Monday, May 26, 2014

Time for a change!

Winter starts in less than a week, so its time to change out my
antique quilt for a new one that reflects the coming season.
l chose this one as firstly l love the brown fabrics,
 and  secondly in winter there is not much colour in the garden,
 so these pops of orange are wonderfully warming.

There is  even a touch of purple.

And these orange fabrics are yum.


 In the sewing room l have been playing with blacks and cheddar.
A nice big pile of bow tie blocks.
Now to decide. Do l set them on point?
Or straight? 

Thanks for visiting.


  1. It's hard to believe winter is nearly here. Your brown quilt looks so warm and cosy! I love the pops of orange. I looked at your bow tie blocks but I really can't decide which I like better out of the 2 settings. I'll be interested to see which way you go.

  2. Oh..... how I love your brown quilt and not only for winter.
    Here we are waiting for the summer to come.:-))

  3. your star quilt is a beauty in browns!

  4. I prefer it straight, so the orange shape looks on point.

  5. I love your brown quilt, he gives me much inspiration. i live in the netherlands and here is summer starting. i like your blog and read every blog. It is fantastic to read your stories and see so many beautiful quilts at the other side of the world. greetings wilma nooij

  6. Winter? What Winter? It's going to be 20 degrees - again - today! You're quilt looks lovely hanging. I think your blocks should go on point......

  7. What a fabulous star quilt & I live your black and cheddar.

  8. It was lovely to meet you this morning Linda :) I love a good hanging quilt!

  9. Love the colors of your bow tie blocks!! The antique quilt is amazing!


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