Sunday, March 31, 2013


This may not even get read by anyone,
 because my blog updates are not appearing on anyones blog lists,
including mine. Its been a frustrating week.
l keep blogging and posting them, but they are not being updated.
 l have tried just about everything l can think of,
and at the moment, my only option might be to delete the blog and start again.
 l don't want to loose everything thats been posted the last 3 years.
Has anyone else had this problem and know what l need to do to fix it??
 That is of course, if anyone reads this!!
Who knew there were these great help signs out there!!!
l sure could use yours!!
Thanks for visiting,
That is if you do!!
 EDIT!!!  Doing a happy dance here!!!
Have just come to check my mail and the blog,
and delighted to see that my posts are being updated again!!
 Who knew all l had to do was post a help sign or two!!! LOL
 l did make a small change earlier in frustration and maybe that worked!!
So feel free to go back and enjoy my last 7 posts and leave me a comment!
Its been lonely here wondering where you all were!

Of Course!!

l should have known that would happen!!
l would get inspired too!!
Here is my  very meager yellow and green collection of fabric.
 Nothing like Kathie's amazing collection. 

So what do you do when you only have a very small amount of each fabric?
Make the most of it, and make 9 patches!!

l have 1 small quilt finished, that will be a gift for a friend who
 is getting a super new quilting studio,
 and with a whole day of sewing in front of me,
l hope to have several more mini quilts completed by the end of the day.
Thats 70  9 patches in the picture above, and l only used 10 in the first quilt.
l could have a whole village of little quilts by the end of the day!!
Thanks for visiting.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Red Green and yellow antique quilts!

Kathie has been sharing photos of her stash this past week,
 and finally admitted that green is the largest color in her collection.
 So being the good friend l am, l have been hunting for inspiration quilts
 to get her using some of that wonderful fabric.
 l wanna go play in her sewing room!!!
The following photos l have stored on my computer.
And mostly found on ebay in the past or google search.
l have no history or information on any of them, just pretty pictures to look at.
Like most of us, l collect the photos for inspiration,
 and have thousands on them saved on my computer.
l hope you enjoy looking at this collection of red, green and yellow antique quilts,
 and l hope Kathie is inspired too!!


Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter decorating.

Do l still have time to make one of these for easter???
Another reason to save all those lovely vintage buttons!
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


A "what was she thinking"" quilt seen on ebay tonight!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quiltmania #94

Quiltmania #94 is on the News Stands now in Europe,
and coming to your mailbox if you have a subscription.
Love that quilt on the cover!! Its been made and designed by
 another well known Aussie quilter, Marg Sampson-George.
l have 2 quilts in this edition.
Lucky me!
The first one is based on antique quilt in my collection, only l added borders.
This quilt featured in the story Quiltmania did about me several years ago.
Not long after that article, l had an email from Margreet, asking if there was a pattern.
At the time  l didn't know it was to be published later  in Quiltmania,
 so happily sent her my rough draft of the pattern.
Margreet has kept me posted on her progress through emails, and blog posts.
How happy was l to receive a note recently that her quilt is finished and now on her bed.
All hand pieced and hand quilt, a wonderful achievement!!
l hope to meet with Margreet one day soon on my
 travels to Europe, and what a meeting that will be!!

The second quilt is an antique quilt in my collection.
 l just love the brightness and scrappiness of this quilt.
It always gets comments when on display.

Cruising blogs as you do, l came across this post last June.
Imagine my surprise when the quilt Regan
 was using as her inspiration was my antique quilt.
She did all her own drafting, and even found a fabric almost
identical for the background triangles.
We have had several wonderful email conversations about the quilt,
and l have been able to give her more info about it.
This will come as a surprise to her, as she didn't know it was going to be published!
Its great having pattern testers without having to make the quilt yourself!!
Here is her finished quilt. Just love it!!
l would love to hear from you if you make one of my quilts
 that have been published. Its always nice to know someone
 likes your quilts enough to want to make them.
Thanks for visiting.

Monday, March 25, 2013

On my sewing table.

This is what's on my sewing table this week.
Loving making these triangles. Our next swap is Wednesday.
 Have the sewing done,
so  just  need 10 more sheets of papers cut and prepped ready for swapping.

Also had 2 finishes this week. Quilted, bound and gifted.
Any hubby who will hold up a quilt for a photo is a keeper in my books.
Pity he had to go to work today for this one!!

Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Gathering In The Barn 2013

Its been a busy week. Which lead to an even  busier weekend.
The Quilted Crows joined us here in the barn for a weekend full of fun,
 laughter, stitching, food, fabric and frivolity!! And a wine or 2!!
95 women joined us across the weekend.
Can a girl have too much fun???
Here are the 4 projects they made specially for the weekend.

And a close up of the sweet box Leonie made.

Here is Leonie and Deirdre giving a very funny
account of the trip from Hobart to the barn.

And showing us one of the projects.

Some of the girls hard at work.

Even a knee operation was not keeping Kim from attending.

This was the small project the girls worked on over the weekend.

It was wonderful to catch up with a few familiar faces.
Kim, Elyte, Marina, myself, and Sue-Anne in front.
Check out their blogs and this one too  for more photos.

There was lots of projects started. This one is from Ruby Red.

There were lovely red shoes to admire!!

Beautiful tins to covet!

Fabulous pin cushions!

Simply stunning hexagons that l wanted to keep.

Someone even had last years project with them.

There were friendship groups that came to stitch together.

And of course, plenty of shopping on offer.

The weekend was made even more fun because my 2 best friends
from Sydney flew down to help out.
We had an absolute blast!!
Thanks heaps Robyn and Sharon!!!
And of course, Leonie and Deirdre who brought all their yumminess
to the barn for us all to enjoy!!
Can't wait for next year!! 2014! 2014!
Thanks for visiting.