Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not much sewing, but some finishing off.

Not a lot of sewing happening around here.
l did manage to finish off this quilt.
Remember back here, our Xmas exchange quilts?
l loved the one l made to swap so much,
 l had to make myself one, so it's binding went on last week. 

And l had a few blocks left over, so they became coffee mats.
These are great as gifts.
Most of my friends have them in their homes, but these ones are staying here.

This quilt has been finished for a while,
just waiting it's binding, so that went on last week as well.
Its so good to have some finishes.

l know there has been lots of talk on lots of blogs about leaving comments,
and the changes google have made to the word verification.

l love getting your comments, and while l don't always leave comments
when l have visited your blog, due to time restrictions on the computer,
 l always love reading your comments when you do,
 and truly appreciate that you take the time to continue to leave comments,
even if l don't on your blog.

So, having said that, l have turned off the word verification on my blog,
which should make it easier and less time consuming to leave comments,
because l know l am not the only person who is time short.

And l am hoping that it will also encourage me to take a minute
 and leave more comments as l make my way round
 all the blogs thatl love to visit and find inspiring.

Thanks for visiting.

P.S. Watch out for a give away coming soon!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Does this ever happen to you?

So l had some free time to sew over the weekend and today, and decided the best use
of my time would be to clear out some more scraps. l find its hard
 to get inspired for a large project when there is lots of clutter in my sewing room.
 Does this  ever  happen to you?

l had a smallish pile of these hanging around, and not having a definite
idea of what to do, l went hunting on the web. l used google images
and looked for 4 patch quilts, hoping to find some inspiration.
Well, l did. About 3 different quilts.
That's fine, l should have enough to make 3 small quilts.

This one came together quite quickly, and after some advice from a trusted friend,
 this is just going to get quilted and bound. Finished!!

Then a second photo that l had found inspiring, led me to make this block.
But something was not right. It was too heavy.
The reds were not making any kind of statement.

And when l placed a few blocks with the counterpane fabric,
l just knew l was on the wrong track.
Does this ever happen to you?

So, l went back to the start and made a block with the
 opposite colorway, still using the 4 patch's.

That's better!!

But l knew that l didn't have enough of the shirting to make the 9 blocks l needed,
so l swapped the shirting for another.

Made a few more blocks, laid them out on the floor with the counterpane fabric,
 stood back and said, Yes!!
Does that ever happen to  you?

So, l finished making all the blocks l needed, and because the fabrics in
the 4 patches were all scrappy, l didn't play with them much,
 just started sewing the quilt together.
l even considered putting a block the wrong way round. Usually l am happy
to have a humility block in there, but decided not to.

When l had counted the blocks to see l had enough, l forgot to remove the
 one made with the different shirting, so it ended up in the quilt.
 And l didn't even realise till the quilt top was pressed, back on the floor for a photo.
Funnily enough, it ended up in the middle.

 So l guess l did put in my humility block, and didn't even realise.
Does that ever happen to you?

This is what l am moving onto next. And yes, l know what l am doing.
An image on Google Images inspired me.

l have to say, even with all the red and white l have been sewing lately,
 l am still madly in love with it. l guess the Infinite Variety Exhibit in New York last year,
 made more of an impact than even l realised.

Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Show and tell from CAG meeting.

Spent a lovely day with the ladies at our Castlemaine Applique group meeting.
Managed to snap a few pics of the show and tell, and have them here to share.
First up is the hexi's l was working on. Not sure where l am heading with these,
 and more than likely will end up as 2 separate quilts.
The pink and brown hexi's l bought pre-cut when on my trip to America, back in 2009,
so thought it time to do something with them, and the 2 on the black background are from  Betsy Chutchians Crossroads to Texas range.

This delightful centre from Aunty Greens coverlet met with much admiration.

Sue-Anne from Buddy and Me,  made the 3 1/2 hr trek to join us for the day,
and brought along her almost finished Dancing Dollies quilt.

Sue-Anne also had her finished Clam shell quilt, very pretty and soft.

Jan inspired us all with her applique centre.

This lady ( sorry,  missed her name) had a delightful version of the Ann Daggs quilt.

Laurel brought along this charming Xmas globe quilt.

Another inspiring pieced quilt. Fabulous collection of fabrics in this one.

This lady is making her version of the basket quilt.
Gotta love that tiny dresden plate on the border.
They are about 3"finished.

Michelle had this stunning feathered star quilt to share.

Dorothy had her finished version of the Aunty Green's coverlet.

And also a strip of the Susan McCords trailing vines quilt she is making.

Alison had the start of her quilt guilds raffle quilt,
a strippy using 5 rows of these trailing vines
 to be completed and raffled later in the year.

Well, that's all for today. l am off to my sewing room.
A day at home by myself, and hopefully no interruptions!!
Who knows what mischief l will get up to.

Thanks for visiting.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Just some little bits!

Not much sewing happening here, but l do have some little bits to show you.

This delightful red house below is a treasured Christmas gift from a dear friend.
It looked super cute hanging on the tree,
and now its hanging all year round in my kitchen.

A few more houses to join my village.

And some postage stamp blocks l am making for a swap, that will run over 18 months.
55 blocks to be made by end of July. Think l can do that!!
It's been fun digging through my  fabrics.

For those of you who have booked and are coming to
here is a sneak peak at one of the projects you will be making.
Looks yummy!! Only 5 more weeks to wait.

If you had been thinking of coming, but not booked yet,
l know Friday is fully booked, but there are still a few spots
left for our Saturday gathering on the 17th March.
Looking forward to seeing you then if you are coming.

l am heading off tomorrow for our first Castlemaine Applique Group meeting for the year.
Hope to have some great show and tell next week.

Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time Out Sewing at Sorrento.

Some of my sewing pals joined me at Sorrento in January
 for some well deserved Time Out Sewing.

There was a bit of this from Deb.

Some of this from Jill.

A few of these from Sandra.

A lot of this from Deb.

More of these from Sandra.

Some of this from Anne.

And a lot of these also from Anne.

We also do a fair bit of this!!

And a lot of this from all of us!!
You can't see it, but we are discussing something on the design wall.

It wasn't all sewing.
l had taken a refresher course in pasta making, so decided there was
 no time like the present to show the girls how it's done.
Here we are all intent on getting that sheet of pasta perfect!!

And then turning it into fettuccine.

Which we hung on the clothes horse to dry till dinner time.

Here it is cooking.

Oh, boy!! Was it DELICIOUS!!
A simple sauce of home grown cherry tomato's, roasted with garlic, onions and basil.

A bunch of happy quilters!!
Thanks for a great week girls.

Remember these?

They became these blocks.

Then all these.

And finally this quilt.

Now l am not sure if l should do this!!
What do you think?

Thanks for visiting.