Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Petra Prins and An Moonen - Promenade in a Dutch Garden.

Once again, Quiltmania did an outstanding job.
The house of Petra Prins and An Moonen was a delight!!
So typically Dutch!
As are the quilts, and of course, those tulips!!
Just look at the colors! Sure to inspire a new quilt!

This was one of my favourite quilts in the house.

And those hour glass blocks. Something just so timeless about them.
Want to see closer??
Don't forget to click on the photos!
The fabrics are stunning.


So much quilty goodness!

The fabrics in the quilt below are from Petra and Nel's new fabric range.

A closer look!


Some amazing fussy cutting!


Here is An proudly showing the 2 books she has written.
This little one captured my heart.
l can see one in my future real soon!
Promenade in a Dutch Garden.
A must in your library.
For both the beautiful pictures and the
 quilty inspiration between the pages.

And if seeing the pictures is not enough,
 come visit us at Quilts In The Barn this year.
27th, 28th 29th September 2013.
Petra, Nel and An are going to be our guest Exhibitors,
and all these quilts, plus lots more will be part of the exhibition.
And l for one can't wait to stand in front of these
 quilts again and gaze at the fabrics!!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. So many beautiful quilts and gorgeous fabrics!! I love the big floral diamonds.

  2. Oh quilty goodness alright.. they are beautiful!!

  3. I just LOVE this book. So much inspiration.

  4. Exquisite quilts! Thanks so much for the show and tell!

  5. you are right this book is wonderful and for me its about the fabrics here. so fun to look at each and every quilt and just look at the fabrics. Trust me though love the designs as well!
    this trip was worth it just for you to be able to see all these quilts in person , very lucky lady you are!
    Thats so exciting they are coming to visit you and share their beauties with the Quilts in the Barn exhibit....
    again thanks for sharing

  6. Every one a beauty! thanks for sharing the inspiration. As you say - the fabric choices are wonderful.

  7. Ohhh, I can't wait for Quilts in the Barn this year!!!

    The first quilt is my favourite.

  8. That's wonderful news Linda. Will start negotiating my day off work.

  9. All the quilts are fantastic! Thank you for sharing!


  10. Wow--what wonderful eye candy! I've made the little Dutch doll quilt when the pattern was published in American Patchwork and Quilts, but I can see I am going to need one of those books!

  11. I feel I haven't seen several in real life although I was there. I love the 3d and 7th from the top. I want to make that one, the contained chaotic one.

  12. Beautiful quilts. I wish I could see them in person, because it's obvious even from the pictures that they are fabulous.:)

  13. Gorgeous quilts. I'm going to mark the date on my calendar.

  14. Gorgeous - every last one of them. You lucky duck - you get the best guests for your Quilts In The Barn extravaganza!

  15. Oh, I am so thrilled for you to have these amazing quilts in your barn. How exciting. I have Di Fords book and now I believe I need this one as well. What a fantastic post!

  16. Just lovely! Adore that miniature! Is it in the book? I have the book ordered, hoping to receive it soon. Sounds like this will be another great year at the Barn! Thanks again for another great post!

  17. Gorgeous deliciousness. Wow, I can't even imagine how wonderful they must be in person. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Roll on September, can't wait to see these stunning quilts.


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