Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quiltmania #93

Only home for a brief few hours, and of course, the first thing l
 did was catch up on some blog reading and then checked to
 see if the latest issue of Quiltmania was out yet.
You see, l have been keeping a secret!!
Carol from Quiltmania had contacted me and asked for photos from our
 Infinite Variety Revisited Exhibition.
And she wanted ME to write the accompanying article!!
Now, l am no journalist, so it was a pretty scary thought!!
And then the middle of the night phone call from France to say
 they needed the article the next day put NO pressure on me!!!
 l enlisted the help of my daughter and between us,
we managed to scrap together around 1200 words which we duly emailed.
So!!! l am super excited to say its been published!!
In the current edition - Quiltmania #93
And to top it off, l have a quilt published in the same edition!!
How much better can it get than that!!

quiltmania magazine
If you go to this link,  flick through the pages and you
 can get a sneak peak at the first page of the article
 and also see my quilt. Its the blue and brown T block quilt.
l can't WAIT to see the whole article!!
Let hope l can get my hands on a copy real soon!!!
Its a great start to 2013.
Thanks for visiting.