Monday, May 30, 2011

My Brother-In-Law.

Michael Timothy Collins.
25/3/1965 - 30/5/2011
Gone to play with the Angels in Heaven.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

OH MY!!!

Look what was waiting for me on my return from Sorrento!!
It was like xmas, so many envelopes with my name on them.
 l sat on the floor in the hall, sorted through them, then had loads of fun
opening them, and reading all your names.
You will find a list of contributors at the bottom of this post.

And inside all those envelopes were all these!! 
Look how many more blocks there are to add the pile.
Many of you included notes and cards, some with stories of survivors and those lost.
There was even a few swatches of fabrics, that will be included in my tumbler
quilt l am making with all Jo fabrics. l am overwhelmed with the response.
THANK YOU  all from the bottom of my heart!!
l know there is still a bag of blocks to come from Jo, she has been collecting some for me,
and they will arrive next week. l feel confident we will reach our target of 140 blocks. Again, a huge thank you to everyone who has sent blocks. Can you spot your's?

This is the pile of quilts that came home from Sorrento. Some went as just blocks,
some went ready to be bound and some went as ideas in my head.

When l have had time for the dust to settle, and this weekend is over,
 l will show you all the fun we had. l am heading soon to the airport to pick up one
of my sisters, who is flying in from Brisbane. Then this weekend,
we celebrate my Mother's 80th birthday. Quite a milestone.

Thanks for visiting.

Blocks received this week.

Fay Dunstan *
Eileen Olsen *
Alison Gardner *
Christine Bates *
Marjory Yip
Catherine Hutton
Sharon Panagaris
Linda Dassenko
 Jan Smith
Mary Hickory
Randi Mulelid
Mimi Stubbs
Ava Conchelas
Jenny McHenry
Susan Price *
Stella Smyth *
Teresa Romes *
Hilary Streefer *
Joanna Marta *
Claudia Ramirez *
Maureen Gray

* this means they all came in the same envelope.
If l have neglected to add a link to your blog, please let me know, and l will fix it. Many thanks.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Yesterday's blocks and heading to Sorrento.

These 2 lovely blocks came in the mail yesterday.
Many thanks Liz ( Quilterie) and Ginny in Canada. .
Ginny writes the  color of her block was inspired by the
 recent Infinite variety Exhibit. Gotta love red!!!

l have heard from Jo, and she has around 50 blocks to post to me in the next day or so, and that will bring our total of blocks to close to 100. l need at least 140 for the quilt.
You still have time to send in those blocks.
Until the 24th May if you live in Australia, and by Sunday the 22nd May, 
 if you live anywhere else in the world.
 A huge thank you to all who have sent blocks in so far.
All the info you need to make a block and send it to me can be found HERE!!

l am packing my bags and heading to Sorrento, for a weeks blissful sewing.
Several different sewing buddies will be joining me over the week.
DH is away, and so the cat will play!! l have 3 bags FULL of my Jo Morton fabrics,
and l plan to do some serious sewing of quilts, that will hopefully
 hang in this years Quilts In The Barn Exhibit.
So l won't be posting any blocks that arrive for the next week,
 but if l can figure out how to get photos on to my ipad,
 l can post some photos of my sewing progress this week.

Thanks for visiting,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More blocks in the mail!!

These four blocks came yesterday.
 Many thanks to Doni, Lori, France, and Julie.

Then these 2 came today from Rachael. She even did one fussy cut.
 l think its very cute!! Thanks so much!! 

Then this afternoon, l found a small parcel at my front door, containing these 17 blocks.
 Robyn had contacted me and asked if she could get a few friends to sign blocks.
 l think she managed to get the whole of Healesville to take part.
 Many thanks Robyn, they are fantastic.

So this is a pic of all the blocks so far. Its looking wonderful,
and a huge thank you to all who have sent blocks so far.

Thanks for visiting,

Monday, May 16, 2011

More Blocks!!

Its a lot of fun checking the mail each day. There were 4 more blocks that came today.
 1 from France, 1 from USA and 2 from Australia.
Many thanks Sue from France, Cheryl ( So many Quilts, So Little Time)  from USA,
Sue-Anne ( Buddy &  Me) and  Jan from Australia. 
Your blocks are wonderful!!!

Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great Mail Day!!!!

Friday was a great mail day. l received the first 2 blocks for the
 Quilts In The Barn Raffle Quilt.  Many thanks Sue ( I Sew Quilts)  and Sue ( no blog)
who sent theirs all the way from England.

Then on Saturday, at Castlemaine, l collected a few more.
Thanks Margaret, ( Quilt Station x 2) Merri, and Jacquie ( no blog).

As you can see, the quilt is starting to take shape. We have a long way to go,
 but l know more are in the mail and on their way here. Many thanks to all
who have contacted me to let me know you are making a block.

 There is still plenty of time to make a block and post it to me. If you live anywhere
 but Australia, your block needs to be in the mail by the 20th May at the latest.

All the directions and posting address can be found HERE!!

If you live in Australia, you have a few more days, till the 24th. l will be putting the
 quilt together starting the week of the 30th May.

Also in the mail friday, was my parcel from a Civil War Needle Case swap l took part in.
 My Partner, Robyn from  Tennessee, USA,  sent me these wonderful treats, and
 an adorable needle case. Many thanks Robyn, you sure spoilt me!!!
My parcel to Robyn is in the mail, and
silly me forgot to take a photo before l posted it.

l will be checking the mail all week, and will share blocks as they come in.
Again, many thanks to all taking part. This is going to be a very special quilt.

Thanks for visiting,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AQC in Melbourne.

