Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Treasures From The Barn!

It's a day for secrets to be shared! And it's a big one that l've been keeping!

Now that l have photographic evidence, its time to share!

This is what's been keeping me busy ( and away from the blog) for the past little while,

And l can't quite believe today has finally come! 

Massive thanks to Carol and Quiltmania for putting your trust in me

with this beautiful book full of  my antique quilts and pattens to make them! 

Now to be ever so patient till the copies land here

and l can hold one in my shaking hands! 

Dreams do come true! 

If you go to Quiltmania's website HERE 

you can have a preview of the books that are included in the book. 

Click on the front cover and ENJOY!!!

To say l'm a little excited is an understatement!

l hope you enjoy my book as much as l have enjoyed collecting these quilts,

 and now sharing them with you!

Looking forward to hearing everyones reviews, 

and seeing some wonderful reproductions of my quilts in the future!

Regular blogging will resume soon!!

Thanks for visiting!