Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pour LÁmour Du Fil 2013

 l am packing again to head to Europe  tonight.
You know what that means!
Getting on another plane!!
l will be in France for the Pour LÁmour Du Fil show in Nantes.

Are you going to the show?
l will be there most days.
Let me know if you are going and we will try and arrange a meeting.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Bon voyage Linda!

    Travel safely.

  2. Have fun!!!! take lots of pictures and well enjoy yourself.

  3. yes yes I am going there. Im there on wednesday, thursday and friday morning. I live in france so it's not far ..... On wednesday I am a bit busy with two workshops. Do have a stall or giving a workshop???

  4. good to see you there Linda, wish you a safe trip

  5. Have a fantastic time Linda & just got the newest Quiltmania mag I love your quilt

  6. Hello Linda,
    Forgive me for my english writing.
    I live in Holland in a little village near Amsterdam.
    Me and my girlfriend we go to Nantes on wednesday and we leave on sunday.
    We are very exciting and can not wait to go to meet other quilters and see all the beautifull quilts.
    I don't have a blog but here's my e-mail adres marlies.wolda@ziggo.nl
    Many greetings from Holland.
    Marlies Wolda.

  7. Travel safe and have fun, can't wait to hear all about this adventure!

  8. Lucky gal - it's on my Bucket List. Take lots of photos!

  9. Hope you meet lots of new & old friends there!!! I hope you take pictures, so we can see the show through your eyes. Planes are a very safe form of travel. Take something to keep your mind off of the takeoffs. You could draw quilting designs in a notebook, make a bucket lists of quilts you would like to make, just don't make a list of household chores!!! Have fun in France Judy

  10. I'm so jealous! What an amazing show that's going to be! Have a great time! I can't wait to see your pics! :o)

  11. I'll be there! I'm English but have lived in Normandy for 11 years. I'll be driving down to Nantes on the Tuesday afternoon and staying till sometime on Friday. Excited as can be about taking TWO classes with Australia's own Di Ford! I will keep an eye open for you.
    Bon voyage! Bisous, Sue.

  12. I am arriving from Belgium on thursday and living on saturday for the exhibition at Brouage.
    Have a safe trip and hope to see you in Nantes.martinepoelman@yahoo.co.uk

  13. Sorry i mean leaving on saturday. I hate the automatic fill in.

  14. Have a wonderful, wonderful time - lucky you! Take lots of pics to show us won't you?

  15. See you there. Fabric is packed hope you have euros to buy me that glass of wine.

    Safe journey and will see you at the meeting office AKA Mary's booth.

  16. Yes I'm there to!!!
    working ( Petra Prins) and a little vacation....
    See you.;0))

  17. I am so surprised that you will be there !! I will be too . I am French and it is not so far !! I follow your blog for a few years (?) .
    I hope I can I can meet you even a few minutes .
    Have a nice flight !

  18. Yes, i'll be there to! I have a booth BOBBIN so please come and say hello. Love to meet you. I also give workshops on wednesday and thursday. Www.bobbin.nl.
    Have a save trip!

  19. Hello Linda,
    Trine and I are comming. Nice to meet you again. Have a nice trip to France. Anne-Kjersti at Lappe Makeriet.

  20. I noticed that you had a problem with your updated posts not showing up on other blogger's blog list. I am having the same problem, but no one seems to know how to fix it. How did you get that fixed? I hope you can help. I am so frustrated with this. :( PSYour blog is lovely. You have a wonderful talent.

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