Friday, October 26, 2012

Special Announcement!!

Today is a special day. It's my 200th post.
Just to show how it all started, here is my very first post!!
Today is a new day. l have been considering starting a blog for some time,
 as l read others and get great enjoyment from all that you share.
It's time to give back. Who knows where this will lead, and how
  many adventures will come from knowing you all. It may end up
 in the bin at the end of the day. Please bear with me as l feel my
 way round, learn the ropes and decide on a game plan. l will share
 my quilting adventures, of which there are many, both past, present
 and future, and hope you enjoy the ride with me. When l figure out
 how to add photos, there will be plenty.
 Thanks in advance to those who read and follow.

Who knew way back in April 2010 that l would still be here,
blogging and having a great time. All of the above is still true.
l still get great enjoyment reading other blogs. l have a game plan.
l have had many, many adventures. And some of those adventures have been shared
with bloggers and quilters l have met along the way. Lots l now call friend.
Many of you have shared the ride. The joys, the highs and the lows.
 And l kept my promise of plenty of photo's.
And to celebrate this special day, l have my first self published pattern to release.
It all started when the decision was made to visit NYC in March 2011
for the Infinite Variety Exhibition. Most of you have read all about it on
 blogs over the past 18 months.
My daughter came to NYC with me, and as her special O birthday was that year,
l decided to make her a quilt. A Red and White Quilt.
So together we looked at all the photo's l took at the exhibit,
 and she chose 6 quilts that appealed to her.
 l chose from those 6 which one l would make.
This quilt instantly appealed to me. And as DD loves lots of open space
 for quilting, this one just seemed to fit the bill.
And Infinite Variety Revisited was born.
Over  the many months that followed l made slow progress on the quilt.
So many red and white quilts were in my head from that exhibition,
 and we decided at QITB that we would hold our own R&W exhibition.
To be honest, l have not counted how many R&W quilts l have made over
 the last 18 months, but l know Infinite Variety Revisited took the longest,
 as others jumped the que. Finally it was finished, and
 l sent it to be quilted by Helen Hayes,
 who's quilting my Daughter had always admired.
l knew she would turn it into a very special quilt. And she did.
 Thank You Helen for the superb quilting.
The binding was finally completed 2 nights before we hung the exhibition.
As DD wandered the exhibition over the next few days, l asked her several
 times which quilt was her favorite. She always answered MINE!!
Its taken longer than l hoped to make this quilt.
But its been a wonderful journey of discovery.
l have found there are still R&W quilts l want to make.
And so at long last here is Infinite Variety Revisited.
The front Cover!
The Quilt!

The Inspiration Photo!

Huge thanks to everyone who voted. There are certainly many lovers
of Red and White quilts out there in Blog Land.
And the 4 lucky winners of my pattern are Cheryl, Kathie, Merilyn and Lesley.
 l will be sending you an email.
As the voting stands, here are the quilts in order that scored the most votes.
And l am pleasantly surprised to see that our viewers choice
 from the exhibition is also our most voted for quilt here too!!
Fiona, who stitches with me once a month, made this quilt,
especially for our exhibit. Its been a crowd pleaser!!



Tonight the house is quiet and empty.
All my international guests have gone home.
 Its been a fun filled 4 weeks.
Over the next few posts l will share some of our adventures during that time.
 Many of them included quilts or quilting.
l look forward to sharing them with you.
Thanks for visiting.
 Have opened an Etsy shop to sell the pattern.
This is the link. QuiltsInTheBarn.
As a special incentive to buy my pattern,
l am going to donate 50% of the pattern price for the rest
 of this month and all of  November to Breast Cancer Research.
l will be adding more patterns in the near future.
If you are a shop owner, please contact me for wholesale inquiries.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quilts, Quilts, More Quilts!! And a giveaway!

 Here are front on shots of most of  the larger quilts that we had hanging.
They are numbered for a reason.
Don't forget to click on the pictures for a closer look.

#4                              #5

#15                #16            #17
#32                   #33                   #34
Tell me which quilts are your favorite and why!!
Is it the color? The design? The Quilting?  Or just because!!
Yes, you can choose more than one.
We ran a viewers choice during the exhibition,
and l will be interested to see if the same quilt is a winner again.
So please join in. And l hope you enjoy seeing these quilts.
l will choose 4 random winners on Friday.
My next post will be my 200th.
And l will be releasing my first Self  Published pattern.
Each of the winners will receive a pattern and a QITB pin.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Come walk around the Barn with me.

Come walk around the Barn with me.
The photos were taken over several days
and some quilts and props were moved during this time.








l hope you enjoyed your walk around the exhibit with me.
l will be back soon with some individual quilts.
And a very special announcement and giveaway.
Thanks for visiting.
 Due to the huge volume of spam comments l have been receiving,
which you don't see, but my inbox does,
 l have changed who can comment to
Registered User - includes OpenID.
l hope this does not stop you leaving a comment,
as l always enjoy hearing what you have to say.