Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quilts and more quilts!!

l picked up 2 quilts from my machine quilter last week. They have been lying on the floor in my lounge so l can enjoy the wonderful quilting that Karen has done. These are the 2nd and 3rd quilts that Karen has quilted for me. You can see more images over on Karen's blog. Her photo's do the quilt's more justice than mine. l am so pleased to have found her. l saw and admired her quilt at a quilt show that won a ribbon  several years ago, and then stumbled on her blog a few months ago, and recognised the quilt. And the rest is history. Now l need to get the binding on them.

This first one is a snail trail, and l used mostly repro fabrics. l made the centre of this  quilt after taking a class with a favorite teacher of mine many years ago, and it languished in the To Be Finished pile for several years. l finally found a fabric for the outer border that l liked and am so glad it's DONE.

And yes, l know there are a few blocks turned the wrong way!! l just can't help myself!! That's my excuse, and l'm sticking to it! Look at the stunning quilting that Karen has done.

This is a particularly special quilt. It's a wedding signature quilt l made for my Nephew and his new wife. l drew some squares on fabric that l took to the wedding and handed them around to all the guests on the wedding day, and then collected at the end of the day.  l then used those signature squares to make this memory quilt.

Here you can see some of the well wishes.  This couple are now expecting their
 first child, so it  looks like a cot quilt is on the agenda.

Again Karen has done an amazing job.

Remember those charm squares that came in the mail with the pincushion? Well, they became this mini quilt over the weekend. Its so cute. And perfect for autumn decorating, though we are in spring here.

l taught a class last year on half square triangles and the patterns you can make with
 them. So, of course l needed some samples to show. These were just tops, and then l decided on the weekend to get them finished. A great little collection to spread around the house.

Some l used the same shirting through out.
And some l mixed it up.
This one is my favorite.
And of course, barn raising is an all time fav setting of mine.
After l sewed the bindings on, they went in the wash and then the dryer,
 to give them that lovely vintage look.

l have a long term project coming up in the near future, so l am trying to clear the
 decks of a few WIP's. l would call the weekend a success.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

On This Day!!

On this day exactly 12 months ago, Bev, Sandra and l set out on what we called Our Big American Adventure. We boarded a plane to Los Angeles and then on to New York. We spent a wonderful 17 days driving up and down  the east coast, visiting many museums, quilt shops and anything quilt related that we could find. Then we flew to Houston!!! Home of the Houston Quilt Festival. And boy did we have fun. We had been planning the trip for almost 3 years, and it lived up to all our expectations.

On this day  12 months ago, my DH went to the AFL Grand Final, to watch his team play. While he came home disappointed, none the less, he followed on over to the states, where l caught up with him after Houston.

Today, 12 months on from that disappointment, he is back again at the MCG, to see if his team can this year win the grand final. Its 44 years since they have won, so who knows! Go The Saints!!

Today, 12 months on, l am not on a plane for another Big American Adventure.
But in 5 weeks l will be!!! For Our Big Texas Adventure.

 During a phone conversation with Di Ford recently, she mentioned that she and her partner were returning to Houston for a short visit. God and the heavens aligned, and within 2 days DH and l had our flights and accommodation booked.  We're going too!!!! And that's what's caused my sleepless nights. Never in my dreams did l imagine that l would revisit Houston so soon!!!! And my mind has been spinning with memories of what we saw and experienced last year. Quilters Heaven!!! I've been making a list and checking it twice. There is a  project that l need to buy for, but that's a story for another day.

We will have 6 days in and around Dallas/Fort Worth, ( any suggestions?) and then drive on down to Houston.
Then from the 4th till the 7th November, l will be cruising the isles of the festival. l plan  to meet up with some friends l met last year, shop at shops l shopped at last year,and see wonderful quilts and displays. l can't wait to cruise the isles with Di.   Will you be there?

 Thanks for visiting, and maybe we'll be seeing ya!!!And get to say G'day !!


Over the next few weeks, l am going to revisit those memories of last year. Want to come along??

Update.  IT'S A DRAW!! they will have a Grand Final Replay next saturday.
There has only been 2 drawn grand finals in the history of the game. Interestingly the last one was in 1977, and Collingwood also played in that game. They lost that replay grand final by 27points. Lets hope History can repeat its self. GO SAINTS!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Parcel in the mail.

l received this lovely parcel of goodies in the mail yesterday. l belong to Jo Morton's online sewing group, and we  have been having a pincushion exchange. You will have seen here,
 my parcel ready to post. The pincushion is so cute, and the wool wallet will be very handy. Those fabrics are Jo Morton spice chest, but not sure what range the shirtings are from. 

Here is a close up of them. If anyone knows? l think l need some of them in my stash!!

l was able to finish trimming up the hour glass blocks on the weekend, and put 2 Ohio blocks together.
Only 78 to go!!

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P.S. l am still not able to resolve the issue of comments coming to my email inbox. So while l love hearing from you, and please do continue as l come read them on the blog,  l must again apologise for not being able to reply. l will continue to preserver.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Excited!!!

I'm excited, so VERY excited l have had trouble sleeping!! But there is someone else l have to share my news with before l can tell you!! Don't worry, it won't be too long!!
( any guess's? )

While doing the tidy up and purging in my sewing room, l found a basket of these half square triangles all sewn, and sitting forlorn. l can't remember any more what they were for or why they were sewn.

So today was stashbuster sewing day and they came along for the ride, and l turned them into this basket full of little hour glass blocks. See in the bottom of the basket, l even had 2 different sizes of squares cut out. No idea why.

