Monday, May 31, 2010

Show and Tell from Applique Society Meeting.

This Quilt was designed and made by Chris Serong, using the fabrics from the Indigo, Pewter and Honey range by Judy Rothermel. l love the movement the circles gives this quilt.

This is an antique quilt owned by Catherine Parsons. l love the bright sunny color.

The next 4 quilts were made by a mother- daughter team, Simone Meara and Joy Earle-Quick. Not sure who made which ones though. l believe most of the patterns are from Patchwork on Stoneleigh.

This Quilt was made by Jennifer Murray. Its her first ever quilt that she made. l think she did a good job.

Alison Gardner didn't have a quilt, but she did have some antique chinese textiles to show us. These in real life were exquisite, the detail and stitching so fine.

Dorothy Ramage had her Phebe Quilt to share, just beautiful. Pattern available from Threadbear Quilt shop.

This next quilt is a Michelle Yeo design, made by Margaret Mew. Again lovely.

This stunning quilt, Banyan Tree Medallion, designed by Margaret Mew, and made by the Goldfield Quilters Guild is this years raffle quilt. Their quilt show will be held on the 23rd and 24th October 2010. Margaret will have the pattern available for this quilt in time for their show. She can be contacted at if you are interested in buying the pattern or raffle tickets

Well, that's all for today.
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Applique Society Meeting in Castlemaine Part 2

Rather than spend hours posting photos from our day in Castlemaine l am going to send you over here where Megan has already posted most of the quilts shown on the day. When l have had a good look at the quilt photos and find any that have been missed, l will post them here. If you have any questions about any of the quilts, or want to know if they are mine or Bev's or one of our antique quilts just ask.

l also plan to post some of the show and tell quilts with a little more info about them.

l will leave you with these 2 photos of a quilt l made for my nieces 18th birthday. l took Kirby shopping for fabric to make her quilt.

We ended up with 2 piles of fabrics that we could not choose between, so we bought both and l made the quilt reversible.The colors are a little brighter in the photo than in real life.This quilt was published last year in an Australian Quilt magazine.Bev is coming to pick me up soon, and we are heading over to visit the Waverley Patchworkers Quilt show. l have packed my camera!!!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Applique Society Meeting in Castlemaine.

Well, l learnt something new today about posting to blogs and how perseverance does finally pay off. l had been downloading photos and wondered why they kept showing up as written script, none of which was understandable. l had pressed the Edit Html button, and when l changed it back over to compose, all became clear. Thanks for being patient,l won't fall for that trick again!!!!!

Our meeting on Saturday was well received by the members of The Victorian Chapter of TAS. We had around 60 quilts to show and share. Dorothy was in the audience taking photos for us. While she didn't take photos of everything we showed, l have taken photos of all Bev's quilts and will show them over the next few posts. Mine are still in a pile waiting to be photographed.

Here is a small selection for you to see.

Bev and l setting up for the meeting. Is there really almost 60 quilts in those piles?

Here are a few of my antique quilts. This one has been published here in Australia.This pineapple quilt is a recent purchase, made last year during my american trip.

This pink hexagon beauty from the 30's will be in a magazine later in the year.
l love this Double Irish chain quilt. It always makes a statement at christmas time.

Another of my favorites. l love basket quilts and am glad this one came to live with me. It was published in an Australian magazine a few years ago.

Here are a few of Bev's stunning quilts. Her applique is quite stunning, and this is no exception.
Bev and l both made this pattern in a class about 6 years ago, which is when we really first became Friends. We had done other classes together before this, we are sure, because we have the same quilts, just never connected. l am sure glad we finally did!!!! This is Bev's quilt. More of her quilts to come soon.

Bev and l also both did this quilt. A new shop opened about a 45 minute drive away and we decided to do the class together. Our quilts are pretty much the same as we used the same fabric range. This is my quilt.

This nine patch quilt came about after my stashbuster group did a nine patch swap from our oldest ugliest fabrics. Its a great friendship quilt.This is a simple nine patch and snowball quilt. Quick and simple,but quite effective.

