Monday, May 26, 2014

Time for a change!

Winter starts in less than a week, so its time to change out my
antique quilt for a new one that reflects the coming season.
l chose this one as firstly l love the brown fabrics,
 and  secondly in winter there is not much colour in the garden,
 so these pops of orange are wonderfully warming.

There is  even a touch of purple.

And these orange fabrics are yum.


 In the sewing room l have been playing with blacks and cheddar.
A nice big pile of bow tie blocks.
Now to decide. Do l set them on point?
Or straight? 

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


A very dear friend gifted me with a bag full of  delightful red fabrics.
It didn't take me long to iron them, cut them and turn them
 into more hexi's to add to my ever growing pile.
 As l stitch l add more memories to this quilt
This is a common view as l look down at my lap.

And hopefully this is a not so common view! An oooppps!  moment!
Thankfully it didn't take me long to put right.

l love watching this pile grow.

As l fill the tin, l anticipate more flowers on the pile.

Here is my collection to date.
32 finished, and 13 centres.

Not sure exactly how many  ( 160?? ) l need to make total,
 so l will just continue while the hex is in place!

We had A Piece of Cloth come visit us at the barn recently with her trunk show.
In fact l recommend a visit to read her latest blog post
 about "Definitions" of a Modern Quilter. Very interesting reading.

There were many happy quilters who went
 home with treasures tucked under their arms.

Here is a small sampling of mine.
l will show you a better photo of them in a future post,
as well as some other goodies that called my name!

It seems the seasons are a little confused by our  recent weather.
Here is a jug full of white Lilac flowers. Nothing unusual if we were in spring,
but we are 12 days out from the start of winter!! huh??
l will enjoy them now, and cross my fingers we get our usual spring show as well!

And for those who inquired about my daughters puppy,
 here is a recent photo of  Duffy, who has made a
 remarkable full recovery from her car accident.
Not only 1 quilt to play in, but 2!!
Such a sweet dog!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

l've been Hexed!!

l started making these hexagon's about 2 weeks ago.
But lets back up a bit. l saw an antique hexagon quilt in October last year.
 It was pretty stunning!!
Some of us decided to reproduce it.
But l guess l have to back up even more.
My good friend Kathie, who many of you know from
Inspired By Antique Quilts blog, gifted me a box full of red fabrics.
 Lots of older reproduction re fabrics!! l feel in love when
 l opened that box of fabrics, and just knew 
that l needed to use them in a very special quilt.
So that takes us back to the antique quilt.
 as soon as l saw THAT quilt. l knew what fabrics l had to use!
Those very special fabrics from Kathie.
And while l make this quilt, l will stitch memories of our friendship,
 and the friendships of  all my quilty girlfriends into it!
There was yardage of several of the fabrics,
so l shared them with the other girls who saw the antique quilt with me,
 and we all embarked on the journey to make the quilt.
Only l put the fabrics aside, and was distracted by other stuff!
 Quilty stuff!
Then about 3 weeks ago, we had a sewing retreat at Sorrento.
 l knew that it was a good time to start the hexi journey of this quilt.
 One of the other ladies on the retreat is also making the quilt.
 We could encourage each other.
Only l was distracted by a request from some dear friends to help make a quilt.
So the fabrics were put aside again.
Finally over Easter break, those fabrics just couldn't wait any longer.
So on a cool Good Friday afternoon, while the family
 had gone to watch a local footy game, l began.
Slowly and steadily, l covered the hexi's and made my first flower.
It was instant love!!!

l became busy cutting,
and prepping.
Then another dear friend gave me this birdy tray,
which is perfect for holding my work in progress.

And as the lines of covered hexi's grew, l made more flowers.


l had to take  my MIL to a hospital clinic appointment,
 so l prepared a  tin to take with me, as
there is always plenty of waiting time.

Who  knew that you could stitch this many flower centres while waiting??
l do now!!
 These hexi's below were covered while driving around on several outings
 on Sunday with DH doing the driving. Bonus stitching time!
And this is my progress as of last night.
9 full flowers and 13 centres, just waiting!


This morning l prepped a whole lot more fabrics.
Another gift from a friend.
So many memories will be stitched into this quilt.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Piece Of Cloth Trunk show at the Barn

 that wonderful shop in Geelong
that has amazing vintage fabrics is coming to the Barn!!
And we couldn't be more excited!!
Here are the details below.
Here is just a little from their website.

A Piece of Cloth is a textile design and vintage and antique textiles sourcing business. Established in 2009, A Piece of Cloth travels the world to find interesting and unique textiles. Antique and vintage patchwork quilts, fabrics, tops and other unique textile items. We make these available for sale at events, online or from our studio.

Each one of the textiles we stock is hand selected on our international buying trips based on the uniqueness and strength of the print. We specialise in pre 1960s cottons as well as silks, rayons, linens, wools and acetates. We do not stock polyester, nylon or acrylic fabrics and avoid blends. We believe in quality not quantity, and as such, many of our textiles are in very limited supply.

We have an extensive selection of vintage and antique patchwork quilt tops, feed sacks, blocks, patchwork quilts, cutters and fabrics to suit the needs of quilters interested in vintage patchwork and quilting, restoration or just owning a piece of the past.

These are just a few of the many fabrics
that will be for sale across the 2 days.
There is going to be fabric flying all over the  barn, l can just see it!!
( Photos from A Piece Of Cloth website)
And just a few close ups to tempt you even more!
 l already have my eye on a few pieces!

Just recently l purchased these charm square packs from A Piece Of Cloth,
and inspired by an antique quilt l had seen, soon was busy cutting,
and turned them into this cute tumbler top!
Which l will have in the barn for you to see.

And not only will A Piece Of Cloth be there selling her wonderful fabrics and goodies,
l will have some antique quilts

Antique tops,

 and baskets of blocks,

 different sizes, shapes and designs and price,

 sourced from Mary Koval for sale!!!

 So you can see why we are excited!!
We will have light refreshments available, and would appreciate
 RSVP if you know you are coming for catering purposes.
Oh, and the most important thing!!!!
 If you think you might be interested in any of the quilts,
 tops or blocks from Mary Koval, it's strictly
  CASH ONLY sales!!!
Hope to see you all there.
Thanks for visiting.