Thursday, June 26, 2014

Workshops at QITB 2014

We are very excited to announce that some special international tutors will be joining us this year at QITB!!

Contact me via email at for a copy of this form. Fill in the details  and email back to me asap.  This is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed - these workshops will be their only teaching engagement whilst the ladies are in Australia so we feel very fortunate to have them. 

For those of you coming to the Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne this week, I will have these forms available on the Quiltmania Stand E25.

Further details regarding the workshops will be available at a later date.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quilts In The Barn 2014!

We are so excited to finally bring you our flyer for this years
Quilts In The Barn.
And super excited to announce that
Brenda Papadakis and Patty Harants
 will be our special guests this year.
Once again, Mary Koval will be back with
antique quilts from her collection for sale.
And we have an amazing amount of stunning quilts that will be on display this year.
There is lots to be excited about here at QITB.
So exciting its hard to sit still!!
We have a stunning quilt for our raffle quilt,
and the tickets will be available next month.
We will be releasing dates and pre-registration information tomorrow
 about the workshops and lectures we have
planned for Brenda and Patty.
Its going to be so much fun!!!
Come see me on the Quiltmania booth at the
Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair to pick up a flyer or pre-registration form
 for the workshops or lectures. Booth E25 
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Busy, Busy!

l managed to spend some hours in my sewing room over the weekend,
tidying and hanging a few new gifted quilts on my Great  Wall of Quilts.
 l love looking at my wall. There are so many wonderful memories tied up with these quilts.
 Quilts made by friends and  gifted to me, quilts made together with friends.
Quilts from patterns that were gifts.
 All the quilts have a special meaning to me in one way or another.
And its a huge inspiration when l walk in the room.
During my tidy spree l came across parts and elements
from a quilt l had published late last year.
l always make sample blocks and bits that they photograph.
 This particular one was based on an antique quilt in my collection.
So l finished sewing all the elements together, and this is what l have.
 It will be a small version of the original quilt.
And another great quilt to put on the wall.
Not sure that my fascination with red and white quilts has dissipated.
l have enough quilts, both antique and those made by me to fill 2 books! LOL
Here is an update on my hexi's.
Current count is 68 complete, and 8 centres.
Almost half way!!! Woo Hoo!
I am still on target for 1 per day since l started.
Its now become a multi container quilt.
To keep on track and see what needs doing and where l am going,
 l keep my reds and creams  in 1 tin. The second tin is now holding the pathway,
 which l will continue to cover. I will start adding them to the centres soon.
 l have also been busy cutting new fabrics to add.
And if you look closely you can see l am adding a few browns.
There are some brown flowers in the original quilt.
l will make them and decide at a later date if they make the cut.
Some of you will have seen the article about
Quilts In The Barn in the 100th edition of Quiltmania.
Its always exciting to see my photos in print.
In the article we mentioned  this years exhibit.

l am getting almost daily email enquiry's about our dates and other info.
Our flyer is being worked on as we speak ( have just seen a sneak peak! )
 l expect to have it here on the blog in the next few days.
We are  super excited about our guests this year,
 and for the first time we will also be holding lectures and workshops with them.
Its going to be soooo much fun!!! 
Are you going to the Melbourne Craft and Quilt fair?
Come see me on the Quiltmania stand. Booth E25
l will be there everyday and plan to have our flyers available.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hexed!! An update!

While enjoying a stitching day at Millrose  in Ballan on Sunday,
l took my hexi flowers for a walk around the shop.
l found 2 that l liked, so l put it to the other girls stitching with me to help.
The decision was unanimous!!
So l am happy to report that l have finally found the fabric l want to use as my pathway!
l set to on Tuesday, covering a handful to test them out.
Here is the result! l couldn't be more happy.
Love them, and love what they bring to the flowers.
l originally bought 2 metres, then yesterday bought 2 more, just in case!!
Can a girl ever have enough of a great fabric?? LOL

My tally so far is 39 flowers completed, and 14 centres made.

Then l have tons more prepped and ready to pick up and go.
l take my tin of fabric and papers with me everywhere,
and when ever l have a few minutes of down time,
l take it out and stitch a few.

And now l also have to confess that l have a new hexi addiction!
When l was in France a few years ago, l fell in love with these blue Liberty fabrics.
 l chose 3 solids to go with them and put them in a case to make a French memory quilt.
When l came home l went through my meagre Liberty stash and pulled out some extras.
 This is what l stitched at our sewing day in Ballan.
Couldn't be happier with how it is looking,
and makes a nice change from working with the reds all the time.
Time will tell what l choose for the pathway here, but l do have something in mind!!
Stay tuned!!

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