Friday, June 7, 2013

Kaffe, Brandon and Barbara.

2 very contradicting houses.
First up, Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Marly.
For some reason, l only have 5  photos from their house.
Maybe l planned to go back later when it was less busy and l forgot??
Who knows, so here are the 5 photos l took.
These quilts just cheer up a dull day.
And while l don't have many Kaffe fabrics in my stash,
 l am seeing a few creep in.

Oh, to have the patience to knit like this!!

Love this cushion. Would be happy to find this in my sewing room!

And now for a complete and total contrast!!!
While l struggled to understand Barbara Keal's  work,
there was something so earthy and real,
(and the fact she uses Alpaca wool in her work)
 l couldn't help but be fascinated!
And to talk to, she is one very interesting  lady!!

These little finger puppets were very cute!!

Barbara walked around in this outfit for most of the show!!
That in itself show's great belief in her work!
If you ever get the chance to see her work up close and personal,
 l would love to know what you think!!
Its a lovely long weekend here in Australia.
So to those enjoying it also,
have a nice relaxing time, and hope you find time to sew a stitch or 2.
Thanks for  visiting.


  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing. I've always had my eye on that Kaffe quilt with the Snowball blocks and circles.

  2. Looks like a neat event you went to! I have a few Kaffes in my stash and they are out of the box for me! I loved using them in the quilt, In the Orange Grove though...very cheery! I'm thinking that is the design you won from me a few months back. If you want to give them a try in something perhaps one of those blocks will give you an idea of how to mix them with other fabrics. The fake fur animal hats are quite popular here in the winter...cute little ears on a fur hat mostly. They also come with a built in scarf with pockets. I have not seen any with horns as of yet! Lol

  3. Wow, look at that knitting!!!! As for the second artist, I always say, I don't have to like what someone creates, but I certainly have appreciation for the technical and artistic skill that people have. Enjoy your weekend

  4. I have a soft spot for Kaffe's fabrics too... Not my usual MO at all !! BUT who can resist such a fabulous array of colour and print all together? I have some in my stash, and add to them occasionally ;-)
    Thanks for more houses, I'm enjoying it :-)
    M xx

  5. I have bought a piece or two of Kaffe fabric too and love working with them so far. Maybe I'll get brave enough to buy more in teh future.:)


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