Thursday, September 27, 2012

The last of my mini's are finished!!

The last stitch has been put in to my mini's,
and now its just 3 large quilts to go!!
l can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. And just in time too,
 as the first of our international visitors arrive on Monday,
 with a steady stream on interstate and international guests to arrive over the next week.
There are lots of other changes going on behind the scenes here at Quilts In The Barn.
Some very exciting changes!!
Our home office has moved down to the barn, and for the first time
 l will have a dedicated space to work on my pattern writing.
And that can only mean one thing. More patterns in the future!!
These little mini's below will be on the list of patterns to write.
So stay tuned over the coming months.

l did all the quilting on these mini quilts.
Simple and straight forward.


Which one is your favorite and why?
One last reminder. Quilts in the Barn 2012.
 One week to go!!
If you are an Aussie blog, please feel free to take the flyer and post it on your blog.
Can't wait for the fun to begin!!
Thanks for visiting.

Friday, September 21, 2012

More mini's finished and another pile!!

These 3 have been added to the finished pile.
Its fun discovering what can be made
using scraps and left over bits,


l have also been busy in the sewing room finishing up
the last of my small quilts. Today l managed to machine quilt
this pile below and put the bindings on. And my back knows it!!
So much for that massage yesterday!!
There are 2 small quilts playing truant,
 still waiting for their bindings. This lot  should keep me
 busy and out of trouble over the weekend.

And l know for sure 3 large quilts will be on my doorstep by mid week,
 all needing bindings. Nothing like a little pressure to get the job done.
 Oh, did l mention hanging sleeves and labels?
Sure everyones busy this weekend?? LOL
l would love to keep you company while we stitch!!!!
Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mini Quilts and Bindings.

Well, no holes in my fingers YET!!
Managed to get the bindings on these mini's over the weekend and yesterday.
All these mini's have been quilted by Katrina , at Katrina's Quilting.
Don't they look fab!!!

Have also made a start on the big ones.
The binding is done on this big one, but l have not taken a photo yet.
Karen, over at Quilts On Bastings, who  machine quilted this for me,
 does have photo's of the quilting if you want to pop over and have a look.
Once again, she has done a wonderful job.
3 mini's to go, and 2 large ones.
Well, till l pick up the next batch!!
Off to do some more stitching.
Thanks for visiting.

Friday, September 14, 2012

What are your plans for the weekend?

l would like to say lying about, not doing much of anything!!
Enjoying the sunshine, doing a bit of gardening, some cooking,  maybe a walk by the river.
 But, well, at this time of the year, that just won't wash.
Its getting super busy around here in preparation for Quilts In The Barn.
Only 3 weeks to go, and my list is getting longer by the day!!
See those piles of quilts below?
l collected them from my machine quilters yesterday.
And there are still 4 more large ones to be collected over the next week!
Today at sewing, l managed to machine stitch the bindings on to all the mini's,
and will be hand stitching them down this weekend.
The larger ones are still waiting their turn.
It will be a wrestle with the large ones, but at least that will be my
exercise for the weekend. No time for walks, gardening, or lying about in the sun!!

And no photos till they are finished!!
Such a tease l know!!
So, what are your plans for the weekend???
Anyone up for binding??? LOL
Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More decisions!!

Thanks everyone for your advice on my signature quilt.
 Its still on the floor, still brewing.

We have been toying with the idea of having pins made
for our Infinite Variety Exhibition, and now we
 need to make a decision before the end of the week.
Do we have just 100 pins  made in 1 design,
 or have 200 pins  made in 2 designs? ( 100 of each design)
If we knew in advance  there was enough interest, we would go with 200. ( or more)
If you know you are coming to QITB, and would be
interested in purchasing a pin,
( they will be selling at $5, with all profits going to Breast Cancer)
Please leave a comment below, to help us make our decision.
If we only have 100 made, we need to choose 1 design from
 the 4 l have chosen. If we have 200 made, l can choose 2 of the designs!!
On average, we have around 700 people visit across the weekend.
But are they all going to want to buy a pin?
That's where l need your help.
Would you buy a pin, and which design would you choose?
l know l would like to have them all made,
 cause l'm not good at making decisions sometimes!!!
Thanks for all input,
And thanks for visiting.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A winner and decisions!!

