Thursday, December 19, 2013

Its beginning to look like Christmas!

With less than a week till the BIG day,
 its beginning to look and feel like Christmas around here.
Shopping, gift making and preparations have kept me busy.
Here is a little glimpse of some of my decorating this year.
My kitchen table is very festive, and of course that's my tree in the background.
See the glass bowl with little presents?

l have been busy making selvage coffee mats,
and most have been gifted to my dear friends.
These below are mine, and you get to use them if you come for coffee!

Part of my Jim Shore Santa's.

These copper wire birds were too cute, and so 5 of them came home with me,
each representing a member of the family,
 and of course, they each have their own personality's!
Some home made Santa's from my friend Robyn.

Big Santa on the right and little mini pipe cleaner Santa in the middle
 joined my collection today.
Thanks Robyn ( a different one)

There's a few antique Christmas quilts around as well.
l love decorating with them at this time of the year.
l know l haven't kept up with the blog as often as l should,
 and so l appreciate that you still visit.
 l have a new Ipad that l can take pictures on,
and have downloaded the blogger app,
 so lam hoping that in the future l will be able to
 post easier when l am away from home.
For those who do instagram, you can also find me there,
( @quiltsinthebarn )
where l often post little snippets of daily life here at QITB.
And l have finally joined the facebook brigade!!
l am loving being able to stay in touch easier,
 especially with those overseas.
So, if l don't get back before Christmas,
 l wish you all a very merry and joyous Christmas day,
 and may the year be filled with much love,
 happiness and wonderful times creating lasting memories.
Thanks for visiting.