Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts #2

Here is another photo l took at the exhibit.
There is also this link you might like to check out. 
There are some photos of the installation, 
and a lovely story to read.

Then there is this link to a short  video which features commentary from the installer and the curator of the exhibit.

If you have a link to photo you would like to share, that l can put here, please let me know.
Off today for my 5th and final visit to the exhibit!!
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts

Simply inspiring!!!

Here is a link to Martha Stewarts blog, where you can see 37 photos of the quilts.
And l also have heard there is a free app from itunes on the Red And White Exhibit.
We are heading back today for our 4th visit!!
Each time we go, we see new quilts we have not seen before.
It is truly inspiring to stand among these quilts!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


More to come soon!!
Edit!!  Here is a link to Martha's blog, where you can see 37 stunning photos
of the quilt exhibit. l know it's cheating, but l would rather be spending
my limited time here enjoying this beautiful city.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Somewhere in Pennsylvania!!

Its been a busy 3 days since l landed at JFK on Friday evening, and met with Randi from Norway, my travel partner for this trip. Our first visit on Saturday was at the AQS Quilt show in Lancaster, followed by a visit to the Lancaster  Quilt and Textile Museum, where we saw a small collection of Amish Quilts.

Here is Randi putting a few stitches in a quilt that will be hung at the museum.

After filling the day in Lancaster, we headed on to our B&B for the night, in nearby Mount Joy. This is Cameron Estate Inn, and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner in their restaurant before retiring for the night.

The next morning saw us up bright and early for our drive to Bedford.
Here we visited the National Museum of The American Coverlet, which is housed in an old school building.

 We were taken on a wonderfully informative tour by Lazlo, who told us everything we needed to know and more about the history of Coverlets in Lancaster and Pennsylvania. Do visit if you are in the area, and tell him the ladies from Australia and Norway sent you.

We even found a red and white coverlet.

Our next visit for the day was the blue building above,
which houses the quilt shop, owned and run by Mary Koval
We enjoyed a wonderful visit with her and Theresa at the shop.
( Oh look! A red and White Quilt!! )

Here are a few shots inside. Warm and cosy, and full of Mary's fabric lines.

 That evening, Mary shared with us many of her stunning quilts from her private collection.

 This morning, we took a drive around the surrounding area, and found a covered bridge,


and a beautiful old Quaker church and graveyard.

 Then this afternoon we drove back to Lancaster, and headed 
out to have dinner with an Amish family.
As the sun started setting  over the house,

we wandered around the farm, and took in the beautiful old barn,

with the buggy stored inside.

these curious  calves wanted to know what WE were looking at!!!

And as the sun finally sunk, we went inside and
shared a  wonderful home cooked meal,
with Rebecca, Jacob, and their 11 month old son, Daniel. 

Tomorrow we head to the shops in and around the Amish district, looking for those red fabrics, before we head off to Doylestown, for our next exciting adventure. A meeting with Kathie from Inspired By Antique Quilts, and a great antique quilt historian. We are so excited, we can hardly wait!!!!

Thanks for visiting, and joining us on our tour. l hope you enjoyed it as much as we have.

Linda and Randi.
Somewhere in Pennsylvania!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Here is another red and white quilt from my collection. Bears paw has been a favorite block of mine for a LONG time. And making a quilt with this block has been on my to do list just as long. But l have found that owning an antique quilt with this block has taken away that urgent need to make this quilt.

See that cupboard below? How can l leave it like that while l jet off around the world?

And with SO MUCH time on my hands this week, what else is a girl to do?
Get busy!!!  My sewing room had become an unpleasant place to be,
so l spent several hours, with my daughters help,  folding and sorting.
And l am too embarrassed to show you a photo of the floor and benches,
 but we did some work on them as well.
 There is still aways to go, but l feel so much better now.
And a bonus is, l am intimately reacquainted with all my fabric,
and can see the gaps that need filling.

Thanks for visiting.

Monday, March 14, 2011

An Antique Red and White Quilt from my collection.

Its been a blur of activity around here for the last week. So many last minute things to finalize and plan. We also had interstate visitors for the weekend, and we spent far too much time eating, and talking!!
Its now only 4 sleeps till l hop on the plane to take me on my next quilting adventure.
 l have some wonderfully yummy things planned.
l will be busy for the rest of the week,and don't know how much time l will get to blog while away, so will leave you with this red and white quilt in my collection. l love the quirkyness of this quilt. Did she get sick of making the blocks or was the quilt big enough at this size for the bed she needed it for? So many unanswered questions!! One can only imagine.

Thaks for visiting.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home from Retreat. Beware!! Red overload!!

We had such a wonderful weekend. And the photos will show what
 a productive group we were.First off, l needed to finish this top,
which had been languishing in the cupboard.
All it needed was the sawtooth border stitched around the edges.
 Its  off to the machine quilter later this week,  where she will work her magic.

Then l got busy cutting this pile of red and whites.

And stitching more of these blocks.

The red love was flowing around the table. 

Those machines were running HOT!!

Sandra was busy adding rows to her top.

We started playing with my blocks,

and found more than 1 way to set this top.

Everyone had an opinion,

and  a play!!

Of course, there were a few red rebels busy at their machines,
here's Margaret working on some blocks with fabric from an Old Aunts stash.

Chris was busy making 21st birthday quilts for her daughters girlfriend.

Anne was buried deep in concentration, trying to make row 3 work.
There was some colorful language coming from this part of the room!!

We even took some time to do a bit of food staging!!

Randi, ( my travel partner when l go to NYC next week) sent me a photo of a red and white quilt she just completed. Sandra was so inspired, she quickly cut some fabric and made a block.

We played some more with the sizing for our next swap.
Now l have to make 60 of these little beauties.

By the end of the weekend Jill had her beautiful toile red and white quilt together.

This one is Sandra's finished top. Like Jill, she just used 2 fabrics.

Margaret had a good pile of her blocks finished.

Anne finally managed to tame row 3 and had these to show for her weekends sewing.

Lizzie made a good dint in her  pile of fabrics,
and is well on her way to having this top completed.

And l had enough blocks made, that we started playing with border options.

A girlfriend called around for lunch on Sunday, and brought her current work in progress.
Of course, it had to be red and white!! Just love it.

The weekend came to a close far to soon, we packed up our fabrics and projects,
 cleaned the house and headed home.
 Happy, content, exhausted and most importantly INSPIRED!!

And if you still crave more red and white quilts, pop on over to see Taryn,
who is hosting an online Red and White Quilt Exhibit.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed being a fly on the wall at our retreat!!