Friday, July 27, 2012

Melbourne Quilt Show.

It seems the world has gone crazy with rules. Rules for this and rules for that.
So as much as l would like to post lots of photos from the
 Melbourne Quilt and Craft Show that l visited today,
RULES say l can only post the ones where
l have been given permission from the maker.

So attention to the rule makers.
Permission has been granted for all the following quilts!!

This first quilt, by Helen Hayes, is just beautiful.
Helen is a member of the Castlemaine Applique Group l belong to.

Helen's quilt won the prize for Best Creative Use Of Color. Yay!!

Margaret Mew is also a member of Castlemaine Applique Group.

Chris Serong is a member of the Castlemaine Applique Group.
Chris won a Highly Commended for this quilt.
 Can you see a pattern happening?

l love this house quilt!!

Alison is a member of the Castlemaine Applique group.
Alison's quilt won first in Miniature Quilts.

Margaret McDonald is a member of the Castlemaine Applique Group.

Wendy Blyth is a member of the Castlemaine Applique Group.
This stunner won runner up in the Traditional category.

l took this same class as Wendy.
(Mine is still in a box, waiting to be finished!!)

As you can see, our Castlemaine Applique Group has some
 wonderfully amazing and inspirational quilters,
which l guess is why l enjoy going to this group so much.

This beautiful green quilt  was until recently an antique quilt top.
Then Karen Terrens quilted it, and it became the prize winner it
 was always meant to be. You might recognise Karen's name.
She is the lady responsible for working her magic on
many of my quilts, especially my recent red and white ones.

So you can imagine my joy and delight, when looking at
 Karen's  quilt below, to discover that it had "WON" Best Of Show!!!
Congratulations Karen on a well deserved win.

Just look at all those ribbons!! Oh My!!
You can read Karen's story here!
And the sneak peak we had of her quilt back here!

l couldn't be more happier for her.
Except to say, She quilts my quilts!!!!

 l will be back with a collection of special quilts that were on exhibit.

Thanks for visiting.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Antique Pineapple Quilt.

Kathie, over at Inspired By Antique Quilts has been
sharing photos this week from an exhibit she visited 
at the Mercer Museum in  Doylestown,  Pennsylvania.
Oh, how l wish l could visit this exhibit.
Of course, the next best thing is seeing Kathie's photo's.

And it reminded me that l have not shared photos of
my antique Pineapple Quilt that l bought in Kansas City.

So sit back and enjoy a feast of color.
There are wools, silks, velvets and l am sure other fabrics that
 l have not discovered yet. Every time this quilt comes
 out to play, l see something new. Its exciting to open and look at.
Its lived a hard like. Its not in perfect condition,
but you can tell, its been loved, and its still being loved.
Don't forget to click on the picture to enlarge for a closer look.

l love the way the color placement changes the look of the block.

And if you count, many blocks are made of different amounts of blades.

 Love the soft pattern on this blue fabric.

Vibrant color combination.

And of course, patterned fabrics give a totally different look.

This is the fabric on the back. A cheater cloth.
 This quilt is dated around 1870's, so no wonder she's a little frayed around the edges!!

l hope you enjoyed seeing my pineapple quilt. It was fun to give her an airing!!
Thanks for visiting.