Thursday, July 29, 2010

More quilts from the Fair!!!

This quilt is called Repro meets Retro, made and designed by Kaye Hoffman. It won a blue ribbon in the Traditional 2 person, both professional category. This is one of my favourites

This quilt is called Insanity On The Goldfields, made by Rhonda Coates. Its a reproduction of the C1860 Salinda Rupp quilt. Pattern by Liz Lois.It was in the Traditional Professional category.

This quilt is called Aunt Millies Garden, made by the Riviera Quilters Inc, and won the blue ribbon in the Open- Group Quilt category. Its a pattern by Piece of Cake Designs.

This is Civil War Bride Quilt made by Ronnie Heagney and was in the mainly Applique Amateur category. The pattern is designed by Corliss Searcey from Threadbear, based on an antique quilt.

This quilt is called Miss Ollies Folly, made and designed by Susie Hipke, it was in the Traditional 2 person Amateur and Professional category. The centre block is a Kim Diehls design, from her Simple Traditions book.

This quilt is called The Perfect Star, made by Maria Campbell, with inspiration from Chris Serong, it was in the Traditional 2 person Amateur and Professional category.

This quilt is called Etales Sur Paris, made and designed by Debbie Edmonds, it won a blue ribbon in the Tradition 2 person, amateur and Professional category.

That's all for today, l have one more set of quilts from the show, and l will be back in the next few days to share them. l hope you are enjoying the photos.

Tell me which one has been your favourite so far and why!! Its always interesting to hear what appeals to others.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

All the Fun at The Fair!!

Friday saw 3 of us in the car heading into the city. Our destination- Jeff's Shed. Otherwise known as Melbourne Exhibition Centre, which was holding the craft and quilt fair.

We visited with our favourite quilt shops, met with some fellow bloggers, did some shopping and saw lots of wonderful quilts. Permission was asked to take photos of the quilts, and we were delighted to be told as long as we gave credit to the maker, we were allowed to display them online. So over the next week, l will be putting up photos of the quilts l took.

So here are just a few today to whet you appetite, these are especially for Virginia Enright, who is living in England at the moment and not able to be present.

This was one of my my favorite's on the day. Called Our Secret Garden, made by Alison Mitchel, in the Mainly Applique category. "Steve's Garden" Pattern is by Susan Smith from Patchwork on Stoneleigh.

This was a fun quilt to look at. Called Jugs'n'Dishes, made by Shelley Kelly. She was inspired by the fabric range called Patchwork Heritage, and milk jugs and broken dishes came to mind.

This one is called Joseph's Coat with Buttons, made by Chris Serong, and it won a red ribbon in the Traditional 2 Person Both Professional category. This is Chris's own design.

This one is called Lawrence Joy, its made by Noelene McGuren, and it won a red ribbon in the Mainly Applique Amateur category. Noelene saw this quilt in a museum in Lawrence USA, made by Rose Ketsinger 1886, and drew up the pattern with the help of her daughter.

This is called Flowers From The Garden, made by Dianne Rickford, and it won a pink ribbon in the Mainly Applique Two Person category. The pattern is from a book Quilting In The Garden by Blackbird Designs.

We met with Elyte from Tea, Fabric and Other things, me in the middle, and Sue-Anne from Buddy and Me.

Here is Jan, who works at Patchwork on Stoneleigh, Marg Low, from Marg Low Designs, and Bev, quilt maker extraordinaire!!!

l was also fortunate enough to meet Michelle and Helen, friends of Jan, who made the big trip down.

Here's Di and Corliss at Threadbear, always a stunning display. And the quilts are great too!!!!!
Karen at Sommerset is always good for a laugh and a photo. Their quilts and patterns are pretty special.

Patchwork of Essendon allowed us to take a picture of their shop, thank you.
A view of the city skyline. Can you see the chopper just about to land?

Here is a view of Southbank late in the day, looking back at the exhibition centre, as we headed off to find our restaurant for dinner.

That's all for today, l will be back with more soon, thanks for visiting,


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair

l am heading in to the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair early in the morning with a few friends. Hoping to meet a few fellow bloggers, see some wonderful quilts on display, take some photos and maybe tempted by all the fabrics and new patterns the shops with have for sale.

In the mean time l will leave you with these inspiring photos l took last year at Houston of a few antique quilts for sale.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Some of you may know that l hold a quilt show in my barn each year, raising funds for breast cancer. This year we are doing it again, and as l say every year, this year is going to be our BEST EVER yet!!!!
Again, the show would not happen without my trusty band of helpers who will do most anything, including designing the flyers, hanging the quilts, making scones, sandwiches, cakes, numerous cups of tea, washing dishes, cleaning, selling raffle tickets, and chatting with the crowds, just to mention a few.

Of course some of you know or have heard of Di Ford. She used to own a very successful quilt shop in Maling Road Canterbury. Her patterns were to die for and many are again being reprinted and sold around the world. l was fortunate enough to take a class there once, in the early stages of my quilting life. Many times l wish she was still open,so l could again enjoy the wonderful fabrics she carried and the delight in entering her shop.

