Wednesday, April 24, 2013

 l am here in Nantes. Its been fun so far, and more fun to come.
This was the sight this afternoon when l left the building. Ladies have been busy all day
 decorating anything and everything with knitted items. Very pretty and colorful!! 
The crowds of ladies waiting patiently to enter in the morning will enjoy looking for sure!!

l have a class on Thursday morning between  10.30am and  1.30pm. 

So for the rest of the time, l will be wandering the halls. 
 l have a pink name tag with my name, so please say hello!!
l know some of you have written to say you will be there, 
but Internet connection has been difficult while travelling. 
So l certainly hope that we meet in the halls wandering and shopping!!

Till then, thanks for visiting.


  1. Hi Linda, we are in Nantes aswell. Sure hope to see you and your name tag in the halls. Would be nice to meet a quilter from the other side of the world. A quilter I have been following for quite some time now. Sure am curious what we will be seeing the next couple of days.

  2. Hope I recognize you and your pink ribbon. Lol
    PIC have just come back from Le Square restaurant where Kaffe and Brandon were dining too.

  3. Have fun in Nantes! What a wonderful knitted welcome!

  4. Those planters and poles look so fun! What a great welcome! Have a blast in class!

  5. I didn't see you wandering in the halls so I guess you were busy which is a good thing right?
    I hope you enjoyed your stay in France and you have a safe trip back down under.

  6. Hi Linda, well we met today. Not knowing at first that the linda I was listening to is the Linda from the "Quilts in the Barn". Enjoy the rest of your stay, we're on our way by tomorrow. And who knows, we might just meet again. Safe travels.

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  8. Linda
    Was great to finally meet you
    See you in Houston!
    Minick & Simpson

  9. Hi Linda, it was nice to meet you! Sorry I was so busy. Bye!

  10. Oh my, Linda what a delightful time you have experienced and more to come. Thanks for the wonderful pictures!

    :) Carolyn

  11. Hello Linda . I dif not see you on Nantes but I wonder if everything is ok for you ? You have not posted for a long time ... I used to read you and for one month , just after Nantes you disappeared . If it is your choice it is ok of course ,I just wanted to know if you were healthy . Maybe you are somewhere in the world , visiting quilting exhibitions and that's what I wish for you .


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