Friday, May 31, 2013

Antique quilts seen at Pour L'Amour Du Fil.

While there were  more antique quilts to be seen in the other antique quilt booth,
 for some reason  l forgot to take any photo's there.
So the only photos l have to show you are from Mary Koval's booth.
Mary is a dear friend of mine, so l spent a lot of time there chatting 
and generally getting in the way!
 After all, who wouldn't want to hang around these beautiful quilts!!!
Mary's booth become our regular meeting place.
This one was my favourite, and we took every opportunity
we could to have our photo taken in front of it!
Classic blue and white was popular.
the background print on this quilt is very pretty.
Love these friendship blocks, and can you see the red and green star in the middle?

Another classic. Red and white crib quilt.

Which quilt is your favourite and why???

l have loads more photos!
Photos from my favourite houses l visited!
Photos from several favourite booths l enjoyed.
Photos of old and new friends.
Photos of quilts taken at Brouage!
Photos from a photo shoot!
Photos of castles!
Photos of food!
Photos of animals!
Photos of doors!
Photos of windows!
Photos from markets!
Photos of cheese!! Oh, the cheese!!
Photos from museums!
Photos of fields and vista's!
And more photos of Quilts!
With around 2,500 photo's, its probably a good bet
l took a photo of everything!!! LOL
Hmm! That should keep my busy and out of trouble for a while!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. My favorite is the blue and white. Do you remember the blue/white and red one I bought at jane's booth, it's on my bed now. I love to use antique quilts. Please MORE photos!!!!!!!

  2. You go ahead girl!
    Impossible to tell which quilt is my favourite.
    I know what you mean about the cheese. About every 2 months I cross the border to France to buy real french cheese. So much better then the french cheese they sell in Belgium.

  3. Such gorgeous quilts - love them all

  4. Thanks for sharing the wonderful eye candy!!!

  5. Wow! Have I missed a lot of your wonderful posts lately! I've been busy prepping things for market, a weekend with The Crow Girls in Omaha, finishing up a project for A magazine and now prepping for a sale coming soon! I have missed keeping up with blogs. What lovely pics you have shown and what fun adventures you've had! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. All the quilts are just stunning. I think the blue and white and red and white quilts are my favourites. I always seem attracted to two tone quilts but have never made one.....might have to put one on my to do list ....

  7. Great quilts! I especially like the green friendship block quilt. It's simple and purely traditional.

  8. I love blue and white quilts--so timeless and classic!

  9. Wonderful vintage eye candy! I love blue/white quilts, too. They seem to take a back seat to red/white, but I am partial to them!

  10. I love antique quilts - thanks for posting the photos. I hope we get to see photos of some of the other things, too, especially other booths and houses.

  11. Your favorite is my favorite too :0) What a burst of beautiful color! I love how the applique is crowded into the open spaces and I love the applique itself too. I have to ask - how much did she want for that one?? I enjoyed all of the others too - I never get tired of looking at pictures of antique quilts.

  12. Oh, I am so glad you asked. :) Because I was picking my favorites while looking through your pictures. I am going to cheat and pick two faves. At first I was picking the indigo and white you can see in the first photo. It's the oak leaf and reel one with the funky tree border. I so want to make one like that. Then I saw the friendship block quilt with the green sashing (drool) and the red and green star center. I love that style and you know I've been coveting a quilt with green sashing. I do have a top with tiny 9-patches and a rather weird center motif. But no green in it. :( Anyway, thanks much for the inspiring pictures!

  13. Love them all but that multi colored lone star with appliqué is a stunner! Thanks for taking the time to share these with us. I love seeing antique quilts!

  14. Happy to skip the cheese photos (you must be a fan of Wallace and Grommit? :) but otherwise looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures! Glad you had such a great trip.


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