Wednesday, May 7, 2014

l've been Hexed!!

l started making these hexagon's about 2 weeks ago.
But lets back up a bit. l saw an antique hexagon quilt in October last year.
 It was pretty stunning!!
Some of us decided to reproduce it.
But l guess l have to back up even more.
My good friend Kathie, who many of you know from
Inspired By Antique Quilts blog, gifted me a box full of red fabrics.
 Lots of older reproduction re fabrics!! l feel in love when
 l opened that box of fabrics, and just knew 
that l needed to use them in a very special quilt.
So that takes us back to the antique quilt.
 as soon as l saw THAT quilt. l knew what fabrics l had to use!
Those very special fabrics from Kathie.
And while l make this quilt, l will stitch memories of our friendship,
 and the friendships of  all my quilty girlfriends into it!
There was yardage of several of the fabrics,
so l shared them with the other girls who saw the antique quilt with me,
 and we all embarked on the journey to make the quilt.
Only l put the fabrics aside, and was distracted by other stuff!
 Quilty stuff!
Then about 3 weeks ago, we had a sewing retreat at Sorrento.
 l knew that it was a good time to start the hexi journey of this quilt.
 One of the other ladies on the retreat is also making the quilt.
 We could encourage each other.
Only l was distracted by a request from some dear friends to help make a quilt.
So the fabrics were put aside again.
Finally over Easter break, those fabrics just couldn't wait any longer.
So on a cool Good Friday afternoon, while the family
 had gone to watch a local footy game, l began.
Slowly and steadily, l covered the hexi's and made my first flower.
It was instant love!!!

l became busy cutting,
and prepping.
Then another dear friend gave me this birdy tray,
which is perfect for holding my work in progress.

And as the lines of covered hexi's grew, l made more flowers.


l had to take  my MIL to a hospital clinic appointment,
 so l prepared a  tin to take with me, as
there is always plenty of waiting time.

Who  knew that you could stitch this many flower centres while waiting??
l do now!!
 These hexi's below were covered while driving around on several outings
 on Sunday with DH doing the driving. Bonus stitching time!
And this is my progress as of last night.
9 full flowers and 13 centres, just waiting!


This morning l prepped a whole lot more fabrics.
Another gift from a friend.
So many memories will be stitched into this quilt.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. What a wonderful spell to be under. Your rows of hexies are making my heart race, such a beautiful selection of fabrics. What size are the hexies? They look small.

    1. Hi Susan. Thank you for your wonderful comments!! Yes you are right! I am under a spell! The hexi's are 1/2".

  2. what beautiful hexies you make - I read Kathi's blog too - she does beautiful work - I will be looking forward to seeing what your antique quilt will look like when finished

  3. It must be EPP season, I too have recently caught the bug. Looking forward to following your progress on this one.

  4. You got bit bad by the hexie bug :0) Your flowers are beautiful - I love those reds! It will be fun to watch your progress.

  5. You really have been hexed! And in all the right colors, love all that red! Enjoy!

  6. Very nice. Ik started to prep my hexies the same way you do. Then a friend showed me to use tape. Tape is a timesaver!

  7. Your hexagons look great Linda. I hear they are very contagious! I haven't caught it yet! LOL!

  8. I know the feeling of being taken over by the hexies. I first started nearly 2 years ago and always have something on the go with them now. I have made several bags using them for friends and am now slowly putting a quilt together.

  9. I think,no I know this is going to be a gorgeous quilt.
    Can You share a picture off the antique quilt with us

  10. It'll be a complete quilt in no time at all - that's what happened to me first time I tried EPP hexagons - glad you are having such fun with the addiction! Great fabric choices too :)

  11. Lovely work Linda, what a process our creative juices take sometimes. Look forward to seeing the top when finished. :)

  12. Looks like the start of a lovely friendship! I have yet to give epp a try... tho think it might be some day soon! Looking forward to watching your progress on this piece! :-)

  13. I LOVE your flowers! I, too, would like to see the antique quilt that's inspiring your beautiful flowers. And I'd like to know what size hexies are you making? I'll be stitching up hexies over the next couple of weeks ... 13+ hours in the car and lots of "down time" at the beach = perfect hexie time!

  14. Welcome to the club, Linda - once you're bitten there's no turning back! Can't wait to see what the quilt pattern is.

  15. Love, love, love them! I am craving a new hexie project. You are not helping my self control!

    Mary Kastner

  16. You are totally enthralled! And having way too much fun.......

  17. Love your hexie flowers! So pretty! Are you going to show us a photo of the antique quilt that inspired you? I hope so!

  18. I caught the hexi bug last summer and I am hooked. Your reds are wonderful. This quilt is going to be beautiful.

  19. Wow...wonderful. Looking forward to see more.
    Grit from Germany

  20. Your quilt is going to be beautiful and full of sweet memories. I miss Kathie's inspiring blog posts - is she blogging somewhere else?

  21. I caught the hexie bug a few weeks ago. It is scary how addicting they are!! Also, I too have been wondering where Kathie's blog went. Miss her wonderful posts

  22. Love the birdy tray -- enjoy the addiction!

  23. Half inch hexies would certainly be a challenge for me! I'm working on my first EPP project with 2" elongated hexes. I aspire to make a Lucy Boston quilt someday.

  24. Love your 1/2" hexies! I'm working on my first EPP project using 2" elongated Hexies. I aspire to make a Lucy Boston quilt someday!


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