Friday, April 30, 2010


Spent the day at AQC, and have these few goodies to share. Some wool to add to my ever growing collection, a few packets of 30's fabrics, a tumbler template and a dresden template, which l plan to try on the 30's fabrics over the weekend. Then out to dinner with my friends who flew down from Sydney for the weekend, and The Quilted Crow girls. More than a few laughs were had. Back to the show again this morning for a few hours before heading down the beach for a much looked forward to sewing weekend. Will check today if photos of the quilts on exhibit are allowed, and if so will have more photos in a few days to share.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Quilted Crow Trunk Show.

The Quilted Crow Girls, Leonie and Dierdre, from Hobart in Tasmania, are here in Melbourne this week for AQC.

Last night they held a trunk show at Foothills Fabric and Threads in Tecoma. Here are some of the woolly items on show. Check out their site and blog.

The Quilted Crow girls ( not to be confused with The Quilted Crow in Boxborough MA ) will also be attending International Quilt Market Spring, so watch out for their patterns coming to a shop near you.

It was also a great opportunity to catch up with some quilty friends.

l am off to the airport this afternoon to pick up a girlfriend who is flying in to visit AQC with me. Lots of quilty goodness over the next 4 days. Can't wait!!!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just to get you started, here is one of my antique quilts, and the reproduction that l made, Broken Dishes in Scraps, which was published in Beautiful Country Crafts Yearbook, Vol 21 No 6.



Today is a new day. l have been considering starting a blog for some time, as l read others and get great enjoyment from all that you share. It's time to give back. Who know's where this will lead, and how many adventures will come from knowing you all. It may end up in the bin at the end of the day. Please bear with me as l feel my way round, learn the ropes and decide on a game plan. l will share my quilting adventures, of which there are many, both past, present and future, and hope you enjoy the ride with me. When l figure out how to add photos, there will be plenty. Thanks in advance to those who read and follow.