Just recently, the Australian Quilt Convention was on in Melbourne. l always visit with my dear friends, Robyn and Sharon,  who make the trip down from Sydney. Its been a tradition for the last 4 years. Then we head on down to Sorrento for a weekend of sewing. You can read about last years trip here and  here.

Of course, our first visit for the day was with my dear friends, Leonie and Deidre,
 from The Quilted Crow in Hobart. l never miss a chance to see these girls
 and their wares. Its always a treat. And l am happy to say,
they will be our trade table this year at Quilts In The Barn in September.  
We received a call from them on Friday morning to say
they had won the best stand this year. 3 cheers for the Crows!!!!
Their stuff is to die for!! They are currently setting up for Quilt Market in Salt Lake City.
If you are going, call in and say hello from me!!!

Then this stand caught my eye. Love the wools, and yummy buttons they had. 
 Just wish l had bought the alpaca wool kit to make that
 crocheted blanket in the back left corner!!!

And no visit to AQC is complete without a visit to Somerset patchwork. Their stand is always outstanding, and Karen and Paul are always obliging about my taking a photo,
 even thought the sign says No Photo's!! 
 Just look at that new quilt Karen has designed. Mrs Billings Coverlet.
Its a block of the month. And it's to DIE FOR!!!

l had the chance to meet with Dawn, from Quilts and Pieces.
 She is just delightful, and hope l see you again in Aus one day Dawn!!!

L to R- Robyn, Dawn, me and Anne.

This is the beautiful building that holds the AQC each year.
They are restoring the gardens out the front.

Just a few of the quilts that caught my eye this year.

That night, we ventured out for dinner with the Quilted Crow Girls.
L to R back row,  Deidre, Robyn, Sharon,
L to R front row, Me, Sandra and Leonie.

Just some of the yummy food we enjoyed!!

Then we headed down to Sorrento for our sewing weekend. l spent most of the time
cutting these tumblers from Jo Morton fabric. Can't wait to see this one finished.
 It will hang at this years exhibit. If you want to see more photos
 from our weekend, visit Robyn over here and see what we all got up to!!

Don't forget, you have till the 18th May to put your raffle quilt block in the mail.

 Full instructions can be found here. Many thanks to those who have already
contacted me to let me know they are sending blocks.

Thanks for visiting.


P.S. And if you are looking for a quilt show to visit, here is one on the 26th,27th and 28th May.
Thanks Pat for letting me know about it. See you there!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

1st Birthday weekender winners.

Congratulations to

Jo R in Kansas
Ginny Worden
Yorky Mum
 and Mary.

You have each won a weekender pattern,
and some wool to get you started.
l will be sending you each an email for your postal address's.

Thaks for visiting,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quilts In The Barn Raffle Quilt.

Its that time of the year, when my thoughts turn to planning this years
 Quilts In The Barn Exhibit.
This year we are very fortunate to have Jo Morton, from America, as our guest exhibitor.
Jo not only designs, and makes quilts, she designs fabrics, for Andover,
that l love to sew with.
This year, l have decided to make a signature quilt, using fabrics that Jo has designed.

Of course, there is no point making a signature quilt, with just my signature.
This is where you can help.
l am asking for signature blocks, like those below , to make this years raffle quilt.
If you would like to make a block to be added to this years quilt, that would be fantastic.
l need at least 140 blocks.
The block is 5" finished. You will find the cutting directions below,
and a tutorial on how to make the block.

The only rule is the fabric must be designed by Jo Morton.
All funds raised from the raffle are donated to Breast Cancer Research.

These are the cutting directions for the block.
Using Jo Morton  fabrics only,

cut  l  x 5 1/2" square from main focus fabric.
Cut this on the diagonal to give you 2 triangles.
cut  1  x 1 1/2 " square from main focus fabric.

 cut 1 x 8"  x 1 1/2"  Strip from a light Jo fabric ( l used the ladies fabric)
cut 2 x 4"  x 1 1/2" strips from a light Jo fabric.

Here is a tutorial on how to make the signature raffle block.
These are your cut pieces. Of course, all seams are 1/4"

Take the 8" strip and sew it to the long  side of a triangle. Press to the dark fabric.

Now sew the other triangle to the light centre strip.

When placing the top triangle on, centre it by eyeballing with the triangle below.

Press to the dark fabric.

With your rotary cutter and ruler, cut the sewn pieces on the diagonal.

 Now take your 2 short strips and the 1 1/2" centre square,
which you have sewn together in a long strip,

Pin and sew, again pressing to the dark fabric.

Repeat for the other side. Your block is finished. That didn't take long.

Now comes the tricky part.  With your ruler, you need to trim the block to 5 1/2" 
Place ruler, with 2 3/4" marks on the centre square, as shown in the photo.
 You can see l have put  black marks to show what l mean.
Make sure that the diagonal line on your ruler is also straight. Trim top 2 sides.

Turn block and repeat for remaining 2 sides. Its easier this time,
as you can also line up the 
5 1/2" mark on the outer 2 edges of the block.
If you don't feel comfortable trimming the blocks, that OK!!
Send me the untrimmed block, and l will do the trimming.

Block is complete now, except for your signature.

Sign  your name, state and country on the light pieces when block is completed, 
as shown in the photo below. Use a permanent ink pen. These pens can be found at most quilt shops.

Post your completed block here to me, by the 18th May.
Get together with a friend or 2, and send them together.
Anyone, anywhere, in the world, are welcome to send blocks.

As you can see, l have started collecting blocks from my friends.
Please join in, and make this a wonderful signature raffle quilt from around the world.

 23 Hartley Road
Wonga Park
Victoria 3115

Many thanks,

P.S. For those of you who want to put the dates in your diary,
 or are thinking of making the trip for a visit,
 Quilts In The Barn will be held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th September 2011.
Hope to see many of you there. Don't forget to say hello.