Friday, June 28, 2013

Quilts De Legende Brouage 2013 - Part 1

A simple, but pleasurable 2 1/2 hours drive south from Nantes,
 brought us to the village of Brouage.
As we approached the walled city,
we felt our excitement build.

As seen in the front of the Quilts de Legende 7th Edition Catalogue.

"Every two years, an exceptional challenge is proposed by the
 Association of France patchwork to its members. In the purest quilting
 tradition, real experts do a textile sparing match all over France.
Beyond our borders, the heart of our quilting friends, British, Italian,
German Czech etc,,, has been conquered by the virtuosity of our members,
 with their tenacity and expertise, their respect of the ancient works and
 appropriate mix of fabrics. No doubt they're going to please you again
and give you pins and needles in your fingers. ""
Catherine Bonte.
President of France Patchwork.
Just reading that, you know you are in for something magical!!
The catalogue is mostly in French,
but who needs words to describe what we saw!!

Who would think looking at this unassuming building
 that so much beauty was to be found inside!
Take a walk around inside with me!!

This is the view as you first enter.
The beautiful stone walls are an amazing backdrop for the quilts.

We wandered around in amazement.
All the quilts are hand pieced and hand quilted.
Quilt after quilt , such beauty, such workmanship!!
We really were left speechless!
My fingers were busy with the camera.
Over 140 photos later, l was content!
No, there were not that many quilts, but l took lots of close ups of each quilt.
l will share many of them here with you in the next few posts.

Le jardin des 2 Annick.
Isabelle Muzeau.

Medallion Souvenir.
Marie-Claude Bernard.

 Hommage a Jennie.
Monique Hovette.


Diagonales de carres.
Marie-Paule et Anne-Helene Nedelec.

Agnes Carretier.

1864 Passion Sampler.
France Aubert.

Maryvonne Marmion.

La Preuve par 11.
Marie-Josephe Veteau.

Cleveland quilt.
Anne-Marie Uguen.

Hexagons, Hexagons quand tu nous tiens.
Cecile Lacoste.

Chemins creux.
Marie Baraer.

Penelope Roger.

Regal de Fruits.
Penelope Rogers.

Mon Premier.
Penelope Rogers.

And if you felt content and satisfied after that tour,
just wait!!
There was ANOTHER building full and bursting with amazing quilts!!
But too much goodness is not good for one's heart,
let alone ones "must make one of those" lists.
So next post will continue to delight with more stunning quilts.
Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The last of Pour LÁmour Du Fill. People you meet and one last booth.

Its the end of the financial tax year here in Australia,
 and its been keeping me busy and away from the computer.
Well, on the computer, but not playing!!
So many other wonderful quilting things are also happening,
 so its time to wrap up Nantes and move on.
One of the things l enjoy most about visiting international quilt shows
 is connecting with quilters from around the world.
In the photo below are 2 new to me quilters, 1 l have known for 1 year, 
and 2 l have known for 3 years.
L-R Mirjam, Francoise, me, Mary, Helen and Martine,
all having a great time in Mary's booth.

Mary's was a wonderful meeting place.
L-R Mary, Ellen, me and Randi.
(Still loving that quilt in the background)

Here we all met for lunch.
L-R Francoise, Helen, Me, Mary, Jane, Martine, Ellen, Mirjam, Randi.
Belgium, Holland, Australia, America and Norway
 were represented at this lunch meeting.
As you can imagine, the talk was all about quilting!!
Hmm!! Wonder when we will all meet again???

 This was the crowd that met us most days.
Where's Randi??
Another favourite booth was just across the isle.
Check out her blog. The photos are divine!!

  Not sure why, but l don't have any photos
 from Di Fords booth, other than this one.

And this of Di with DH Brian.
But l do have this link to a wonderful post full of photos of her booth.
So go enjoy them!
It was sad to leave Nantes, and move on.
But many wonderful adventures awaited us.
Some quilting and some not.
So soon l will be back with more.
Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Selvedge Booth at Pour LÁmour Du Fill.

Walking into the Selvedge  booth, one must keep their hand firmly on their purse,
because it just wants to jump out and throw all its money on the counter.
There is so much deliciousness here to buy!!
Starting with their magazine!
Here the rack is full of past issues available for sale at a slightly discounted price.

These beautiful Sophie Digard scarves
are top of my wish list!!
Look at all those quilt patterns in wool!!

There were beautifully made dolls waiting for a friendly home,

gorgeous ribbons,

these pincushions  l regret having left behind!!
What was l thinking??

beautiful necklaces,

these pretty bells were decoration on a scarf!

Simply yummy stuff!!

 A few things did come home with me,  stuff like pins and 
cotton tape, and a copy of their magazine.
 l do wish a pincushion had as well!!!
Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The House of Nathalie Meance.

The House of Nathalie Meance was like walking into wonderland.
 Not only are her quilts beautiful in their own right, she has added amazing
 embellishments to make them even more stunning.
No words can describe their beauty, so just enjoy the photos!!
Don't forget to click on them to enlarge and see up close and personal
this amazing work.



My second favourite!


My favourite!





This is her book, which l believe features all these amazing quilts.
Its available from Quiltmania.
Nathalie also has a website. Its all in French, unfortunately,
and l can't find a translate button.
Which one is your favourite? And why?
Thanks for visiting.