In this book is the NEW inspiration for these blocks. So as we are a footy following family, and my DH will be glued to the telly tonight and at the game for his team tomorrow night, l hope to get back in my sewing room and turn these baby's into something beautiful. Stay tuned!!
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Quilted Crow

l was able to revisit the Quilted Crow in their new location this weekend. And what a delight it was. They have a new sign out front, just so you know!! But both Dierdre and Leonie were away on holidays, so no visiting with them. Boo Hoo!! Their infectious natures make visiting this quilt shop so much fun.
Dierdre's daughter was looking after the shop, so l wandered around and snapped some photos to share.
They have loads of samples to tempt you. This quilt in front is from the Summer
Gatherings book by Lisa Bonegan and Carole Charles. in fact, there was lots of samples made from this book around the shop.

This log cabin quilt looked right at home on the antique bed.

The main body of the church. Class rooms are behind me.

Standing at the front door, this is the view when you first enter the shop.
Some delightful hexagon quilts.

Lots and lots of wool samples, kits and wool for sale.

They run a mini quilt club called Laura's Legacy. Here they are on display.

Dierdre brought this radio flyer wagon home on her last visit to the states.

This quilt is called the Hopkins Quilt, and its one of their patterns.

These were my purchases. Sorry the photo is sideways. After seeing so many samples from this book in the shop, it had to come home with me. Lots of yummy stuff inside. Beware!!!
And these pincushion patterns are designed by the girls.  Called Weekenders, they are designed to be made in a weekend. l particularly love the pineapple.

In fact, l'm off to find some wool to make a start on this one, even though it's not the weekend.
Thanks for visiting with me at the Quilted Crow.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pincushion Exchange.

l was able to spend a few lovely hours in my sewing room yesterday, and this is what l made. l am taking part in a pincushion swap on an online group l belong to.  The pattern for this cute Pincushion and organiser l found on Sew Mama Sew blog, and thought that it fitted the bill perfectly. l also saw a photo on Pleasentree's blog. l love the fabric's she used.

Its going in the mail today with these other goodies, and hopefully my secret sister will have it by next week sometime. Its flying all the way to the centre of  America.

l had a lot of fun sewing up this set, and decided to make this coffee mat to include in the gifts.
In past years l have made sets as xmas gifts. They are quick and easy, and can be machine quilted with out trouble. l use Jo Mortons method of a single binding, which works well on these small mats. Its finished size is 5 1/2"

On a more serious note, l am having trouble with comments coming into my email box. Of the 14 comments from the last post, only 7 made it into my inbox. This is very frustrating, as l  want to be able to reply to your comments. l can find them by looking on the blog,but don't know how to reply to them from there. So if you have been kind enough to leave a comment and l haven't replied, its not because l don't want to. l enjoy reading all you comments, and thank you for them. So to  Millie, Elyte, Julie, Cheryl, Lori, Christine, and Sharon, thank you, l do appreciate you take the time to comment.

Has anyone had this problem before and know how to fix it? l have been back into my settings, added my email address again and saved the setting, but it still doesn't seem to be working. Thanks.

Hope you find some time to sew this weekend, thanks for visiting,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last of the show and tell.

This nine patch and snowball quilt was made by Sandra. Its a gift for a friend. l just love 2 color quilts. This is a really simple quilt to put together.

Chris was working on this fun pirate quilt over the weekend. Its just waiting for a
blue inner border to be finished.

Jill brought along this quilt she had finished for show and tell.
l think its a Renee Plains pattern.

Anne was working on this quilt last time we sewed together, so she brought
it along for show and tell, so we could see it finished.

Another of Anne's finishes. A split nine patch.

Here is Anne working on  holding her mouth  just SO while trying not to swallow that pin!!!

These are my pinwheels up on the design wall. l will be using that red to sash them.

  l am taking a vote. Straight set, or on point???  What's your thoughts?

It may seem we get a lot of sewing done, and while we do, because some of us only see each other 3 times a year, we bring along show and tell that we have completed in the months leading up to our  current retreats. But those machine hum during the weekend, and we have set up a second ironing centre, so no one has to wait for the iron.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed the show and tell. l am heading to Tassie this weekend with DH for a few days R&R. We will be visiting the NEW Quilted Crow shop, so hopefully some pics to share.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A little Show and tell

Here is Chris, with a round robin she is working on.

Anne with a quilt she is making as a gift.

We had a swap last year of these Philadelphia pavement blocks, and this is the Quilt Anne made using them.

Here is Debbie, hard at work on her machine. Look at that concentration!!!

Here is Anne taking a photo of me taking a photo of her!!!

Jill hard at work on a scarf ,a birthday gift for a girlfriend.

Chris and Sandra, taking a drink break!!!

Anne's been a busy girl. This quilt is all aboriginal fabrics she has collected,
 mostly from her trips to Darwin.

Here is Debbie, admiring her weekends handy work. She collected shirts at the
op shop and has cut them up to make these blocks.

Chris bought this kit for a sewing holdall, and made good progress over the weekend.

This little block was made by Sandra.She is making a quilt called Loddes Mill, and wanted to experiment with down sizing the block. Its pretty cute don't you think. You can see it in the photo  with Debbie to get an idea of the scale. Its sitting above my pinwheels, which finish at 6 ".

This is Sandra's quilt she made using the Philadelphia pavement blocks from the swap.

Well, there is still more to come, and as they take ages to down load,  l will be back in a few days with more. Till then, hope you find some time to sew, and thanks for visiting.