Saturday, July 20, 2013

Close ups of fabric and quilting at Brouage.

No words, just close ups of the quilts we saw.
Wonderful fabrics, and stunning hand quilting.
Oh, my!! The quilting!!
Sit back and enjoy!!
P.S. Don't forget to click on them for an even closer look!!

Having seen the close ups, has your mind changed about your favourite?
Next post will be a wrap up of our French trip.
 There is so much quilty goodness happening here,
l am beginning to forget what l have to share, so its time to move on!
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Quilts De Legende Brouage 2013 - Part 2

 This building held the second collection of quilts.
Sit back and enjoy these.

Etoile de Bethlehem
Nathalie Ferri.


Compas du marinier
Christine Imbaud.


Baby Jane
Marie-Claude Gansel.


Nicole Trollux


Le Chapman
Marie-Francoise Gregoire.

Whig Rose
Colette Goix.


Aline Joulin.
( My personal favourite)


Les Etoiles rouges
Marie Baraer.


Rouge et blanc
Marie Baraer.


Log Cabin Chevrons
Marie-Josephe Veteau.


Four x Star
Maud Trocque.


France Aubert.


Petits carres
Louise-Marie Stipon.


Ombre et Lumiere
Sophie Brochot.


Billings Coverlet
Marie-Francoise Gregoire.

Just to show there were other people there besides us at the exhibit!!

These miniatues were hanging in the foyer,
and l have no information on who made them.

l hope you enjoyed seeing the second collection of quilts.
Tell me which was your favourite and why?
l will be back soon with some close ups of the fabrics and stitching.
Thanks for visiting.