After our show and tell, lunch was served over at Threadbear Quilt shop, which also gave us some time to shop. then back for more sewing, and then the members had a show and tell session. Here is Bev and l with Corliss, Threadbears owner outside the shop.

After lunch we went back to the meeting room for a small session of sewing, then the members had a show and tell.
l was able to snap some of their work and will also share that over the next few posts. Some really lovely quilts.

l will take you on a short tour around the town of Castlemaine, its history is mainly set around the gold rush days, though now gold can be found in Corliss's shop!!!

The Imperial Hotel, where many a pint would have been drunk.

This grand Old Lady with her lace on show for the world to see.

The Court House, where many squabbles would have been settled.

And this glorious show of late autumn color. What sight.
This beautiful stone fence was beside the ornamental grape. The town is now well know for its stone quarry. Castlemaine slate its called. l have a large area paved around our pool, and love the colors and texture. This is a new built fence, and will get more beautifull with age, but many old original fences can still be seen in the district today.Well, that's all for today folks. l will be back with more in the next day or so.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Colors of Autumn.

As we enter the last week of Autumn here in Australia, l took a tour around the garden, and snapped some photo's of the last few colors still on the tree's.Its been a late season. We have enjoyed mild temps till the last week, when we had our first morning that reached 0 celsius.
It won't be long before these tree's are bare.
One of our many Manchurian Pears.

This tree is in our neighbours garden. Not sure what it is.

A different variety of Crab Apple.

These curious guys came to see what l was doing!!!

Almost the last of the roses.

This is a Malus, the fruit is almost ripe.
Looking across the front garden bed.

One of many Manchurian Pear trees.

A beautiful Japanese maple.

Do the colors of nature inspire your color pallette when making quilts?

l have some quilts to show soon that always remind me of Autumn.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Klosjes or Spool Party.

With everyone showing their Klosjes, l thought it time for me to show mine. l made this quilt just over 12 months ago, and it was published in Beautiful Country Crafts Vol 21 No 5. Mine is called Spool party. l enjoyed using many many repro's and a large variety of shirtings for the backgrounds.l have a pile of left over half square triangles l will use to make a mini quilt with one day. Just waiting for inspiration to strike.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Hunting we will go and goodness in the mail!!

l belong to several online quilt groups and almost always take part in any swaps they have going. These blocks finally came home this week. Our swap was a sampler block swap, all blocks to be 6" finished. Your own choice of blocks. l am thrilled with these blocks. All different, and made by about 13 different women, mostly from America, 1 lady from France and 2 of us from Australia.

We are about to start our next swap soon, which will be a 6" finished basket block, again own choice, which l plan to mix with these current blocks.

l went fabric shopping with a girlfriend yesterday. Of course it also involved coffee and eating. l was looking for background fabrics for the dresden plate blocks.

l found this for the 30's blocks, a sweet little dot in green, pale orange and yellow,

and this for the hope valley blocks, a pale grey with dark grey fine stripes.Sorry the pictures don't do the fabric justice.Don't know if it's my photography of the lighting.

Of course no hunting for fabric would be complete without some impulse purchases.
l fell in love with these soft and delicate grey blues at the first shop, Amitie. Its about a 45 minute drive away, so that justified the purchase, Right??

Then this little pile came home from the second shop we visited, Somerset Patchwork.

They moved shop recently, about 6 months ago, and this was the first chance l have had to visit them in their new location. And of course you have to support your LQS right??

The pale orange caught my eye, and then all these others wanted to play too, so what is a girl to do!!!

Bring them all home. l am thinking hexagons, tumblers or maybe more dresdens, hour glass, four patch, so many options.

What would you be making if these fabrics came to live at your house?

Whats this pile of quilts l hear you ask? These came for a visit also yesterday. By car fortunately, not by post.

My friend Bev and l have been asked to be guest speakers at The Central Victorian Chapter of The Applique Society which has connections with my most favorite shop Threadbear.

This is Bev's pile of quilts to take for our talk. l will be making a pile of mine this week, probably somewhat smaller than Bev's. She's prolific. Either does not sleep or has an army of stitching fairies at her disposal. l am going for the second option.

Must go make a pile of quilts, see if l can make mine bigger!!!

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