Friday, April 5, 2013

My sewing table!

This is my current sewing space, here on my kitchen table.

Because this is how my sewing room looks at the moment.
Far from inspiring.
Its currently undergoing phase 1 of its makeover,
 so the benches are covered in table clothes, and

the paint smell is unbearable!!
l am getting rid of the pale blue paint and going for a very neutral cream,
which will show off my quilts better.
And plantation shutters are being installed on those windows next week.
l am super excited about that. Means l can control the light more easily,
and stop the sun from shining directly on fabric stored in tubs. Win, win!!
The bookcase will also go eventually, when l have bookshelves installed
 in that corner nook where there is just 2 shelves and a small desk.
That might be some time away yet, as l have not ordered the shelves to be built yet!!
Its very much a work in progress.
And then that whole wall will be used as a rotating small quilt gallery,
 which l will be able to see through the door, all the way back in my kitchen area.

l have been busy out at the kitchen table though. Here are 2 of the mini quilts 
 l have made in my red, green and yellow series.
Others l can't show as they are gifts for friends that read the blog,
and l don't want to give a way the surprise!!

A big thank you to everyone who commented on the last post.
 Its been an interesting subject that has inspired many interesting comments.
Seems we all value our work, just not the non quilters of the world!!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. My sewing room is off the great room and is entered thru double doors. I sometimes leave them open so I can see my miniature wall. I think you will really like the neutral background! It will be wonderful when it is finished. I have blinds on my window and love that the morning sun comes in when I sew but I can close it off so there isn't any sun damage.

  2. How nice to be getting a sewing room makeover--if you can just endure the inconvenience.
    Oh, what wonderful colors! I am working with those colors myself tonight.

  3. how exciting a new look for your sewing room , you will be happy when its done, I know its a pain now but just wait!!!!
    love, love, love the cute little quilts, keep going!!!!
    a wall of quilts is going to be so fun

  4. I think you should keep working - I still see part of the table:)
    Your room is going to be lovely with all that light - can't wait to see it.

  5. Love your room! I think plantation shutters are ideal. Would love some too. Impressive bookcase. All quilt-related? But where's the stash?

  6. When my studio was built we put in plantation shutters and they are just the greatest thing and wonderful for controlling the light. They are also a breeze to clean. Love your Broken Dishes in Scraps quilt in Patchwork Keepsakes. Take care.

  7. How exciting to get a sewing room makeover!!
    Love your latest creations.

  8. Darn, I thought your new quilt space on your big table was so I could come over and quilt! :) How great is that new quilt space going to be!

    I love your little quilt with the red fabric in the setting! That was is awesome. Well they both are nice, but the red one talked to me!

  9. Your new space is going to be wonderful Linda and the shades on the window sound like the perfect solution to protecting your fabrics. Love the idea of the rotating gallery so that you can see it throughout the house - lots of inspiration there!

  10. Cute little quilts. Your sewing room is going to be great - but where's the design wall going??!!

  11. Oh gosh, looks like it will be wonderful! I need a makeover so badly. Mostly I have an organization problem and I need storage that fits my needs. Nothing seems to fit. Some day I will have to get at reorganizing and perhaps buy new cabinets too! Good luck finishing yours!


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