Many thanks to everyone who entered. Sure wish l had a book to give away
 to everyone, and spread the joy of sewing with Small Pieces to make Spectacular Quilts.
But there can only be one winner.
 And the winner is
Please email me with your postal address.
Now on to more interesting  life decisions!!
l have been collecting signature blocks for the last 2 years
 since visiting the Infinite Variety Exhibition in NYC in March 2011,
 and of course, they had to be red and white.
So now, the time has come to put them together in a top,
with spare blocks, so l can collect signatures at
our Red and White Exhibition this year.
But this is where l have hit a stumbling block.
Do l set them on point, even though the signatures are not.
 Or straight set with sashings?

 Straight set with counterpanes.
More on point, different fabric.

With sashings and cornerstones.

Another fabric.

And a slightly darker fabric.

And another.
See what l mean. Decisions, decisions!!
Who knows, l might even find another fabric in the
cupboard to pull out and play.
 But for now, l think l will just let them brew on the floor
 and see if they help me make a decision!!
l am leaning towards the on point, but this would make the quilt huge!!
As would any that require counterpanes. l mean like 88" huge.
Another option is to keep the ones collected at our exhibit and put them in a seperate quilt.
Decisions! Decisions!
l want to be able to snuggle under this quilt, and have the memories
 of all my friends who signed a block keep me warm.
Any suggestions or preferences??
Thanks for visiting.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Small pieces, Spectacular Quilts and a Giveaway.

 l had been a fan of Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms first book,
 ''Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts'', and was looking
 forward to buying my copy of their new book ''Small pieces, Spectacular quilts''.
l had the opportunity to attend Mary Elizabeth's schoolhouse at
Market in Kansas City, which left me in awe of their quilts, seeing
those small pieces up close. Then a chance meeting in an antique quilt booth led
 to a personal introduction, in which Mary Elizabeth admitted to
reading my blog!! An author reads my blog! l was humbled.
 So when Mary Elizabeth asked me to take part in this blog tour,
 l was honoured. Its not hard to talk about a book that you love.

Browsing the book, there are so many quilts l want to make.
 Knowing l had to make a decision, l finally settled on Fourplay.
Those little scraps fairly sparkle!!
 But l know l will be making others in the future.

l started by selecting a pile of fabrics that l love, ( as suggested in the book)

And cut according to the directions.
As is the case with all small piece quilts, time and patience are
definitely virtues needed. Normally one to bend the rules,
l chose to follow them, and allowed myself to just go with the flow.
( hmm! That sounds like a good name for a quilt! )
Each tiny piece of fabric is cut individually. No strip piecing here.
l sorted my colors for ease of pairing, and made a gazillion 4 patches.
( actually, only 64 needed to make 1 block, but it felt like a gazillion)

Then l allowed myself to sash a few, just to see how cute they were.

Finally, a lovely pile of blocks, and we are ready to get serious!

Time to play, move this one, move that one, till all is good.

Even choosing the sashing's was fun!!

Its a slow process, not to be hurried. Finally, the last seam.

Those of you who know me well, and have sewn with me,
know l like to press as l go along.
However, l had taken on the challenge of making this block,
and so l embraced the directions, which said,
 don't press until you've pieced the complete block.
And you know, it worked!!
Here it is before pressing,

Here it is after. l do love that look of a freshly pressed block.
Those little pieces are  1/2'' finished. The whole block measures 11 1/2''.

Then we sent it off to play.

There is something irresistibly charming about these blocks.
And l know l won't stop at 1.
After all, there is a pile of pieces already cut on my sewing table,
just begging to be played with.

Each time l look at my block, l see something different.
And l love every fabric in there.

And so now the real fun begins.
l have 1 copy of Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts to giveaway!!
Leave a comment on this post before Wednesday
 evening Australia time,
and l will choose 1 lucky winner Thursday morning.
There are still several more chances to win a book.
And all past blog tours are worth a read, with tips, tutorials, reviews
 and even a few other quilts from the book.
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Aug 13  Quiltsalott

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Sept 17 Quilting With The Past


Mary Elizabeth is also having a ten week long giveaway with 10 lucky winners,
 over on her blog.  You will find it here.
Thank you Mary Elizabeth for asking me to take part in this tour.
 Its been so much fun!!
And isn't that what quilting is all about!!
Hope you have enjoyed seeing my block in progress.
Thanks for visiting.
And Good Luck!!