Monday, January 23, 2012

Busy building houses from scraps.

A new year and a new project.

It all started with these.

Then l put a stack of scraps in here,

and sorted them like this here.

and here.

l made my first house,

then my 2nd,

which quickly became 3.

Then 6.

As l was making them, l discovered a few things about building, 
 and so when l made these one's ,  
l can see l have improved.

Now my small village has 8 houses, and l am keen to make more.
They are very addictive, and don't take all that long to make.
Besides, l have a ton of scraps, so can't stop yet!!
Many huge thanks to Jeanneke for sharing her house pattern with us.

Its not all house building.

There has been a bit of this as well.

Thanks for visiting.