Friday, September 6, 2013

Chintz Quilts From The Poos Collection

You have no idea how excited l am to bring you all this news.
2 years ago l was fortunate enough to be present at a dinner
 held for Kay Triplett in Houston. The purpose of the dinner was for Carol
 from Quiltmania to chose some of Kay's antique quilts to make a new book.
Quilt after magnificent quilt flashed under our eyes,
each and every one brought gasps of delight.
Finally that dream has been realised, and the following book is the result.
And the timing could not be more perfect,
 with our own Quilts In The Barn's exhibition in 3 weeks,
with our theme "All About Chintz."
This is a very happy co-incidence, that the new book is called Chintz Quilts
and our exhibition will feature Chintz quilts from around the world.
The book has 324 pages, filled with the history of chintz quilts,
and stunning photos to examine and enthral us.
Just the front cover makes you want to open the book and explore it's inner pages.
l know l can hardly wait to have a copy of this book in my hands.
Its a large book, weighing around 1.8kg, and will cost around $95.
What a treasure this book will be, and deserves
to be on each and every Antique Quilt Lovers bookcase.
Final cost is to be determined once we know postage costs.
Any profit made after costs will be donated to Breast Cancer Research.
My only dilemma is
"How many to have sent out in time for our exhibition?"
l need to give Quiltmania my order SOON!!
If you would like to place an advance order for the new Chintz Quilts book,
please contact me, by either leaving a comment, or a direct email.
Books will be available for collection across  the QITB weekend, and for
several weeks after by arrangement.
 Due to additional postage costs, l won't be able to re-post them.
Enjoy the photos below, and don't forget to click on them for a closer look!!
Here is a link to some more pages from the book.


We are also having some 2014 Diary's sent with the order.
One of Di Ford's beautiful quilts grace the front cover.
Cost will be around $20.

If you want to take the photos and advertise it on your blog,
with a link back here, please do, as the more books we sell,
 the more we all raise for Breast cancer Research.
And in advance, thank you!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Count me in Linda, I would love one! xo

  2. Oh, the broderie perse - too tempting! I 'm going to treat myself to an early birthday present so put me down for a book. I'll post a link in the next couple of days - thank you!

  3. Looks a wonderful book and seeing as it is also raising funds for a great cause please count me in too. I am really looking forward to making the trip to your Barn - and now there is something more to look forward to - so exciting!

  4. Add my name to the list too please, Linda.

  5. Oh my gosh, this looks fabulous Linda. One more that I have to add to my list of 'needs'. Unfortunately I am too far away to attend so I'll order mine direct - thanks for letting me know.

  6. Is it safe to assume that when you say "chintz" you are referring to the fabric known as chintz from the 80s? It's a heavier weight than regular quilting cotton and has a sheen to the front side.

  7. WOW Linda, looks like a great book. Please count me in.

  8. Wonderful!! So, when and where will we be able to find this book in the U.S.?

  9. These are looking wonderful quilts, I am sure these quilts will look so beautiful in Laura Blair Villas.

  10. Hi Linda Have just sent you an email. The elderly statesman Marilyn is coming over from South Australia and has volunteered to pick up a copy of both the book and a diary for me and a diary for herself. I am so so happy. Wish I could manage to get there in person too. Cheers Lynne

  11. Hi Linda, Hope its not to late to put my name down for the Chinz Quilts book. This years Quilts in the Barn sounds very exciting. Can't wait.

  12. My copy arrived yesterday - I live in Wales. Full of wonderful quilts and I am sure an interesting read but so heavy! I took it to bed with me last night but the weight defeated me! I suppose it is inevitable having everything in two languages but worth it I hope as the pictures are mouthwatering!

  13. Hi Linda, I'm excited to be at the QITB again this Saturday. I hope I'm not too late to put an order in for a copy of Chinz Quilts book. I will collect it myself when I'm there. I'm due to retire in just over a year. Once that happens I would love to give you a hand in whatever work you want me to do - Hugs Nat

  14. I sew many of those quilts in St-Marie -aux-Mines this September and they were amazing!


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