Sunday, June 2, 2013

Polly & Laurie - Minick & Simpson.

l just love the way Quiltmania presents the Houses.
You will notice as l show you some of the different houses l visited,
 they even color matched the coverings on the walls.
Minick and  Simpson  was one  l went back to again and again.
And it even turns out they read this blog,
so a big HELLO to you both,
and l look forward to saying hello again in Houston!

Not only do they have wonderful quilts and rugs to hang,
but they go all out to make the room just like the personality of the maker.
Polly mentioned that when she sent a photo home to DH,
he commented that it looked just like home!

 l fell in love with the hooked rugs, and wanted to take them all home.


Love this!

And this!!

And especially this!!!

Instead, l took a rug hooking class with Polly.
You can see my start in the foreground.
And this is what it will look like once l am done.
Of course, l dream of owning an original, hooked by Polly herself!!
One can dream, right???

Then there were Laurie's quilts!!!!
I fell in love with this one, mistakenly thinking it was an antique!
But no, its a new quilt, made to look old! Just my kind of quilt!!
Fabrics from many past ranges used.
This would look wonderful in my beach house, Laurie!
Just saying!!!!
And l coveted this wool quilt.
Need to start collecting blues and cream wools.
Sadly my stash of blue's is lacking, and my creams none existent.
And my blues tend to be on the teal side.
Add them to my list for Houston.

There was also this yummy quilt.
Adding this to the "must make" list as well.
A great collection of fabrics here.
And these were just fun!!!
Love those colors!!!

l hope you enjoyed visiting Polly and Laurie's house with me.
l know l enjoyed my time there.
Thanks for visiting.





  1. Gorgeous! I could move right in. I made a hook rug in another life (about age 19, in between getting up to no good haha) it looked nothing like these of course. I wanna make one (or three) of these. Awaiting the next 'house'
    M xx

  2. Thanks for the photos. As I haven't been to the quilt show this year I love discovering it throgh other people's eyes.

  3. These quilts are beautiful! I can now start my day with a big smile!!! Have a nice time over there.
    Greetings from Belgium

  4. wow I am in awe ! rug hooking is something I have always wanted to try, someday.
    first I need a house with another room to store the wool!
    LOL thanks for sharing your photographs they are amazing, wish I would just sit on that red chair and study / stare at those two quilts....then move over to the blue quilts
    they are they reason I started to buy blues! after seeing their blue and white quilts and the photos of Pollys house in the magazine I sent you love the look of blue and white... and now yes its true I admit I am a blue fan ..

  5. Hi Linda. Thanks for showing all these photos. A great reminder of a super time. I just loved their 'house' too + both ladies were so friendly. We even admired pics of each others' dogs! I love the blue + white look + went overboard on buying tons of their Indigo Crossing range. I also fell in love with all the hooked rugs + bought one of their kits. So quilt or rug? Which to make first?!
    Love from Sue 'No Blog' in the UK

  6. Just beautiful Linda - and the quilts were amazing.Think blue and cream could be as addictive as red and white.

  7. Wow wow it s all so gorgeous so inspirational just love the blue quilts and the hook rug will be just amazing

  8. Thank you Linda! It was so lovely to chat with you in Nantes. Looking forward to Houston.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing the pics, Linda! I've been a longtime Minick & Simpson fan and can never get enough!!

  10. They are all classics, for sure! I wish my home looked more like the Minick and Simpson "house".

  11. Thank you so much for a wonderful show and tell! I love their fabrics and designs!

  12. Wow! So fun. Love the bright applique quilt with the many borders at the end of your pics, plus the simplistic dresden esp. Lovely!

  13. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you. ;) I've always wanted to take a rug class from Polly. I did do one at Little Quilts in Atlanta, GA but my project is still in its nascent stages - four years later. Like you, I think I would rather purchase a Polly rug than try to bully myself into finishing one.


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