice than mine. l am so pleased to have found her. l saw and admired her quilt at a quilt show that won a ribbon  several years ago, and then stumbled on her blog a few months ago, and recognised the quilt. And the rest is history. Now l need to get the binding on them.

This first one is a snail trail, and l used mostly repro fabrics. l made the centre of this  quilt after taking a class with a favorite teacher of mine many years ago, and it languished in the To Be Finished pile for several years. l finally found a fabric for the outer border that l liked and am so glad it's DONE.

And yes, l know there are a few blocks turned the wrong way!! l just can't help myself!! That's my excuse, and l'm sticking to it! Look at the stunning quilting that Karen has done.

This is a particularly special quilt. It's a wedding signature quilt l made for my Nephew and his new wife. l drew some squares on fabric that l took to the wedding and handed them around to all the guests on the wedding day, and then collected at the end of the day.  l then used those signature squares to make this memory quilt.

Here you can see some of the well wishes.  This couple are now expecting their
 first child, so it  looks like a cot quilt is on the agenda.

Again Karen has done an amazing job.

Remember those charm squares that came in the mail with the pincushion? Well, they became this mini quilt over the weekend. Its so cute. And perfect for autumn decorating, though we are in spring here.

l taught a class last year on half square triangles and the patterns you can make with
 them. So, of course l needed some samples to show. These were just tops, and then l decided on the weekend to get them finished. A great little collection to spread around the house.

Some l used the same shirting through out.
And some l mixed it up.
This one is my favorite.
And of course, barn raising is an all time fav setting of mine.
After l sewed the bindings on, they went in the wash and then the dryer,
 to give them that lovely vintage look.

l have a long term project coming up in the near future, so l am trying to clear the
 decks of a few WIP's. l would call the weekend a success.
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  1. Hi Linda, Love the wedding quilt ~ a special quilt to remember their special day. You certainly did have a very successful sewing weekend! from Jenny McH

  2. Looks like a resounding success!!! Love the Snail's Trail (even the pointy blocks! :-D Very original!), and the signature/well wishes quilt will be an absolute heirloom. Don't you just love those churn dashes with the skinny middles?
    And the little quilts...wonderful. I need some good finishes like yours!
    Mary Lou

  3. I saw your quilts over at Karens blog! Her work is amazing!! And your quilts are wonderful. I really like that some of the snail trails go a different way, it adds interest! Your little sample quilts are gorgeous!

  4. The quilts are gorgeous, I love red and white and the oops blocks too. The quilting is wonderful. The little ones are very cute. What a lot you've got done.

  5. Так просто и так красиво!

  6. oh Linda I love this idea...I think I am going to make a few little quilts like this too...what a great little exercise, thanks!!!!
    oh nothing better than red and white quilts love that snails trail, on my list of patterns I want to make some day.
    thanks for sharing

  7. Success I would say so. I like them all. Your favorite little one is also mine. That block is great for a memory quilt.

  8. Thanks for your lovely words Linda - your quilts were a pleasure to work on and the end results are fabulous.

  9. I don't see any blocks turned the wrong way in the Snail's Trail. That is an easy pattern to get a piece wrong in. You have to concentrate with each block.

  10. How happy to get your beautiful quilts back from the quilter! I'm really fond of red and white scrappy and yours is no exception. It's gorgeous!
    Love all the little quilts with hst. It is such a fun patch to make and create different settings.

  11. The wedding signature quilt is beautiful! What a special gift to the new couple! And I love the little Half Square Triangle quilts, but then I love everything small and vintage looking.

  12. Karen has done a wonderful job with your quilts, they look great. On her blog she also featured Pat's pies and tarts. Pat is a member of our quilting group and I envy her beautiful handwork and eye for colour.
    I love all those llttlies, each has its own character. I agree, the weekend was a success.

  13. Some lovely quilts and I love the wedding quilt with all the messages. What a great idea all those little quilts with HSTs - a great resource for teaching. Happy stitching!

  14. Great quilts, and great quilting. Love the hst little quilts, and barnraising is a fave of mine, too. Thanks for the pics.

  15. your little HST quilts are fantastic! how big are they? i'm itching to whip some out now ... oh, the time ... if only ...

  16. whar a wonderfull Quilt and that red House is wonderful too
    Frauke from North Germany

  17. Love your quilts. I am lucky to have had a few quilts quilted by Karen and she always does a great job. Lesley

  18. Oh they are all so wonderful! But I really had fun looking at all the mini's!

  19. They are all wonderful. Love the little sweet quilt. Thanks for sharing, Carolyn :)


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