Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh MY!! Where have l been? No, it was not to see the Queen!

Can you believe its almost 5 weeks since l last posted??
Where have l been you ask??
l left you hanging in Nantes at the front of the exhibition
 and seemed to disappear into the French countryside!
Well, that's exactly what l did!
Being on holiday with one's DH is very different to being on holiday with quilty friends.
So l made a conscientious decision to just enjoy our time there together
and blog about the trip when we got home.
And l have seen that plenty of blogs have posted many photos
of Pour L''Amour Du Fil, and do you really need more???
Add to that, my computer is currently on a go slow and
making life more difficult than needed,  hopefully that will be fixed tonight.
So l will post a few photos here and await your decision! More photos or move on!!
Of course, walking into a room filled to the brim with Dear Jane quilts was amazing!!
Quiltmania did an amazing job pulling all these quilts together from around the world.
There were quilts of all different colours of the rainbow.
Of course, don't forget to click on them to see closer...
Reds, browns,

Some larger than others,

And then there was the smallest one there.
Here is my hand for a size comparison.
l think the blocks look like they were 2" finished.
Just amazing!!

l decided rather than trying to photograph each and every quilt,
l would just concentrate on taking some close ups of one quilt.
This one below was my favourite.


Simply stunning!!
l am happy to continue sharing photos from
Pour L''Amour Du Fil and several other quilty experiences if you are interested,  
over the next few posts, and of course, don't forget the thousand
or so photos l took while touring around France!!!
hands up....
Thanks for visiting!


  1. How amazing are all those Dear Jane quilts! Sounds like you had a lovely holiday Linda.

  2. Hi, keep the photos coming please. It is great for those of us who couldn't make it. Cheers Sharron

  3. Yes continue showing pictures. It was nice to meet you in Nantes!!!! Wasn't it an amazing show? And isn't the French countryside beautiful??????

  4. More photos please. Let the experience last; You (I) never get tired of good things.

  5. Hi LInda
    You don't know me but I follow your blog and have missed your regular updates ! so envious of your travels and wonderful quilting experiences. Here in Sydney I'm looking forward to the upcoming Sydney Quilt Show and checking out all the wonderful Victorian quilt shop displays - always a highlight !
    best wishes

  6. seeing all the dear jane quilts in one place like that must have been amazing , almost like walking into the Red and White exhibit in NYC.
    thanks for sharing and YES keep those pictures coming and stories of your adventures
    in Europe!

  7. Glad yhat You are back well !!! And YES please more photo`s

  8. I was thinking the same thing as Kathie. Seeing them all together must have been incredible. Probably impossible to recreate with pictures but we want to see them anyway. Thanks for the details of your favorite. I was mulling over my blocks this weekend so they were timely.

  9. Amazing exhibit of quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Lots of amazing Dear Jane quilts. Always happy to see photos of your trips

  11. Missed you and going to love seeing photo's from the French country side.
    Quality time with ones DH is a must and hope you had a fab time exploring.
    Did you make it to the Toile de Jouy museum?

  12. a lovely trip you had!! having made two Dear Janes to me it must have been next to impossible to make 2 inch blocks - how the person that made that one did it is amazing to me.

  13. Oh Yes - more pictures please! I'd love to "tour" around France with you through your pictures!

  14. Wow, what a display of "Janes"! And that tiny one? So cool!

  15. Thank you for the photos--what amazing quilts!

  16. These are fantastic! That little one is amazing! And yes....more pics, please! :o) And I'm so glad you spent so much time with your honey, and enjoyed yourself! A real vacation! Perfect!

  17. Love to see more quilty photos, and photos of France. The Dear Janes are fabulous. I know I would love to make one, but the patience it would take would probably wear me out before I finished. And I have enough UFOs to last a lifetime.

  18. That must have been stunning to see all those Dear Jane quilts in one place. Glad you had a great time in the countryside with your hubby. What quilter do you know that would not want more photos??? OR fabric, thread, time.... I vote for more photos, please. I got to meet the crow girls this month. They dropped into Omaha on their way to Portland for spring market. What a pair!!! They have gorgeous patterns and fun techniques. I now own a large stapler and see endless possibilities. Have a great week

  19. I'd love to see more photos if it's not too much trouble for you. I had not seen these so you probably have more that I have not seen. Glad you had a wonderful trip with your husband and are home safe! Thanks for your lovely blog!

  20. We missed you !! I am very happy you loved your travel In France . And your photos are showing pretty well how the exhibition was . It is true it was difficult to take pictures with so many quilts around us .
    Hope to see the next pictures ??...
    Welcome home .
    Greetings from France !!

    1. Thanks for the lovely welcome home! More pictures to come soon!! Lots to choose from( almost 2,500 ) The countryside was enchanting as was the lovely villages we visited.

  21. A whole room of Dear Janes!! Wow!! That must be nearly as good as the Red & White exhibition. Great to hear you had a wonderful holiday.

  22. Absolutely - more photos please! I'm glad you had such a good time.

  23. Wow Linda, those dear janes all in rows make an incredible display. Yes we'll done Quiltmania...c'est superb!
    I would love to see any pics at all from your trip, quilts/ travel/ scenery...just bring it on :-)
    m xx

  24. Thanks for sharing the Dear Janes. I can't get my head around the miniature. Do you know if it was hand pieced? Of course we'd all love more photos.

  25. Fascinating pics. I am sooo tempted to start a Dear Jane quilt, but really, I think I need to grow up a little first.:) Thanks for sharing!

  26. Lovely photos - did you happen to get any pix of mustard fields while you were there? Sorry, couldn't resist! :)

  27. We need to have a Dear Jane show in the USA, I just started my DJ quilt shortly after Christmas and have 24 done. I belong to a local group of 12 women who are all working on the quilt. We all knew we could not manage the standard 13 blocks per month and settled on 4. I had to work ahead so I can spend my time playing and running around camping in the summer. Hopefully this jump start ahead will keep me caught up by years end. If I am still ahead, all the better. I have only seen one DJ competed up close and in person and it was so incredible and inspiring. I hope some day to also be a source of inspiration for others to begin the journey.


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