Monday, April 1, 2013

Di Ford. Primarily Quilts.

l had the chance last saturday to get my hands on a copy of Di Fords new book. '
And you might ask,
 "If the front cover is that stunning, what about the rest of the book???"
And there is only one word for it.
Pinned Image
l don't want to spoil it for you,
so l will just give you a look inside the front cover.
That's 16 quilts!!
This is a must have book.
Quiltmania have done a wonderful job, as always.
Can't wait to get me hands on my own personal, signed copy!!
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  1. If you already have several of her patterns, you'll be buying them twice if you purchase the book. FYI

  2. When does this book become available?

  3. I saw this in the newest Quiltmania and I MUST get my hands on it as I do not have any of her patterns. FYI, I love your contributions to the latest issue, the chrome yellow triangle quilt is delightful. Congrats on being published again, and again.

  4. Mine is in the mail! Thanks to Di for the years of inspiration. Am sure the book will be wonderful :)

  5. Am looking forward to owning the book too--it looks wonderful! And, agree with Sharon about your triangle quilt in the latest Quiltmania. It came close to tempting me to start another new project--and I may still do it!

  6. It sure looks good to me. Thanks for the tempting peek.

  7. Talk about eye candy - Di's new book looks fabulous!

  8. I have one of Her patterns, her patterns are absolutely amazing. I really love her work, she is a very talented quilter. She has such an amazing eye for designing and for fabrics. I cannot wait to get a copy of her new book. I'm sure it will do very well.

  9. Two quilts ( Burnt and Antique wedding Sampler ) I almost have finished, now the rest :-))
    Cannot wait to have my copy off the book and some extra time.

  10. That cover quilt is stunning! Thanks for the peek!

  11. It looks amazing. Can't wait to see this one!

  12. Mmm, looks Devine! I hope it will be at my store in the states. Looks like one we'd look at over and over!

  13. Oh I can't wait to get my hands on one too!

  14. I can hardly wait to see the book!!!!

  15. Oh my-all the projects look absolutely gorgeous. I've admired her quilts for a long time--how wonderful to have them in a book. I want to make every one of them!


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