Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Very Special Day!!

l received an invite in the mail recently, inviting DH and myself to 
celebrate Di Ford's 60th  birthday with a High Tea Party.
After all the grief and heartache of the last few weeks, l was looking forward
 to spending some time with friends and celebrating a wonderful occasion.
Almost all the Secret Sewing Sisters were present, as well as scores of family.

Imagine our surprise, when the day became a Celebration of Marriage,
as well as Di's birthday. Unbeknown to all the guests, including Di's daughter,
they had arranged for a celebrant to join us during the afternoon,
to perform their wedding vows. Di and Brian have been together for
several years, and it was both a joy and delight to be present for this special day.

Here is the happy couple just after the ceremony.
Congratulations Di and Brian on a beautiful wedding,
 and thank you for the honor and privilege to be present,
as you begin the rest of your lives together.
3 cheers for the Bride and Groom!!!

Thanks for visiting,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blocks and Prayers.

Written on Monday 6th June, but never posted.

These blocks have arrived over the last week. They will probably be the last,
other than the box that should arrive this week from Jo. My sewing group is coming here to sew on Friday, and l hope we will make a huge dint in the top.
Again, a huge thank you all everyone who have kindly sent blocks.
Many thanks to
Collette Lee
Kennette Roberts
 Nora Ronningen
Joyce Little x2
Janet O'Dell
Barb Craxton
Janet Henderson

l have met with several Oncology Doctors who are caring for my Mother.
They have been wonderfully informative and very supportive
given the news they had to share. Our main aim is to make life comfortable
for Mum's remaining time here with us, and we hope to move
her to a palliative care centre later this week or early next week.
 l thank you all for your words of support. They mean so much.

Post Script, added on Saturday 11th June.

Last Wednesday we had the funeral for DH's brother. Michael's funeral was difficult, and also a celebration of his life. You see, Michael lived a life different to most. He was born with Down Syndrome, and was and always will be an angel in our eyes. He will be deeply missed.

The day was even more difficult, as l had received a call that morning before the funeral, from Mum's Oncology Doctor. Sadly Mum passed away that afternoon, after a short, but brave battle, surrounded by family. l find myself arranging another funeral, much to my disbelief.

 l am bereft.

Lila Stanton
28/05/1931 - 08/06/2011
My Mum.

l would like to thank all of you who sent me messages of support and prayers.
They have been much appreciated. Thank you.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear God,

Dear God,

We have a saying here on earth, that you only give us what we can cope with.
l  am here to say ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Yesterday, l started on a journey with my Mother.
 l pray for strength when she does not have enough, 
for courage to face the battles ahead,
 and the wisdom to make the right choices.

l know l don't walk this path alone.
Many before me have been here.
Some will walk it with me.
l know you will be there too.

Thanks for listening.