Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A short break to normal transmission.

l received an email while l was away that my favorite
 machine quilter had completed quilting one of my new quilts.

 l was excited to see the photo's she sent. Tomorrow l am off to pick it up, and
this weekend l will put the binding on and tick that job off the list.

Karen from Quilts On Bastings has done a stunning job.
She entered the quilt in the Bloggers Quilt Festival
 and has been  nominated in 2 categories.

Go read Karen's story and if you want,
 give her a vote.
 l did!!!

Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Through the eye's of a Quilter!!

Been home several days now, and the washing, ironing
and general sorting stuff out has kept me busy.
 Its so good to be home in my own bed.

l attended several Schoolhouse's. This one is Mary Elizabeth Kinch,
 showing us quilts from her new book, Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts.
l highly recommend this book if you love reproduction quilts.

This is Leonie and Dierdre being introduced for the first time as
Authors of their very own Quilt Book.
 l think Leonie is just a wee bit excited!!

The always popular Carol Hopkins.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning l spent wandering the halls of market,
 and here are a few things that caught my eye.

Leonie and Dierdre ( The Quilted Crows )in front of one of my favorite quilts from their new book.

Their booth, which was always busy.

These antique quilts, from The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum,
 l spied in Blue Hills booth.
Watch out for future fabric lines from these quilts.

This is the new Moda Collection for a Cause Quilt.
The antique quilt is on the rack.

Sew Unique Creations by Tara Lyn Darr.

l had a chance meeting with Mary Kinch in Mary Kovals Antique quilt booth.
Wonder what we were both doing there?
Hi Mary!!

Antique quilts from Mulberry Lane.

HeartSpun Quilts by Pam Buda.

Walking the halls.

Why you ask?
Just to show there is other stuff than reproductions and antique quilts.

The new French General range by Moda.
Chateau Rouge.

Gail Pan Designs, a quilter friend from back home.

Quilts to be found in Mary Koval Antique Quilts booth.

Of course, that's just a snippet of what is on show to see.
l hope you have enjoyed seeing Quilt Market through the eye's of a Quilter.

l will be back soon, with a run down on books,
fabrics and other stuff that came home with me.

Thanks for visiting.

P.S. l have no idea why some pictures are HUGE and others small. If you know how to fix it, please let me know.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chicago, Nebraska and Kansas City!!

l guess it had to happen. With the amount of photos that l take,
 my poor little laptop has decided that it's memory just can't handle any more, 
and so l am having to delete,delete, delete before l can load any new pics.
So just to let you know we are still here and having a wonderful time
 here are a few snaps of whats been happening in the last week.

The city of Chicago.

This most amazing sculpture in Millennium Park, Chicago.
Look at the city in reflection.

From Chicago, we flew to Nebraska, where we have been staying with dear friends.
We took the chance to visit The Quilted Moose, and were fortunate enough to
 have owner Deb Roberts take us and show us around her retreat center,  
If your looking for somewhere to take up to 11 women and enjoy beautiful 
surroundings in which to sew, l can highly recommend this place.
l want to come back!!

Then on to Kansas City for Spring Market, 
where we caught up with Jo Morton and her team.

And of course, The Quilted Crows.
Here they are at their book signing today.
Don't they look like naturals at it!!

Its been a joy and an honor to watch these 2 very special women 
grow and blossom in their designing. They deserve all
recognition that's coming their way.
Go the Crows!!!

Well, that's all from me. l have a ton more pics, but, well,
 you will have to wait till l am home and load them on my computer at home.
Just because the laptops full, l won't stop taking pics, and tomorrow
 will see me with camera in hand as l wander the halls of Quilt Market.

Thanks for staying with me on this mammoth tour of the world.
Its been a blast from start to almost finish. 
And the fun ain't over yet!!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Our last day in Holland was spent at the Open Air Museum.
Here we are just outside the National costume display.

So many things to see, including this very yellow 
field of Canola with beautiful buildings behind.

A working windmill, that l climbed  right to the top

 Beautifully preserved old farm buildings.

