Friday, May 31, 2013

Antique quilts seen at Pour L'Amour Du Fil.

While there were  more antique quilts to be seen in the other antique quilt booth,
 for some reason  l forgot to take any photo's there.
So the only photos l have to show you are from Mary Koval's booth.
Mary is a dear friend of mine, so l spent a lot of time there chatting 
and generally getting in the way!
 After all, who wouldn't want to hang around these beautiful quilts!!!
Mary's booth become our regular meeting place.
This one was my favourite, and we took every opportunity
we could to have our photo taken in front of it!
Classic blue and white was popular.
the background print on this quilt is very pretty.
Love these friendship blocks, and can you see the red and green star in the middle?

Another classic. Red and white crib quilt.

Which quilt is your favourite and why???

l have loads more photos!
Photos from my favourite houses l visited!
Photos from several favourite booths l enjoyed.
Photos of old and new friends.
Photos of quilts taken at Brouage!
Photos from a photo shoot!
Photos of castles!
Photos of food!
Photos of animals!
Photos of doors!
Photos of windows!
Photos from markets!
Photos of cheese!! Oh, the cheese!!
Photos from museums!
Photos of fields and vista's!
And more photos of Quilts!
With around 2,500 photo's, its probably a good bet
l took a photo of everything!!! LOL
Hmm! That should keep my busy and out of trouble for a while!!
Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh MY!! Where have l been? No, it was not to see the Queen!

Can you believe its almost 5 weeks since l last posted??
Where have l been you ask??
l left you hanging in Nantes at the front of the exhibition
 and seemed to disappear into the French countryside!
Well, that's exactly what l did!
Being on holiday with one's DH is very different to being on holiday with quilty friends.
So l made a conscientious decision to just enjoy our time there together
and blog about the trip when we got home.
And l have seen that plenty of blogs have posted many photos
of Pour L''Amour Du Fil, and do you really need more???
Add to that, my computer is currently on a go slow and
making life more difficult than needed,  hopefully that will be fixed tonight.
So l will post a few photos here and await your decision! More photos or move on!!
Of course, walking into a room filled to the brim with Dear Jane quilts was amazing!!
Quiltmania did an amazing job pulling all these quilts together from around the world.
There were quilts of all different colours of the rainbow.
Of course, don't forget to click on them to see closer...
Reds, browns,

Some larger than others,

And then there was the smallest one there.
Here is my hand for a size comparison.
l think the blocks look like they were 2" finished.
Just amazing!!

l decided rather than trying to photograph each and every quilt,
l would just concentrate on taking some close ups of one quilt.
This one below was my favourite.


Simply stunning!!
l am happy to continue sharing photos from
Pour L''Amour Du Fil and several other quilty experiences if you are interested,  
over the next few posts, and of course, don't forget the thousand
or so photos l took while touring around France!!!
hands up....
Thanks for visiting!