Wednesday, May 21, 2014


A very dear friend gifted me with a bag full of  delightful red fabrics.
It didn't take me long to iron them, cut them and turn them
 into more hexi's to add to my ever growing pile.
 As l stitch l add more memories to this quilt
This is a common view as l look down at my lap.

And hopefully this is a not so common view! An oooppps!  moment!
Thankfully it didn't take me long to put right.

l love watching this pile grow.

As l fill the tin, l anticipate more flowers on the pile.

Here is my collection to date.
32 finished, and 13 centres.

Not sure exactly how many  ( 160?? ) l need to make total,
 so l will just continue while the hex is in place!

We had A Piece of Cloth come visit us at the barn recently with her trunk show.
In fact l recommend a visit to read her latest blog post
 about "Definitions" of a Modern Quilter. Very interesting reading.

There were many happy quilters who went
 home with treasures tucked under their arms.

Here is a small sampling of mine.
l will show you a better photo of them in a future post,
as well as some other goodies that called my name!

It seems the seasons are a little confused by our  recent weather.
Here is a jug full of white Lilac flowers. Nothing unusual if we were in spring,
but we are 12 days out from the start of winter!! huh??
l will enjoy them now, and cross my fingers we get our usual spring show as well!

And for those who inquired about my daughters puppy,
 here is a recent photo of  Duffy, who has made a
 remarkable full recovery from her car accident.
Not only 1 quilt to play in, but 2!!
Such a sweet dog!

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  1. You're hexies are looking wonderful!! They're multiplying at a fast rate! I love your new old fabrics, the one with the hot air balloon is particularly fabulous. Little Duffy is such a sweetie, I'm glad she's okay.

    1. Rachael, Thanks for your comment. Just wait till l show you the whole piece of fabric. Lots of different hot air balloons! Its fabulous!

  2. Your friend has great taste in red fabric :0) What a tin full of red goodness -- your hexie flowers look wonderful! That is so interesting about the lilacs - I can only imagine how good they smell. We are a few weeks away from lilacs blooming where I live although someone went and planned a lilac festival this weekend in my city. Pretty well the only thing blooming here right now is dandelions... I look forward to a closer look at your goodies - some look very interesting!!

  3. Oh wow! I am totally drooling over all your lovely red hexies. I can tell I have a hexy project in my future! Very sweet to find new fabrics. I don't think there will ever be enough in the stash.:)

  4. The hexies are wonderful. I am in the middle of an ongoing project as well. Have you thought of punching a hole in the papers so that they will be easy to pop out? Always enjoy my visit to the Barn.

  5. Gorgeous fabrics, Linda. I can't wait to see your quilt put together.

  6. I love your hexies! The reds are fabulous! I can't wait to see the hexie flowers become a quilt!

  7. Wow, love those hexie's. I'm so jealous, mine are modern prints in a diamond shape and I'm flying with these. I will have to start saving for a red quilt with neutrals like yours. It is an inspiration! Have a great day hexing!

  8. I love all your red flowers !!

  9. love your hexies - such pretty red colors. cute little puppy glad it is better.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous hexie flowers!!

  11. Your shoes are a perfect match.

  12. So lovely to see all those red and cream hexagons laid out there - yum! Great fabric choices - and what a perfect gift collection.

  13. Love love love your red hexies - Gorgeous!!

  14. Your hexies are so inspirational and addictive. It makes me want to start making them!

  15. Lovely hexies in fabulous fabrics. The plum trees in my garden also think it's Spring and are blooming.

  16. I love all those hexies! It inspires me to get on and try and finish my hexie quilt.

  17. Your flowers look great and your progress is stunning. Love your work.

  18. nothing better then red and white quilts….love seeing what your working on again.
    dreaming of the red and white exhibit in NYC


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