Last year at the end of our Quilts in the Barn exhibition, l asked Corliss, ( Threadbear Quilt shop) who had been our shop trader that year, who she recommended for next years exhibitor. She suggested that Di Ford and her sewing group might be interested. l then very cheekily asked, would she mind asking Di, as she knew her so well. No problem she said, Di is due here soon to drop off some patterns.
When Di arrived, l kind of skulked in a corner while Corliss and she chatted for a few minutes. Then Corliss called me over and said Di and her sewing group, The Secret Sewing Sisterhood, would be more than happy to be our exhibitors this year. l have to admit, Di and l hugged and squealed for a few minutes to the amazement of several remaining visitors. l honestly don't know who was more excited. See post here!!

Di then contacted me some time early this year to offer a quilt their group had been working on, as this years raffle quilt. Of Course, l immediately said YES!!!! Just last week Di brought me the finished quilt, made even more stunning by the magic worked by Helen Hayes and her long arm quilting machine. Raffle tickets have now been printed ready to be distributed around our local quilt shops, and finally Quilts In The Barn 2010 Raffle Quilt can make its appearance.

Needless to say, like everything this group have made, IT'S STUNNING.
They have their own blog, where they have been posting progress on quilts they are trying to finish in time for the exhibition.

The inspiration for this quilt has come for the quilt in the book, Quilts Of The Oregon Trail. Page 75 The Peony Quilt.
Flyers for the exhibition and raffle tickets will be appearing in all good quilt shops in Melbourne in the coming weeks. Also look out for an article about Di and The Secret Sewing Sisterhood in Australian Country Crafts some time in the next few months. It may also be in Australian Patchwork and Quilting. Will have to wait and see!!!

Thanks for visiting, and l sure hope to see you at this years exhibition, which will be held on the 15th, 16th and 17th October.

Friday, July 16, 2010

What's a church got to do with Quilting?

During our stay in Tassie, we were fortunate enough to make a visit with Leonie to the future new home of The Quilted Crow. Leonie and Diedre have secured the lease on this beautiful old church, built in 1865, and will be making the move in the next few weeks.

They plan to have a grand opening on the 7th August, so if you happen to be in the neighbourhood then or soon after, drop in, say hello from me and spend some time in the wonderful surroundings of their new shop. The stained glass windows are amazingly beautiful.
Can't you just imagine having a class in this space, how inspired you would be???
l am sure those church pews will look pretty good with bolts of fabric lined up on them.

This is the founding stone at the front of the church. Pretty old by Aussie standards.

Leonie and Deidre's decorating style is fantastic, and they will have this place looking pretty amazing. Looks like l will have to make a return visit to Tassie in the near future to visit the old church again. Oh, and of course Leonie and Diedre!!!!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tassie Getaway!!

When we first arrived in Hobart, we took a drive through Richmond to Oatlands for lunch and then on to Ross, where we pottered around town. Of course we had to stop and take a photo of the famous bridge in Richmond. Built in 1823, l believe its the oldest surviving convict built bridge in Australia.
Saturday saw us up bright and early for our short trip into Hobart for our workshop at the Quilted Crow.This cute sign welcomed us to the shop.
This was the project Leonie and Dierdre had prepared for us. We very enthusiastically attacked it with delight.

This is Jill's project at the end of the day.
Some shots of the shop.

Here is Dierdre behind the shop counter were she spent most of the day, it was so busy!!!

Leonie serving up a sumptuous feast for lunch. Salad with vegetable lasagna. It was GOOD!!!! Followed by a wonderful Flourless Orange Cake.

Here we are at the Quilted Crow for our workshop on the friday.

Saturday morning we visited the Salamanca Market, a famous market in Hobart. We saw wonderful fresh fruit and veg, bought some to make our evenings dinner.

Loads of tourists and locals mingled. Only a few jars of chutney and some wonderful cheese came home to Melbourne in my bags. And 2 lovely brooch's made with antique Obi Silk.

Saturday afternoon, instead of visiting the Hobart Quilt show, some of us decided to take a country drive to New Norfolk. Here is Anne at the river doing her duck Pied Piper demonstration.

Saturday evening the Quilted Crows came for dinner and Leonie brought some show and tell.

This is an antique quilt Leonie bought at Houston last year.
Our Island getaway cottage.
Here we all are on the steps of our Island getaway, the morning of the day we flew home.
Sunday, we took a drive down to Cygnet, and had a wonderful lunch and visit at
The Red Velvet Lounge Cafe. This house was next door, and l fell in love with the fretwork.

This is the view we enjoyed on our trip back to Hobart and the airport for the trip home.

l hope to get some more photos from our designated tour photographer, but they will have to wait till another time.Hope you enjoyed tagging along on our little Tassie trip. Thanks for visiting.