Of course, no visit to Holland is complete without tasting Proffitjies.

Delightful clogs all in a row.

And a new use for them, now the  owner does not wear them.

In the hall with the National costumes, you could see bonnets of all kinds

Our last view of Holland as we flew to Norway.
See all the fields of Tulips, just like a colorful  patchwork.

 The morning after our arrival saw us on the train to Bergen 
and our Norway In A Nutshell Adventure.
This is the end point of the train trip at Myrdal,
where we changed to a smaller train down to Flam.
The snow on the mountains was enchanting.

Not a soul in sight.

The train stopped for us to take pictures of this waterfall at Kjosfossen.
Freefall  of 305 feet.

As you can imagine, taking pictures from a moving train proved a challenge. 
Even when you tried, this could be the result.

But l did manage to take many photos of the stunning scenery.

This was the boat waiting for us at Flam, to take us on the Sognefjorden to Bergen.

Just so you know we are in Norway.

The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. 
The camera worked overtime.

Our first glimpse of Bergen township.
These buildings are on 
 UNESCO's World Heritage List.

 Our view from the top of one of Bergen's 7  mountain's.

Then more snow capped mountains on the 
6 hour train trip home the next day.
l highly recommend doing Norway In A Nutshell if you ever visit.

A day trip to Tonsberg the next day, and we had the chance to visit Quiltefryd.

Here Asne made us very welcome, with coffee 
and the chance to see Gail Pans quilts on display.
Gail is a friend from back home in Australia.

Then a walk to the Harbour to see this Viking ship replica being made.

Our final destination for the day.
Verdens Ende ( Lands End)
Nothing between us and Denmark.
( Hello Helene, l can see you waving now!!)

And a photo opportunity on the way home, of this immaculately kept farm, 
that reminds me so much of the farms in America.

Our sightseeing the next day took us to the Ski Jump Park in Oslo.

Where my DH convinced us all to take a trip in the down hill Simulator!!
Boy, what a ride!!
l think l might leave that sport to the experts.

Then a visit to Lappe Makeriet, where Randi sometimes works.
The quilt shop is housed in one of these cottages from the 1760's in Baerums Verk.

Anne-Kjersti was happy to see us. We had the chance to meet in Nantes,
 and it was like visiting an old friend.

Down by the waterfront, we saw these Danish Soldiers, 
come to take over Norway again!!

                         No visit to Norway is complete without a visit to the Viking Ship Museum.
Here you can stand beside a Viking Ship build in the 800's.
No, l didn't forget a 1. These ships are OLD!!!

The workman ship on items found with the boats is truly unbelievable.

During a visit to Asker the next morning,  
we chanced upon this parade of locals in traditional outfits.

Then we headed to the Folke Museet in Oslo.
This building was once used to store food and grains.

The museum exhibits here were amazing.
Folk Art from many centuries have been collected and are housed in a permanent display.
This was the best exhibit of folk art items l have ever seen.

DH has taken  many chances for a walk in the countryside with Gunner.

Yesterday we had  the chance to visit with  Randi's sewing buddy.
Ellen welcomed us with coffee and cake before showing me some of her beautiful quilts.

And not only shared friendship, but gifted me with these Nisse
that she had knitted and made herself.

Thank you Ellen for welcoming me to your home. A day l will treasure.

And so to our final day here in Norway.
We have sent the DH's into the city so we can have some time sewing. 

You see, we are making a new tradition together.
Each time we visit in either country,  we will make a small quilt,
to remind us of our shared friendship and special times together.

Our next chance will be in October, as Randi is coming to Australia,
to be with us for Quilts In The Barn. Can you guess who is very excited???

This quilt is inspired by one we saw on Betsy's and Kathie's blog.
Both dear friends on mine, it brings us all closer together as we sew.

Our first blocks.

Randi placing blocks on the wall.

Our progress so far.

Well, that's all for our adventures here in Norway. Its been an amazing time.
We look forward to returning again one day.
Thanks Randi and Gier for being the best hosts.