Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quilts In The Barn Eve!!

The books are here!!!
All 6 boxes of them, weighing a mere 15kg per box.

For those who have pre ordered them, this is just a friendly reminder
 that l can only accept cash payment for them.

These are  my helpers having a pre hanging meeting.

Here is Anna filling the bookshelves.
We also have Petra and An's book,
Promenade in A Dutch Garden,
and An Moonen's book,
The History of Dutch Quilts.

All systems go!!!
See Mary and Joe Koval in the background hanging their antique quilts.

The first few go up!!

Some last minute binding being done on one of my quilts.
Thanks to Jill and Kim for their help, or this quilt would not be bound!!

And just when we had the garden looking spick and span,
we had a wild and wooly storm come through today.
And to my great disappointment,
my favourite tree in the garden came crashing down!!
So it was all hands on deck to get this cleaned up.

Huge thanks to Meredithe, Jill, Kim, Anna and Chris for all your wonderful
and invaluable help in setting up for this years exhibit.
And of course, to Mary and Joe Koval for making the trip here again this year.

So fingers crossed,
we are all set for the Grand Opening tomorrow!
The Quilted Crows are here and set up,
the quilts are all hung, and the cuppa's are ready to go!!
Don't forget to say hello if you are coming by!!

Thanks for visiting,

Monday, September 23, 2013

Preparing for Quilts In The Barn.

Mary Koval arrived yesterday. We met her and Joe at the airport,
 and boy were we glad we took the big truck!!
Here is their luggage!!
Those 4 big bags were full to the brim with quilts, tops and fabric!
See those orange labels? They say Heavy, bend your knee's.
They weighed a mere 32kg (70lb) each!!

After some lunch and a chance to catch up on news, we decided to unpack the bags.
We layered the quilts out flat on the floor, to give them a chance to unwrinkle.
The pile ended up about 6" high.

And then we made a Sarah Lee quilt cake with them.
Layer, upon layer, upon layer!!
There are some simply stunning quilts in this collection!!

Here are some of the chintz fabrics in a pile.

And some more!!!
Lots will be for sale, but some are from
Mary's personal collection, and will just be for exhibiting.
There is a good pile of quilt blocks .

And quilt tops!!

This is my lounge room floor this morning after our play!!
Boy did we have fun playing with all those quilts and fabric!!

Hope to see you at Quilts In The Barn this weekend!!!
Thanks for visiting.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Great Wall of Quilts!

Inspired by Kathie's and Leah's walls of quilts, it has been a dream of mine to
also have a wall of mini quilts as part of my sewing room makeover.

My dear friend Bev came by for a visit yesterday, before heading to Italy for a month.
 And as l will be heading to the States in 3 weeks,
 it will be 2 months before we see each other again. 

While she was here we discussed the hanging of the mini quilts, and we decided
then and there was the right time to start hanging them.
Out came the ladder, we wandered through the house taking mini quilts from here
and there and a packet of push pins were located.
Several hours and lots of fun later, the result is far and beyond my
expectations of what the wall would look like, hence the name it has been given
of "The Great Wall of Quilts". As my ceilings are 10ft high, we have been able to
hang a staggering amount on the wall. l think l count 32, make that 34.
There is still room for more and there are more quilts left over!!!
So options to switch them around over time.

So while there are some that need quilting still, l wanted to hang them to get
the over all effect. There are several that have been gifted over the years, and
that makes them even more special. l think of all my quilting friends near and
far when l look at the wall, and marvel at the friendships that have been made
because of this great passion we share.

If you have ever considered hanging a wall of quilts like this, don't hesitate.
Its such a wonderful feeling to stand back and enjoy, and fun to bring someone
into the room and watch as they look in wonder at the sight in front of them.
My room is finally coming together.

l took a dear male friend into the room this morning, and as he looked, up he
said, "Now l know what Nikki ( his Wife ) means when she says she wants a sewing

Here it is from a different angle tonight, and as you might see,
 l have added 2 more small quilts.
Thanks for visiting.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Chintz Quilts From The Poos Collection

You have no idea how excited l am to bring you all this news.
2 years ago l was fortunate enough to be present at a dinner
 held for Kay Triplett in Houston. The purpose of the dinner was for Carol
 from Quiltmania to chose some of Kay's antique quilts to make a new book.
Quilt after magnificent quilt flashed under our eyes,
each and every one brought gasps of delight.
Finally that dream has been realised, and the following book is the result.
And the timing could not be more perfect,
 with our own Quilts In The Barn's exhibition in 3 weeks,
with our theme "All About Chintz."
This is a very happy co-incidence, that the new book is called Chintz Quilts
and our exhibition will feature Chintz quilts from around the world.
The book has 324 pages, filled with the history of chintz quilts,
and stunning photos to examine and enthral us.
Just the front cover makes you want to open the book and explore it's inner pages.
l know l can hardly wait to have a copy of this book in my hands.
Its a large book, weighing around 1.8kg, and will cost around $95.
What a treasure this book will be, and deserves
to be on each and every Antique Quilt Lovers bookcase.
Final cost is to be determined once we know postage costs.
Any profit made after costs will be donated to Breast Cancer Research.
My only dilemma is
"How many to have sent out in time for our exhibition?"
l need to give Quiltmania my order SOON!!
If you would like to place an advance order for the new Chintz Quilts book,
please contact me, by either leaving a comment, or a direct email.
Books will be available for collection across  the QITB weekend, and for
several weeks after by arrangement.
 Due to additional postage costs, l won't be able to re-post them.
Enjoy the photos below, and don't forget to click on them for a closer look!!
Here is a link to some more pages from the book.


We are also having some 2014 Diary's sent with the order.
One of Di Ford's beautiful quilts grace the front cover.
Cost will be around $20.

If you want to take the photos and advertise it on your blog,
with a link back here, please do, as the more books we sell,
 the more we all raise for Breast cancer Research.
And in advance, thank you!!
Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Quilts 1700-1945

l took a trip to Brisbane recently to visit the V & A Museums
 exhibit that was being held in the Art Gallery there.
There were lovely large banners all over the city.
This one was just across from our hotel.
This one we found in a walkway.

After we checked out the location of the art gallery, we took a walk around Southbank,
 and found this lovely covered walkway.
 The bougainvillea had just recently been trimmed.

The city from the south bank.

These can be found just near the exhibition and convention centre.
Quilts in a different art form.

The  next morning found us bright and early having breakfast at a nearby café
 that Meredithe had recommended, and we now also recommend.
The Blue basement Café is in the ABC building in Southbank.

We met up with friends who had travelled from Sydney,
 and enjoyed a cuppa in the sun.

And even got tattoo's!!
Quilts of course!

And a chance meeting with Rachel from Blue Mountain Daisy blog,
which was delightful.
 While no photos were allowed inside the exhibition,
 this is the book from the V&A, which has the quilts we saw.
You can also google images to see many of the quilts. 
This is the Brisbane version. They are basically the same, just different covers.

This is a must see exhibition if you can. Its on still till the 22nd September,
and we are so glad we went.
 The quilts, the fabrics, the whole exhibit was wonderful.
l am sure we will see many wonderful renditions of these quilts in the coming years.
Thanks for visiting.