Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sorrento Sewing!

Have just returned from another lovely weekend
 of stitching with friends at the beach house.
The one thing l didn't get done was a birthday gift for
 my great niece Lucy,  who is turning 1 this weekend.
So this afternoon while listening to the rain on the roof,
 l stitched up this little dolly Dresden quilt.
l sure hope she likes it.
Here are some photo's of stitching that took place across the weekend.
Margaret had her knitting needles, and whipped up these cute little
 teddy jackets, from wool she has spun herself. The cotton is for scale.
As a group, we have been swapping  paper pieced
half square triangles for about 18months now.
This is Jill's box full, just waiting to be made into a stunning quilt.
Expect to see some in the future.

Chris added the final border to this quilt.
Love the colour combination, so soft and pretty.

Then whipped these blocks up in what seamed like just minutes.

Jill continued to work on this top.
The 9 patch blocks are from a previous swap our group had.

Anne made good headway on these blocks.

Then turned her attention to making these super sized blocks.
Only 16 needed to make the full quilt.

Sandra loves to make miniatures, and was inspired by a quilt l had been binding.
Don't be fooled by its size. This took her most of the weekend.
Tiny piecing is time consuming!

Sandra also worked on making more blocks
 and adding them to this charming 30's quilt.
Bev spent the weekend working on these blocks,
which are for our current swap we are having.
Love these, and love the madder fabrics we are all using.

l wanted to start something new, and decided
to tackle a kit l had bought in America 2 years ago.
This is Collections For A Cause-Alliance.

And this is how far along the top was by the end of the weekend.
Just the outer border to stitch on.
Its BIG and l love it!
l also make more of these economy patch blocks,
 which started as a distraction to some sad news recently,
and have now become the beginnings of a new quilt.

Today has been a contrast in weather, which is so typical here in Melbourne.
Early morning sunshine brought me a friendly visitor to my sunburnt garden.
He is sitting just feet away from my front door.

And this afternoon, the summer heavens opened up and gave my
 poor parched garden a very welcome watering.
Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

My Valentines Day gift to you all! 

Some happy red hearts! 

And a lovely stack of Antique Red and White Quilts!

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentines Day!

Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Went by in a blur!
It was full of fun with guests at our beach house, and food!
Lots of FOOD!
This was our NYE seafood feast for 25!
Roast dinner this night feed around 12.
And a special treat was Yorkshire puddings,
courtesy of our English visitor.

This is a pic of one of the crazy night feeding frenzy!
So much fun!

We also had family pizza night.
Prep is well on its way.
We even made our own dough!




These beautiful girls were the main chefs that night.
 About 25 gourmet pizza's in all.
They worked hard!
And received thumbs up across the board!
 l just love that the next generation is as passionate about food as l am.
l did get to go out for the odd meal. This is my breakfast at a local café.
 Baked eggs. Yumm!!

And l know what you all want is photos of quilting!
So here is some of the stitching l managed in between cooking.
A play with repro's and hour glass blocks.

Some yummy linen and modern fabrics.

This block is simple and delightful.
Inspired by a photo shared on Instagram by  @carrierosieaz
this pile of modern fabrics just told me they wanted to be these blocks.
Who am l to argue with fabric? LOL
And l am back playing with my hexagons again.
All Jo Morton fabrics.
These are great to take in the car on a long drive,
especially when l am not driving!!
l would like to thank everyone who left a comment on my last post.
Your words of comfort touched my heart.
Its very humbling that people all over the world gave a moment to think of me.
Thank you!
Thanks for visiting.